How To Clean Suede Shoes? Be The Top Grade Shoe Cleaner!!


Cleaning is always the messy part that requires effort and time, and the worst of all is cleaning the shoes when they are dirty. Though mostly we clean our sports shoes by washing them with detergent and water, suede shoes, on the other hand, can’t be washed that way. So, if water is not the way to clean them, how to clean suede shoes?

Shoes are not just a fashion symbol of the modern lifestyle era, it’s the language of every attire. Where sports are more informal, suede shoes pack formal looks with style. Suede shoes are leather shoes with napped and fuzzy looks. Since they are made from leather, they can’t be washed with water and generally require more care in cleaning. Here I will discuss how to clean your fav suede shoes so that the fabric doesn’t get damaged and look brand new for years.

How To Clean Suede Shoes? Make Your Shoes Look Tidy!

To clean your suede shoes and make them look brand new, you will require a suede protector, a toothbrush, an eraser, vinegar, newspaper, and a towel. If you don’t have vinegar at home, you can also use rubbing alcohol. Let us know about it in a more detailed manner.

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4 Easy Steps And Your Dirty Suede Shoes Will Look As Newly Bought!!

When you have all the necessary things to clean the suede shoes, you can head forward and start your mission of cleaning them. However, do remember these shoes should be avoided washing because it can spoil their looks or damage their upper layer.

#1 Brush The Surface Of The Shoes To Remove The Excess Dirt 

How To Clean Suede Shoes | Be The Top Grade Shoe Cleaner!!

First thing first, grab the suede brush and start rubbing it softly on the surface of the shoe. Well, for this purpose, if you don’t have the suede brush, you can use the toothbrush but do remember to do the brushing in a unidirectional way (in the same direction as the suede naturally sits). Also, where the shoe has stubborn marks, you have to apply the brush with more pressure.

It’s best to brush the shoes in a swift back and forth direction to raise the fibers of the shoes. Doing this will remove the dust sitting in the fibers.

Caution!!! Do not brush the shoes when the dirt is wet, and instead wipe them with a towel and let them dry. If you brush the wet, dirty surface, the dirt will settle down in the fibers, and in the end, you will have to do more work to remove the dirt.

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#2 Make Use Of Rubber To Remove The Remaining Marks 

#2 Make Use Of Rubber To Remove The Remaining Marks 

After brushing the surface of the shoes with a toothbrush, you now have to use an eraser to remove the sticky marks. For this, you can use a regular pencil-case rubber that has no pre-existing stains on it. What you have to do is, rub the eraser in a back and forth manner on the shoe’s fiber with pressure. If you see that doing this is cleaning the strains, then well and good, but if it is not, don’t rub with excess pressure as it will damage your pairs and instead move to the next step.

#3 Apply Vinegar, Rubbing Alcohol To Remove The Toughest Stains

Rubbing alcohol and vinegar are excellent in breaking clumsy dirt. Add some vinegar to a bowl, and then dip the corner of the towel inside it. Afterward, directly rub the dipped vinegar towel on the tough stains on the shoes. Rub the towel in a back and forth manner, dry the wet portion of the shoes with the dryer, and you will see that the stains will be long gone.

Remember!! Do not oversaturate the shoes with vinegar or rubbing alcohol as it will spoil the shoes and take a long hour to dry up. After applying vinegar or rubbing alcohol, you will see the altar in the color of shoes; well, there is nothing to worry about because after drying up, the suedes will return to their original color. 

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#4 Lastly, Apply The Suede Shoe Protector 

#4 Lastly, Apply The Suede Shoe Protector 

Suede Protector provides maximum protection against water and strains, so the last thing that comes after cleaning the shoes is applying these sprays on them. Though some of these protectors can harm the color of your shoes, it’s advisable to buy only those suede shoe protectors that have a good customer rating.

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Final Words

Protection is always better than cure, so if you are going to a suede shoe protector and stain eraser, then the best available products in the market are from brand Kiwi. You can get Kiwi suede and Nubuck stain eraser for $7 and Kiwi suede protector for $17.39 

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