10 Tips To Create Better Visual Content For Your Blog!


If you want to attract more traffic to your website, you need to create visual content that will catch people’s attention. A picture or a video works better than a text message as it’s easier to perceive and it’s more engaging. It’s also more likely to create an emotional response in the reader.

Once you’ve established your target audience, it’s time to develop a marketing strategy for visual content. You’ll need to experiment with various formats and channels in order to get the most out of your efforts. Using different types of visuals to convey your message can also make your content more effective.

However, the diversity of formats, channels, and types of visuals – that’s not all. The quality of your content matters a lot. In this article, we have collected some tips for you to make your visuals better.

Why Does The Quality Matter For Visual Content?

10 Tips To Create Better Visual Content For Your Blog!

Let’s start with the importance of quality. Today, more and more users and companies produce various visual content, and to make your blog stand out from hundreds of other blogs; you definitely need to be creative. Furthermore, blogging is a field of extremely high competition nowadays, so you need to find a unique idea and be very creative while bringing this idea to life. The quality of the content also plays a primary role.

As there are dozens of blogs on similar thematics, users are less likely to accept the low quality of visuals. People would prefer to close such a blog and find another one. Thus, high-quality visuals are vital for both attracting a new audience and retaining the existing one.

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What Visual Content Do People Prefer?

10 Tips To Create Better Visual Content For Your Blog!

It is not a secret that visual content has become more and more popular over recent years. Even if you are running a text blog, adding images and videos to your posts is recommended to attract more attention. Moreover, studies say that videos are the leading digital consumer engagement tactic by 2021, and video marketing turned out to be one of the most efficient ways to capture and hold the audience’s attention.

As we have already mentioned, the main reason why most people prefer visual content is – it is easy to perceive and engaging. Thus, users can better remember the information they get from images and videos rather than the information they get from the text.

Top Tips to Make Your Visuals Better

Even though you understand the significance of creating quality visual content for your blog, it might be challenging to start, especially if you are not experienced in content creation. So we have collected these tips on improving your content so that you can avoid some common mistakes.

Do Not Overuse Stock Images

10 Tips To Create Better Visual Content For Your Blog!

Sometimes, it might be challenging to make a photo that corresponds to a post yourself, and in such situations, stock photos sources can come in handy. However, using stock images on a regular basis can bore your audience as they cannot really reflect your individuality.

And in case if you use stock photos, ensure these images make sense. They need to complement your post and correspond to its idea. Otherwise, it would be better to make a post without illustrations at all rather than with inappropriate ones.

Make Videos

10 Tips To Create Better Visual Content For Your Blog!

As we have already mentioned, videos are the most popular content type today. They can help you attract your audience’s attention, convey essential information, engage viewers, and much more. Therefore, it can be an excellent idea to include videos in your content plan as an addition to text posts or as independent posts.

It is also worth mentioning that your videos should be better varied. For example, posting a brand video one day and an entertaining video another day can give much better results than if you will post videos of one type daily. And if you add videos to text posts, ensure that these two pieces of content complement each other and are not contrary to each other.

Mind Basic Rules

10 Tips To Create Better Visual Content For Your Blog!

Some basic rules are essential for all content creators, especially if they do not have much experience. Knowing them, you can avoid many mistakes of beginners and make your content more quality. Here are these rules:

  • Focus on the central subject: You should choose one idea or one subject for your photo or video and have it as one focal point so that it would be clear to a viewer what thought you want to convey.
  • Make it simple: All of your visuals should be easy to understand, so make sure that your content is not overloaded with unnecessary details.
  • Consider lighting: Whether you are shooting a photo or a video, make sure that there is enough light. It is better to use natural light sources; otherwise, it can be a good idea to buy professional lights.
  • Do not forget about “the rule of thirds.” This rule is about placing the main subject in the frame, and it says that you should not center the subject perfectly.
  • Avoid over-editing: Remember that simpler is better. Make only necessary edits to make your content look smooth yet natural. This way, it would look professional.

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Use Free Resources

If you are not planning to hire a photographer, videographer, and designer, you would probably need some tools to complete content creation tasks yourself. However, as professional tools can seem like the best decision, we still recommend you to start with free tools to see if you would like to continue with these tasks.

For example, you can use a service for creating logos and a service for creating designs to make illustrations for your posts. Also, it can be an excellent idea to use a free video editor; such services are also available.

Consider Brand Elements

10 Tips To Create Better Visual Content For Your Blog!

Whether you are a small business owner or just a blogging enthusiast, you definitely have elements you use for your audience that can define your content from others. For example, your logo, corporate colors, some unique graphics, etc., are perfect for creating a visual style.

Using these elements can significantly help you make all of your visuals in one style; thus, you can improve the general view of your blog and make it better understandable for your audience. Moreover, brand elements can also help you create brand awareness to promote your blog and attract a new audience.

Make Your Representation Inclusive

Today, not being inclusive is a mistake society is not going to excuse. Thus, creating your visual content, you need to consider socially significant points and reflect the diversity of your audience. Ensure you are not supporting any gender, racial, and other stereotypes with your materials; otherwise, consider reproducing them in a more tolerant way.

Add Titles

10 Tips To Create Better Visual Content For Your Blog!

As this point is mainly about videos post-production, it is worth mentioning since it is one of the most relevant tips on video editing. Today, many people prefer watching videos with the sound off; thus, titles, captions, or subtitles can help you make your content much more accessible for various segments of your audience. In addition, you can create titles in several languages to attract viewers from other countries.

Also, you can add titles to your images in order to make memes; this way, you can create static entertaining visuals for your content plan. Besides that, with the help of titles, you can make infographics and other data better understandable.

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Use Informative Visuals

There is one type of content you should better include in your content plan; it is informative content, such as infographics reflecting some information you are referring to in your post. With the help of such images and illustrations, you can show your expertise and make your posts look much more reliable so that they can gain the trust of your audience.

Another kind of informative content is screenshots. You can use them to illustrate instructions or demonstrate some crucial moments you want to explain to other users.

Videos can also work as informative content. For example, they can be reviews on news and new comings in your area. Such clips with your comments on the information you provide can prove your competence. Also, you can create screencasts as video instructions and guidelines that can be valuable for your audience.

Include Entertaining Content

10 Tips To Create Better Visual Content For Your Blog!

Entertaining and engaging content is essential as it lets people relax, participate in discussions, or laugh at funny shots and stories. Thus, users might feel comfortable in your blog and come back to you again and again if they know that they can both get some value and have a rest.

Your content plan should include static visuals such as memes and fun images, and entertaining videos. In such videos, you can demonstrate funny cases related to the post theme. If you post a video independently, you can choose a topic and publish fun videos on this topic regularly, for instance, once a week.

Do Not Neglect Post-Production

Last but not least – post-production can significantly improve the quality of your visuals. Color correction perfectly works for both images and videos, just as cropping, rotating, and adding a watermark or your logo. However, video content might require more edits for you can make it more lively.

For example, you can cut a video for better pacing or zoom in on a video to highlight some specific details you would like viewers to pay attention to. However, as we have already mentioned, it is vital not to overuse various effects so that your viewers would not feel distracted or overwhelmed.

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Final Words

Improving the visual part of your blog is vital for retaining your existing audience and for attracting new followers. For a better result, you should use both images and videos, consider some basics of shooting and pay attention to editing the footage. We also recommend you monitor current trends in editing photos and videos to make them more attractive even for a demanding audience.


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