How To Cross Out Text In Discord? Learn These Useful Tips!


If you have been using Discord for quite a long time, you must be looking for how to cross out text in Discord. You need not look for any help because here is a guide for the same!

Whether you are old or new to this platform, there are a few things that you must know. Don’t bother because it’s not rocket science. Just keep reading to know how to cross out text in Discord!

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How To Cross Out Text In Discord? Note Down All The Details!

Here is all the basic information that you should know about how to cross out text in Discord. But make sure you have done a thorough reading of markdown text because it is highly crucial!

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Understand Markdown Text | Let’s Start With The Basics!

How To Cross Out Text In Discord? Learn These Useful Tips!

Being a Discord user, you must know that it uses the “Markdown Text” formatting system, a markup language that uses plain text. In addition, the task of this system is to convert what we write into HTML, which gets fed into the browser.

With the help of this system, a user can type normal text followed by formatting codes, which helps in the production of many visual effects. Interestingly, it doesn’t require much effort. 

Further, it offers the space for the user to bold the text or add similar effects to his text. In addition, there are some other highlighting things that you can do with this interesting tool. Also, the core of this tool is to allow the placement of characters and special characters before and after the text. 

You will be surprised to know that many other popular websites also use this Markdown text. 

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How To Use Markdowns? Get A Hands-On Experience Before Crossing Out Text In Discord!

To make sure that you are appropriately using Markdowns, you need to understand the placement of characters. Therefore don’t stop reading and be ready with something to note down everything! 

Creating Strikethrough Text 

For this kind of text, you need to use a double ‘~’ tilde character (you can locate this tilde character on the left side of your keyboard). 

Creating Bold Text 

You’ll be surprised to know that your text becomes bold by adding two asterisks ‘**’ before and after. 

Creating Italicized Text 

To make your text look Italic, you need to add one asterisk to both sides of your text. Well, this one is quite easy, right?

Creating Underlined Text 

Just like the above, this one is also easy. For this, you need to add two ‘_’ underscore characters. 

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Combining Text Effects 

You will be glad to know that you can combine effects with the codes. As a result, combining asterisks will create bold and italicized text. Though it’s quite weird, you can combine a lot of codes. So, you just need to choose and leave the rest of Markdown. 

Inserting Spoiler Tags 

There might be some messages that you don’t want people to see. And spoiler tag is the only thing that can help you out. For this, you can add two ‘|’ pipe characters. Doing so will tell Discord to hide the text lying between the double pipes. 

Interestingly, those who wish to read the message can click on the spoiler and check the secret. So, you can easily type whatever spoiler you want to. 

Inserting Empty Lines 

If there are many words that you want to insert and planning to keep them into paragraphs, there is a way to do so. You can do this by simply using Shift+Enter and creating empty lines. 

Using Code Blocks 

You can’t quote another user’s comment, but there is another way that may interest you a lot. With the help of the code block feature, you can easily highlight code in the text. By using grave accent characters, make way for one-line code blocks. 

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How To Cross Out Text In Discord? You Can Make Other Changes As Well!

After all the necessary things, it’s time to ponder how to cross out text in Discord. So, here are some pointers that will help you a lot!

Cross Out Text In Discord 

The text can be crossed out with the help of the tilde key (~), which you can easily locate on your keyboard. In case you are using a mobile device, you need to check out the punctuation category of your phone. 

For striking through your text, you need to place the tilde key before and after your message. As mentioned above, you can perform a variety of other exciting things as well. 

Cross Out Text In Discord For Browser Version 

Well, it’s obvious that some people must be using the browser version of Discord. In such a situation, you can do the following:

  1. Start by typing the text that you want to format. 
  2. The next step is to highlight the text and hover your mouse so that you can see the small black bar appearing on it. 
  3. After the small black bar appears, you can click on ‘B’ to bold it, ‘I’ to italicize it, or click on ‘S’ to strike through. 

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Final Words 

I hope by now, you must have learned all the relevant information and can answer how to cross out text in Discord. Now, you can easily perform the changes as per your need whenever you use it. Get started today!

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