How To Create A Location On Instagram 2023? Be Creative!


You don’t necessarily have to rely on the locations Instagram provides to tell people where you are. Because hey, you also have the option to create your own new locations and add them on Instagram. Doing this sounds SO cool, right? Well, it is. But do you know how to create a location on Instagram 2023? 

Because if you don’t, you will not be able to use this feature! And that will be quite sad, especially if you’re a growing business on Instagram. Sharing custom locations with their followers has always been one of the best growth strategies for businesses as it helps them increase their discoverability. And so, if you don’t want to miss out on any perks, keep reading this article. 

How Do You Make A Custom Location On Instagram 2023?

Creating a custom location on Instagram isn’t a difficult job at all. The whole process comprises a few simple steps. They are as follows:

  • Open your Facebook app. 
  • Create a new post and select the “Check In” option. 
  • Then, grant Facebook permission to access your location services. 
  • Then, in the search bar, enter the name of the custom location you wish to create. Once you’ve typed in the name, tap on the + icon located at the bottom of the screen to add it.
  • Lastly, add in details of your custom location and then select the “Save Custom Place” option. 

And, done! Wasn’t this so simple?! However, it’s okay if you still want to have a more detailed answer to how to create a location on Instagram. The whole process is discussed in a little more detail below. So, keep scrolling through! 

How To Create A Location On Instagram For Your Business?

As you saw above, you must use your Facebook app to create a location on Instagram. And so, if you don’t have the app, make sure that you install it and log in. Once this is done, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

How To Create A Location On Instagram 2023? Be Creative!
  • Launch the Facebook app on your device. 
  • Start creating a new post. 
  • From there, select the “Check In” option. 
  • A pop-up will appear on the screen to ask for location access. Grant the location access by choosing the options given on the screen.
    • You can either allow Facebook to use your current location, or you can select something that’s present on the map.
  • Then, tap in the search bar, and start typing the name of the new location. 
  • Once you’re done typing, select the “+” icon located at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Now, you have to provide Instagram with some more details about your location, like the name, address, etc. After you’re done entering all these details, select the “Save Custom Place” option. 

And, that’s it! Your new location will be created and it is going to be available on both Instagram and Facebook! However, if you encounter any trouble seeing your new location, then it might be because of the following reasons:

  • Instagram takes a little longer than usual to show your location on the app. So, in this case, you do need to give it a little more time. 
  • You’ve provided improper/ incomplete information about your custom location. Because of this, Facebook is finding it difficult to recognize your location. So, provide more details first. 
  • Your business profile hasn’t been created or claimed yet. 

Once you fix these problems, your location will be created, and you will be able to use it on Instagram as and when required! 

How To Create A Location On Instagram Without Facebook?

It’s possible that you may want to know whether can you create a location on Instagram without Facebook or not. And well, as of now, there’s no way to create a custom location on Instagram without involving its parent company Facebook. Because the only locations that you can add to your Instagram posts and stories are the ones that are already available on Facebook. This means, that if something isn’t available on Facebook, it’s not going to be available on Instagram either. 

Therefore, if you want to have a custom location show under your posts on Instagram, then you will have to create it on Facebook first. 

How To Create A Location On Instagram Story?

How To Create A Location On Instagram 2023? Be Creative!

By now, you know how to create a location on Instagram. But, do you know how you can do it over your stories? This means, don’t you want to add your newly created location to your stories? In case you do, follow these steps to make it happen:

  • Go to the story section of your Instagram account.
  • Then, select a suitable background. You can have a solid color, picture, or video. You can upload something from your gallery, or take something right then. 
  • Once your background has been figured out, tap on the sticker icon located at the top right corner of the screen. 
  • From the various sticker options, select the Location sticker. 
  • Tap in the search bar, and type in the location you just created. 
  • Then, select the location when it shows up in the options. 

And, that’s it! The location sticker will then appear on your screen! You can edit the sticker and position it any how you like! 

Final Words

Alright then, people! This is how to create a location on Instagram! Creating your custom locations has to be one of the super fun and useful things you can do on Instagram, especially if you’re a business. So, go and follow the above-mentioned steps and methods to get the job done. 

Also, many people are still unaware of the fact that they can create their own location on Instagram. So, please share this article with them, they are sure to find it helpful! 

Cherry Sharma
Cherry Sharma
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