How To Create Snapchat Ads? Easy Ways To Boost Brands!


Do you know how to create Snapchat ads? Snapchat, as a social media app, has allowed users to experience some amazing and interesting features. However, just like every other social media, Snapchat has also started allowing brands and businesses to create ads. A solid social media marketing strategy is essential for a brand to expand its customer base. This is why it is heavily important for brands to know all about creating Snapchat ads.

Brands tend to reach their customers and interact with them in many ways. Be it through paid surveys to get customer feedback or by creating interactive stories on Snapchat for viewers. If you know the steps to create Snapchat ads, it will be very easy for you to work on creating perfect ads for your brand while advertising content and generating revenue. This helps target younger audiences, and Snapchat has allowed business accounts to access specific features that are not accessible to normal users.

Learn To Create Snapchat Ads!

If you are wondering how to create Snapchat ads after creating a Snapchat Business account, I can help you with it. Even though social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are more heavily popular among brands to create a picture-perfect advertising campaign, Snapchat can be heavily useful for specific brands.

Firstly, any brands that wish to target younger audiences must flock to Snapchat. Snapchat not only has features like Snapchat Discover and Snapchat Spotlight that allow creators to earn money, but these features also create a way for brands to advertise themselves on the platform. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for users to see ads from small and large businesses on any social media platform. 

With so many benefits of creating ads on Snapchat, brands must also know how to create Snapchat ads. More importantly, brands should also have awareness about which ad formats to use and what is the cost of running ads on Snapchat. I will expand on all these aspects of Snapchat ads for you so that you can better understand the working of Snapchat ads.

The Cost Of Snapchat Ads!

How To Create Snapchat Ads? Easy Ways To Boost Brands!

Before you learn to create Snapchat ads, you must know your budget and how much you can spend on the app Snapchat to run a successful campaign on the app. Some brands also tend to create Snapchat filter lenses and other content so that they do not have to spend money on creating ads. However, if you come up with a proper plan to create Snapchat ads and other content to lure in customers, it will be heavily beneficial for your brand.

The minimum amount that you need to spend on running an ad on Snapchat is merely 5 USD. Most brands that advertise on Snapchat create a daily budget so that they can create ad campaigns accordingly. Similarly, brands also create a lifetime budget for a specific product campaign so that they can advertise their brand without spending large amounts of money. It is also important to note that Snapchat charges for an ad based on the number of impressions an ad generates on the platform. So the higher the number of impressions, the higher the cost of keeping a specific ad running.

Additionally, brands can also opt for creating custom goal-based pricing for their advertisements based on specific goals. For example, if the goal of an ad is to get people to buy a certain product, chances are they will be charged lesser if fewer people buy from the brand. If a brand is getting more customers with the help of Snapchat, it will have to pay more to the platform to keep the ads running.

Create Snapchat Ads Using Snapchat Ads Manager!

How To Create Snapchat Ads? Easy Ways To Boost Brands!

Mentioned below are the steps to create Snapchat ads easily with the help of Snapchat ads manager.

  • Create a Snapchat account, and link it with Snapchat Ads Manager. Once you do that, you can simply start creating ads. There are two options to do so, and it is usually suggested to use the advanced create option.
  • Once you tap on Advanced Create, you will be prompted to choose an objective for your ad.
  • Once you have selected a goal for your ad campaign, you have to name the Ad campaign so that it is easier for a brand to organize all ads that they will create.
  • Now set up your ad campaign’s start and end date, and choose a daily or lifetime budget capacity.
  • Now you will need to create an Ad set, which means you will need to select which ages and genders you wish to target. You can also select which regions you wish to operate the ad campaign in.
  • After selecting the Ad set, scroll down on the same page to find the types of ads. Select which type of ad you want to create and select the ad placement of your ad. Usually, the Automatic Placement option is more useful so that Snapchat will place your ads appropriately across the platform.
  • Now set the demographics of your ad, like the region, age, gender, and other things. You can also refine target audiences by using predefine audience groups.
  • Once you are done with all the above steps, upload the visuals and add your brand name and other things requested in the form that appears. You will be able to preview your ad here as well.
  • Tap on Publish Campaign to start your ad campaign on Snapchat.

Types Of Snapchat Ads That You Can Run!

How To Create Snapchat Ads? Easy Ways To Boost Brands!

Now that you have understood the steps to create Snapchat ads, it will be helpful if you know what type of ads can be created on the app Snapchat. It is not very common for vertical advertisements to be run on apps like Snapchat, which are heavily used on mobile devices. So let’s see what all types of ads you can run on Snapchat based on what your goals and objectives are. These steps are important to create Snapchat ads that are useful to a brand.

The most common types of ads are images or video ads that are quite heavily saturated across other platforms as well. However, if a brand intends to create more interactive ads, it can choose to create Snapchat stories or launch its Snapchat camera lens for users. However, creating these more interactive ads does have certain limitations and, thus, is not suitable for every brand type.

Other than normal image or video ads, there are also collection ads. These ads allow brands to create tappable tiles, and Snapchat users can directly tap on them to get more information on a certain product. These ads are very heavily beneficial for clothing brands or brands that create aesthetically or visually pleasing products. So to create Snapchat ads like these, you will need to have product links embedded within the ad only.

Geofilters and commercial ads are also available for brands on Snapchat. Snapchat geofilters allow users from certain locations to view content. Usually, geofilters present users with stories that were being uploaded using a certain location, and they can swipe through them. This increases brand visibility substantially.

Commercial ads, on the other hand, are advertisements that can not be skipped for 6 seconds. Essentially, users will need to view at least some part of the ad before they can skip it. This increases the chance of people watching the full ad and buying a product from said brand. To create Snapchat ads that can do this, brands will have to spend more money on their Snapchat marketing.

Final Words

I have covered everything about how to create Snapchat ads so that you can work towards boosting your brand identity with the help of marketing on Snapchat. There are many ways Snapchat can be beneficial for brands and businesses. That is why it is best to use Snapchat for business as well while creating your social media marketing strategy. If you need to be better-versed in using Snapchat, you can learn more about the features of the help with my content.

Can You Use Snapchat To Advertise?

Yes, Snapchat allows brands and businesses to create ads and upload them if they have a Snapchat Business account. The feature is not very costly and thus works for both small brands as well as larger corporations.

How Do I Enable Ads On Snapchat?

To enable ads, users need to go to their Snapchat settings. Find the Ads option from the Features section, and double or enable ads with the help of the Audience-based option under the Ad Preferences section.

Can I Run Crypto Ads On Snapchat?

Yes, Snapchat does allow crypto ads on the platform. However, any account that wants to run crypto ads on the social media platform will need to get the ad approved by Snapchat before uploading it for viewers to see.

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