How To Clean Strawberries? Let Your Tongue Taste The Pure Sweetness!!


Strawberries possess house bugs and pesticides!!!! Yes, what you read is entirely accurate. Strawberries that are brought straight from grocery stores do contain dirt, bacteria, and tiny insects. So, if you are planning to eat some yummy-tummy strawberries straight from the packaging, then stop!!! Follow these few simple techniques to clean them and make them safe for eating. Now, without wasting any time, let me present to you the recipe on how to clean Strawberries?

As you might wonder, the strawberries that come in excellent packing are clean and ready to eat, but that’s not true. Every fruit/vegetable you buy from the market needs to be washed properly before consumption. Though most fruits can be cleaned by washing them with water, strawberries can’t be. Ohoo!! If you don’t have any knowledge on this topic, scroll down and start reading and make your strawberries worth eating!!

How To Clean Strawberries? Make Your Sweet Strawberries Safe To Eat!!

For cleaning the strawberries, you will need a bowl of cold water, salt or baking soda, and vinegar. And yes, always remember to clean strawberries only when you have to eat them because if you wash them a week before consuming them, they will become soft and soggy.

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Steps Of Cleaning The Strawberries | The Method You Can Adopt!

To clean the strawberries, follow these simple steps to make your delicious mouth-watering strawberries taste perfect. Also, before washing them, clean your hands and remove the moldy or mushy strawberries that are already turning bad.

#1 Rince The Strawberries Under A Running Tap Water 

So, the first thing you have to do to wash the strawberries is, rinse them from the cold running water and remove the moldy and mushy strawberries. While doing so, make sure that you remove only those strawberries that have too soft skin or bruises. 

#2 Add Some Cold Water And Vinegar In A Bowl 

After following the first step, the next thing you have to do is mix cold water and a half cup of vinegar into a bowl. Now, in addition to it, add two tablespoons of salt in it and mix the solution properly, later add strawberries to the solution. 

If you don’t have vinegar, you can also use Baking soda to remove pesticides and bugs from your strawberries and make them safe to eat.

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#3 Soak The Strawberries In Solution For 20 minutes

Soak The Strawberries In Solution For 20 minutes

You have added the strawberries to the vinegar-water solution; now it’s the time to wait and let the dirt, bacteria, or tiny insects remove from the strawberry. This will take about 20 minutes to complete the whole process, so wait patiently because, in the end, it’s for your own good.

If you can’t wait to eat the Strawberries and want to cut the time in the soaking process, then do one thing instead of simple vinegar, use apple cider vinegar. Using that will clean all the dust and pesticides from the strawberries in 5 -10 minutes of soaking.

#4 Rinse The Strawberries Properly 

The last step you need to follow is, wash the strawberries properly with your hands by placing them under the tap water. This will remove all the vinegar and salt from its surface.

When To Wash The Strawberries And For How Long You Can Store Them After Washing?

How To Clean Strawberries | Make Your Sweet Strawberries Safe To Eat!!

It’s very important to know that strawberries start to mold once you wash them. So it’s advisable to only wash them when you are going to consume your strawberries. However, if you have washed them, then don’t worry and quickly store them in the refrigerator, doing so will make them good to consume for as long as two weeks. 

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Final Words 

Strawberries are known for many benefits to the human body, like maintaining a proper figure, fighting cancer, preventing heart attacks, and many more. This will only be possible once you wash strawberries and remove all the pesticides from them. So take care of your health because it’s something in our own hands!!

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