How To Clean House Fast? Tips And Tricks To Become A Pro!


It’s not an easy task to clean the house regularly; ask me I know the pain and time that goes into cleaning all the mess. Well, doing all these things every day, I am a pro buddy who can also get a job as a housemaid. Thanks for your job offers! I am working somewhere else, but don’t worry, kiddos, I have some tips and tricks on how to clean house fast.

Everyone loves to have a neat and clean house, it’s the mark of the perfect lifestyle but it takes a lot of strength and time to do it regularly. In this time where everyone is busy with their jobs, it isn’t easy to spare some time and get themselves involved in the housework. What really can help you are some tips and tricks that will make the work done in very little time. Let’s explore what are those tricks!

How To Clean House Fast? Crazy Tips & Tricks!

Now all you need is some courage to clean the mess in your house. what you will need in the process are microfiber cloth, vacuum cleaner, and disinfectant liquids.

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#1 Start From Cleaning All The Clutter (Start From Your Room First)

How To Clean House Fast | Tips And Tricks To Become A pro.

The first thing to do is clean all the clutter in the room, fold the blankets properly, and set the bedsheet whenever you get up in the morning. Always keep a cleaning cloth in the room, so that whenever you wake up and leave your kingdom (Cozy bed), there is no trace of the dust on the bedsides (Leave no trace before your mother arrives, Opps!! I know your secrets).

#2 Gather All Your Cleaning Resources (Have A Proper System)

#2 Gather All Your Cleaning Resources (Have A Proper System)

You have to rush to the office and have a very limited time.? No worries!!! once you are done with all the basic things, gather all cleaning resources when you leave the room. (Don’t! even go to the toilet, I know that’s your place to scroll through Instagram reels, Yucky!!). Take microfiber cleaning cloths, vacuum cleaners, mops, and cleaning spray.

#3 Now Start Dusting The Whole House (Top To Bottom – Left To Right)

How To Clean House Fast? Tips And Tricks To Become A Pro!

Since one room is done with dusting, now you can ake another clean cloth and start dusting every room and corner. If your mother has also told you to clean the fans, then it’s the dead end, and you can’t say no to her. Can you! Start dusting from top to bottom and then from left to right. That means start by cleaning the fans first and then then the tables, desk, and bedsides. 

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#4 Make Your Kitchen Shine

#4 Make Your Kitchen Shine

Cleaning the kitchen can go messy because of the strains and oil spills on the kitchen shelves and the stoves. So to cut the time in half, what you can do is make the solution of baking soda, detergent, and water that helps clean the tough grease from the kitchen in zero time. 

5 Cleaning Tricks To Make Life Simp...
5 Cleaning Tricks To Make Life Simpler

Pro-Cleaner’s Advice!!! To make the stainless-steel basins and taps shine like brand new and remove fingerprints, smudges, and watermarks from them, you can use mineral oils. Pour some mineral oil on the cloth and wipe them once a week. Mineral oil also prevents toothpaste and other items from sticking on the sink and makes it easier to wipe clean.

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#5 Start Vacuum Cleaning And Mob The Floor With Disinfectants 

#5 Start Vacuum Cleaning And Mob The Floor With Disinfectants 

Once You are done with dusting, you also have to remove all the dust from the floor (you can’t leave the things half done when your mother is right behind you). So to make the process fast, use the vacuum cleaner on full power so that it sucks all the dust from every corner. (make sure that you use a vacuum cleaner at ultra-high power when cleaning all the dust from your room, I know your secrets!!!). 

Pro Tip!!! Do vacuum cleaning by following a simple pattern. Do the entire length of the room in a straight row, then move over and start again. 

#6 Now It’s Time For Cleaning Bathroom

#6 Now It's Time For Cleaning Bathroom

After long hard work, you can rest for some time in the bathroom, but wait, you have to clean the bathroom too and then rush for the office. Sorry guys, but that’s life, and you have to deal with it. The first thing that you should do is clean the flush and then the washbasins.

Molds haunt the bathroom, and if you have them on the corners of the bathroom walls, then using hydrogen peroxide in a trigger spray bottle is there for help. Use these sprays and let them sit for 3 to 5 minutes, to kill all the fungus.

To prevent the molds from coming back, use a fan when showering and sweep all the water from the corner of the tiles and doors. To prevent the mineral deposits, use white vinegar. Pour some of the vinegar on a clean cloth and wipe it on the faucets.

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Final Words 

If you want to cut down the time for the cleaning process, clean the house more often. Doing so will not let much dirt and grease accumulate on the floor, which later becomes hard to remove. 

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