How To Clean Air Fryer? Spotless Air Fryer In 2 Swift Steps!


While buying an air fryer, you must have assumed that cleaning it, would be as easy as sitting under the fan. But, now that you have come across the same, you are here asking how to clean air fryer. (Ouch!) Turns out that it’s not an easy task after all.

Air fryers require less maintenance because there is no deep-frying mess, but what about the fats released by the food you are cooking. I guess you forgot about that one, right? Whether you are looking from a health or lifestyle perspective, the air fryer is everyone’s go-to choice for many reasons. However, with the no oil drama (Kim you can have it, it’s oil-free) people often forget to clean their air fryers and end up causing permanent damage. 

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Air fryers may not require much oil, but a small amount of oil or fat is released from the food while cooking. If you avoid cleaning that, the stains tend to get accumulated for a long time. After some time, these stains will cause the air fryer to stink, and I bet you won’t like that, right? So, it is better to clean your air fryers after every use and prevent your squeaky clean home from the odor smell’s visit.

How To Clean Air Fryer? Learn The Child’s Play In 2 Quick Steps!

If you are not cleaning your air fryer after every use, then the grease stains in the nooks and crannies will never come out. Do you want that? Do you want your brand new air fryer to look like an old machine? If you want the air fryer to look fresh and work efficiently, then go ahead and learn how to clean it. 

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1# How Often Should You Clean The Air Fryer? 

How To Clean Air Fryer? Spotless Air Fryer In 2 Swift Steps!

It is not necessary to clean the air fryer every day but after every use, make sure you clean it. To ensure that there is not a lot of residues left to clean during the annual maintenance, you can take a clean cotton cloth to wipe the fryer’s exterior after every use. The same goes for the frying basket if there is any oil residue left. If you keep it there for a long time, the residue will eventually harden, and then it will be hard to get rid of it. 

2# The Do’s And Dont’s To Follow For Air Fryer Cleaning Process! 

2# The Dos And Donts To Follow For Air Fryer Cleaning Process! 

Cleaning an air fryer may not be as easy as it seems, but if you follow the cleaning guide properly, I am sure you will find the process a little less time-consuming. Here are a few pointers that will help you rock the air fryer cleaning mission if you keep note of the do’s and dont’s mention below-

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  • Avoid using wired brushes and coarse sponges to clean the outer surface of your air fryer. The harsh rubbing can cause damage to the non-stick coating of the air fryer. 
  • The central unit of an air fryer possess electric connections, so please ensure that it stays away from water.
  • If there is a foul smell coming from your air fryer, put half a lemon in the cleaning basket and let it sit aside for half an hour.

3# Deep Cleaning An Air Fryer For Annual Maintenance! 

3# Deep Cleaning An Air Fryer For Annual Maintenance! 

Materials Required:

  • Microfiber cloth 
  • Clean cotton cloth 
  • Dish soap 
  • Non-abrasive sponge 
  • Soft bristle brush 
  • Baking soda 

Steps To Follow While Deep Cleaning The Air Fryer 

Steps To Follow While Deep Cleaning The Air Fryer
  • Unplug the air fryer and keep it aside for half an hour to cool down (if you have just finished using it). 
  • Now start removing the baskets and the pans one by one carefully. 
  • Immerse the pan and the basket in hot soapy water and let them sit for ten minutes. 
  • After ten minutes are up, take a non-abrasive sponge and little dish soap to clean the pan and the basket. 
  • Now, take a damp microfiber cloth with dish soap and use it to clean the interior of the air fryer. 
  • You can also swap a damp microfiber cloth for a clean cotton cloth if you don’t have one. 
  • Carefully turn the air fryer upside down and take another clean cotton cloth to clean the heating part. 
  • If there is any grease or hard residue left in any corner of the appliance, you can use a DIY paste to get rid of it. 
  • In a bowl, add equal parts of water and baking soda to form a thick paste. 
  • Take a soft bristle brush and scrub the paste into the surface using light circular motions. 
  • Now, take another damp cotton cloth to clean the surface and get rid of the paste. 
  • Before assembling the unit, make sure that all the parts are dry. 

4# How To Clean An Oven Style Air Fryer In Easy Steps? 

4# How To Clean An Oven Style Air Fryer In Easy Steps? 

Materials Required:

  • Dish soap 
  • Soft bristle brush 
  • Cotton cloth 

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Steps To Follow To Clean An Oven Style Air Fryer  

Steps To Follow To Clean An Oven Style Air Fryer
  • Please turn off the air fryer and let it cool for half an hour before you start cleaning. 
  • One by one, begin removing the racks carefully and put them to clean in the dishwasher (if they are dishwasher safe). 
  • If they aren’t, put them in hot soapy water for fifteen minutes. The hot water will melt any greasy particles, and then you can rinse it under running water. 
  • Take out the drip tray and put it upside down for cleaning in the dishwasher. 
  • If you prefer not to use a dishwasher, you can always wash the tray in soapy water using a non-abrasive sponge. 
  • Now take a damp cotton cloth and use it to wipe the interior and exterior of the air fryer. 
  • Once all the parts are dry, assemble them into the central unit, and there you have a clean air fryer. 
Final Words 

Air fryers should be cleaned frequently after every two to three uses. If you follow the cleaning instructions mentioned above, your air fryer will last for a longer time and will work efficiently. If you don’t clean it often, be ready to see smoke coming out from the frying basket after some time. 

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