How To Comment On Instagram? Do You Also Judge IG Posts?


New to Instagram, and want to put your verdicts on someone’s post so that people can read it? Don’t worry, here I will teach you how to comment on Instagram posts. Not just that dive in to know its editing and other chores.

The entertaining social media platform Instagram by Meta is popularly known as a video and image sharing platform. On Instagram, users share their creativity through their photos and popular reels. Some also use the platform to market and sell their products. Do you think with around billions of users, your & others’ posts will remain unjudged?

To give valuable suggestions to others’ posts, Instagram gives its users the liberty to share views through comments. However, there are few new joiners, who do not know how to comment on Instagram. There are other things to keep in mind as well. For that read the article and clear all that is troublesome doubts in regards to commenting.

How To Comment On Instagram? Learn The Basics Of Commenting on Posts!!

As already informed that along with commenting you can pin your comment on the other posts and can even privately comment on posts. Didn’t you know that? if not then explore it with me.

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#1 How To Comment On Instagram? Comment And Make Your Judgement Flow!!!

#1 How To Comment On Instagram | Comment And Make Your Thoughts Flow!!!

Sometimes you don’t want to stop yourself from commenting on other posts. However, what stops you is the process! Yes, the process of commenting on IG posts. If yiu are a newb baby of IG, then read the following steps to get it right!

  • Scroll on the Instagram homepage or search page. Choose the Instagram post that you feel commenting on or somethimng that caugfht your eyes.
  • At the bottom of the post, you will see a speech bubble button next to the heart button.
  • Touch the speech button, and a new screen will open. Here at the bottom, you will see a box that will say add a comment. 

Here type your comment with relevant emojis and then press post. Well, that’s all, your comment will be posted. If you are using Instagram through desktop, you can also comment directly through the comment box just down below every post you see.

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#2 How To Edit Comments On Instagram? Edit Before Someone Notice Your Mistakes!!

You have posted your first image on Instagram and have written an amazing IG caption, but later, you found some grammatical errors. Well, don’t worry! You can edit that caption by following these simple steps.

  • Open the Instagram application on your phone and click on the profile button (the one with your profile photo) in the bottom left of the screen.
  • Click on the post you want to edit the caption for.
  • You will see three dots on the top of the post; click on them.
  • There you will find the edit option. Nopw, you can edit your caption.
  • Remember!! Once you are done with the editing, you will find the tick option; click on that to save the edit.

Suppose you commented on someone’s post and are trying to edit it because of any grammatical mistakes or something inappropriate. In that case, editing is not possible, but you can delete the comment.

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#3 How To Delete A Comment On Instagram? Was It Not Right?

#3 How To Delete A Comment On Instagram | Think Before You Comment!!

Done with a comment but now you think that it is not how you wanted to put across your views. Well don’t worry, Instagram gives you the option to delete the comment. You can do so by following these steps.

  • Open the Instagram application on your phone and navigate to the latest post you commented on.
  • Once you find the post, just long-press on your comment in the comment section.
  • This will select the comment, and you will see a trash button, click on it, and the comment will be deleted.

If you are using Instagram through the laptop, you will see three dots just below your comment (on the side of Reply). Click on them, and you will find the delete option to delete that comment. 

#4 How To Pin A Comment On Instagram? Pin It So That Everyone Can Read!!

You have added an amazing/ creative post on Instagram and someone commented which stands out in the entire comments section! For that, you can pin it just by following these two simple steps.

  • Choose the comment that you feel has worth of getting pinned.
  • Now Long press on that comment, and you will see a pin-shaped button on the top of the screen.
  • Once you click on the pin icon, that comment will be pinned.

This option can not be accessed using a web browser and is only available on the Instagram phone application.

#5 How To Privately Comment on Instagram Post | Shh!! No One Should Know!!

#5 How To Privately Comment on Instagram Post | Shh!! No One Should Know!!

Some comments need to be done privately (Naughty Kid). Instagram gives you the liberty to do so. These steps will guide you on how to do privately comment on Instagram stories and posts

  • Below the Instagram post, you will see an airplane-shaped button next to the speech bubble button.
  • Click on that, and you will see a list to whom you want to share that post. 
  • Select the person who posted that image or video and click on send.
  • Now open the message box, there you will find the person to whom you send that post.
  • Message him whatever you want to say regarding the post.

#6 How To Like A Story On Instagram? The New Updates!

#6 How To Like A Story On Instagram | The New Update!!

This is a new update launched for the phone Instagram that lets you like stories of people whom they follow. To Like a story, these steps will guide you.

  • Open the Instagram application and tap on the stories.
  • Now choose the story you want to give react on.
  • Tap on the send message. Now, few emojis will appear.
  • Choose the one out of few and send it to tge user.

The other person will be notified of who liked your story. I know it’s easy!

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Final Words

Commenting on someone’s posts is the best way to engage with others you don’t know or have lost touch with. Although always remember to use appropriate words when you comment so that the other person won’t feel bad.

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