How To Clean Crocs? Ways To Save Your Crocs From Extinction!


Crocs are shoes like slippers that have made a significant mark on the fashion and lifestyle industry. Red, pink, green, or yellow, warm and cozy with soft fury feathers, these modern-day Crocs are the choice of every walker.

Although they look s*xy while wearing in feet and without hesitation could be worn outside. However, the chances of them getting dirty are quite high. Are you looking for tips to learn how to clean Crocs? Here are some easy-peezy tips to follow!

How To Clean Crocs? Make Your Old Crocs Look Brand New!

To wash your Crocs and make them shine like a new one, the things you will require are mild soap, baking soda, a cleaning cloth, and a brush. Once you have all these required things with you, follow these three simple techniques and see the magic!! Your old dirty Crocs will convert into new ones.   

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How To Clean Crocs?

#1 Rinse Your Crocs With Regular Tap Water!

Applying the soap directly will not help you remove the dirt property, and it will leave marks on the Crocs. Firstly wash the Crocs with the normal water to remove the first layer of dirt and then use a soft cloth to soak the water.

#2 By Apply Mild Soap & Using Lukewarm Water!

Following the first step, put the Crocs in a bucket filled with lukewarm water mixed with mild soap and leave them there for some time. The solution will loosen the bond of the sticky dirt from the outer and inner surfaces.

After some time, take out the Crocs from the bucket and brush them softly with a toothbrush. This will completely remove the dirt from your Crocs. Always use a mild soap while washing, as they have fewer chemicals and will protect the color of your designer Crocs. You can also use bleaching powder if your Crocs are very dirty.

To remove tough stains that even the soap can’t remove, you can use Mr. Clean Magic’s Eraser. You can buy it from a drugstore or any supermarket.

#3 Rinse With Clean Water

You have scrubbed the Crocs properly, now rinse them off with cold water to remove the soap layer, and then dry them using a neat cloth. Boom!! Your Crocs are clean and will shine like newly bought.

Caution!! Please don’t keep your Crocs in direct sunlight for a long time as it will damage them.

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How To Wash Winter Lining Crocs? Tips To Save Them From Ruining!

The Lining of the winter Crocs is made from sheepskin, and washing with soap and detergents will damage them, so the right technique is required to clean these Crocs. These three steps will help you to do the same-

How To Wash Winter Lining Crocs? Tips To Save Them From Ruining!

#1 Use Baking Powder Or Any Absorbent Powder To Get Rid Of The Dirt

Always in the first place, avoid washing the lining Crocs at home, as it will spoil the look of sheepskin lining. To remove minor dirt strain or a bad odor, you can use baking powder or any absorbent. If your Crocs have dried Lining, you can also use salt as an absorbent.

What you have to do is to sprinkle the baking soda or salt on the lining of the Crocs and leave them there for almost 3 hours. Now, shake your slippers to remove the powder.

Remember!! Salt doesn’t stick to the winter lining so easily, and hence you have to sprinkle it a little more.

Other absorbents that will work best for your winter lining Crocs are cornmeal, dry oatmeal, and wheat germ.

#2 Dry Cleaning Your Crocs

After some months your Crocs will get dirty enough; that time washing would be the best option. I would suggest you, take the help of professional dry cleaners. They know how to keep your winter lining Crocs in their original texture.

#3 Washing At home

If you have no time to send your Crocs for dry cleaning, wash them at home but beware!! It will spoil the looks of the lining. The best way to avoid that is by washing them with shampoo and then drying them by using a hairdryer. To fluff your Lining back, you can use a wool brush. Make sure that you brush the sheepskin lining only in one direction.

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Final Word

Always remember that every time you wash your Crocs, do not scrub it hard, as doing so will leave marks on it. Other than that, follow these steps and make your Crocs rock.

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