How To Delete Snapchat Group I Created 2023? 3 Ways To Know!


Snapchat groups are the place where users can connect with over 100 people in the same place. It is huge fun when you chat in groups as you receive so many funny snaps and text messages. Also, groups are helpful for users to share things quickly. But at some point, we feel that groups are annoying it can be because of the one person who shares annoying snaps or you don’t like receiving so many messages. So, if you are the creator of the group and looking for how to delete Snapchat group I created 2021, then go through this article to find the methods.

Snapchat has billions of active users all around the world. People are using the application to connect with their friends by sharing snaps, text messages, and even videos. Also, the Snapchat group feature allows people to create a group and have fun with their group of friends. Many people prefer to stay in a group as it helps to earn high scores. Because it is easy to maintain a streak with Snapchat groups.

So, there are so many features on Snapchat that makes people mind-blowing. But there is no direct option like other social media platforms to delete the group even if you are the creator of Snapchat. Don’t worry we have a few other methods on how to delete Snapchat group I created 2021. Keep reading to find the methods.

How To Delete Snapchat Group I Created 2021? Find Out The Methods Here!

How To Delete Snapchat Group I Created 2021? 3 Ways To Know!

It can be a surprise for many people that Snapchat does not offer the delete option for groups. There may be so many reasons that one wants to delete the group that they created once. Some think that the group is not interesting as it was at the beginning or some wants to delete a group because they get irrelevant snaps or texts in the group.

Even if you are the creator of the group, you don’t hold any special power on Snapchat. There is an option to edit the Snapchat group and anyone can edit the group name or add group members to Snapchat. So, this can be advantageous for the group members and not for the creator. So, if you have created the group before and now the group members are adding some other people then you may want to delete a Snapchat group.

Since there are no direct procedures, here are a few other methods on how to delete Snapchat group I created 2021 that you can try to delete the group.

# 1 Method – Wait For Snapchat To Delete The Group | How To Delete Snapchat Group I Created 2021?

How To Delete Snapchat Group I Created 2021? 3 Ways To Know!

If you want to delete the group permanently, then the best method is that you can wait for the group to expire on its own. Snapchat will delete the group automatically if the group is inactive for a long time. This is also the best method if you don’t want to seem rude in front of other group members. Because when you delete the group, then members would think that you are rude to delete the group.

First, you stop sharing snaps and also ask your close friends not to send anything to the group. When slowly people stop receiving snaps, they also lose their interest in using the group. When everyone stops sharing snaps or text messages, Snapchat will delete the group.

# 2 Method – Ask Your Friends To Leave The Group | How To Delete Snapchat Group I Created 2021?

How To Delete Snapchat Group I Created 2021? 3 Ways To Know!

The next method that you can try is that you can ask your new friends to leave the group. So, everyone knows that there is no direct option to remove the person from the Snapchat group. If you are the creator of the group, then this method will work for you. Because friends will understand when the creator itself asks them to leave the group.

So, when huge people leave the group, you will not have to get annoying notifications from the group. As days pass by, the group gets dissolved on its own when no one is in the group.

# 3 Method – Leave The Group | How To Delete Snapchat Group I Created 2021?

How To Delete Snapchat Group I Created 2021? 3 Ways To Know!

You have the option to leave the group and delete it. If you have decided strongly that you no longer want to access the group, then you can consider leaving the group. Leaving the group is also kind of deleting from your Snapchat chat page. When the creator itself moves out of the group, there are chances that the other people will not use the group anymore. Below are the steps for leaving the Snapchat group.

  • Open the Snapchat application on your smartphone.
  • You can visit your profile page to find the group name or simply tap on the chat icon.
  • On your conversation page, search for the group chat.
  • Once you found the group, tap the bitmoji and it will take you to the group profile.
  • Now, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  • You will get so many options from that choose Leave Group option.

Final Words

That’s all, folks! Now, I hope you know the methods of how to delete snapchat group I created 2021 to fix the problem. Snapchat groups are to have fun with friends, but if you face any issues with the group, then it is good to delete it. But before you choose to delete think carefully.

If you found this article useful, then do share it with your friends. Also, if you have any queries that we have to cover related to Snapchat, then tell us in the comment section below and we try to cover them in the future.

Will Snapchat Notify Others When You Leave The Group?

Snapchat does not give any direct notifications. But it will delete all the messages that you have shared before. So, other group members will easily find out when you leave the group.

Is There Option To Mute A Snapchat Group?

Yes, you have the option to mute an annoying Snapchat group. When you mute a group, you will not get any notifications when people share messages. This is also the best option if you don’t want to leave the group but don’t want to participate in the group. 

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