How To Deliver For Instacart? 5 Easy Steps You Need To Follow!


On one side the whole world was reeling with covid and its effects. And on the other side, a grocery delivery app was flourishing to new heights. That’s right I’m talking about the grocery delivery and pickup service of Instacart. So many companies laid off their employees during the pandemic while Instacart went on a hiring spree. If the promise of a job and flexible work schedules entice you then you need to know how to deliver for Instacart.

It’s 2022 and the gig economy is booming. The pandemic also woke people up that only having one stream of income is a bad idea. To supplement that, a lot of people have flocked to gigs and side hustles to make some extra cash. The work doesn’t need to be especially challenging and should have decent pay. All the boxes that Instacart delivery checks. 

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People interested in working for Instacart and delivering need to apply to Instacart first. After fulfilling the eligibility criteria they need to clear a background check. Post that all you need is free time, a vehicle, some will power and you can deliver for Instacart. There are no strict experience pre-requisites and anyone can work for Instacart. You should be physically fit to lift at least 50lbs of weight so that is one essential criterion.

Besides these general guidelines, Instacart does have some specific rules that qualify or disqualify a prospective candidate. Most of the Instacart onboarding is very smooth and doesn’t take more than a couple of days. University students looking to work part-time, or full-time workers looking to supplement their main income can easily get hired. 

How To Deliver For Instacart And Who Can Deliver For Instacart? All You Need To Know!

How To Deliver For Instacart? 5 Easy Steps You Need To Follow!

Before planning for your holidays and what you’re gonna do with the extra money, you need to know the types of jobs Instacart offers. To know how to deliver for Instacart this is important. There are primarily two kinds of jobs available at Instacart. Both of them don’t require much experience and anyone can be hired for them. The first type of job is a full-service shopper while the second one is an in-store shopper.

To work as a full-service shopper you need to have permanent access to a vehicle. The vehicle should be able to fit two large grocery bags at a minimum. Other delivery services like Doordash allow deliveries on bicycles but Instacart, unfortunately, does not. Therefore you also would be needing a driver’s license and a valid work permit. The physical fitness criteria has been set because household items can sometimes be heavy. You need to be able to lug around heavy stuff if the need arises, as well as lift heavy grocery bags.

If you are an in-store shopper you still need to fit all the bills of a full-service shopper. Though you don’t need to have a car since all your work is going to be done inside. Full-service shoppers are hired as contractors and offer more flexibility in work. The pay is based on the types of trips you make and the distance you cover. Some part of your income will also be made from tips. As an in-store shopper, your income will be an hourly wage with a cap of 29 hours per week. We have discussed how much money can you potentially make on Instacart here, so read that further.

How To Get Your First Order? How To Deliver For Instacart?

How To Deliver For Instacart? 5 Easy Steps You Need To Follow!

Getting your first order, buying the items, and delivering for Instacart is very straightforward. There isn’t much to know about how to deliver for Instacart beside some basic steps. You don’t need to be all that tech-savvy so long as you know how to work a mobile phone and an app. Below we mention all the steps that go into getting and completing your first order on Instacart.

1. Getting your order – Open the Instacart shopper’s app on your phone. You then need to drive into a ‘zone’ that has active orders. If you are already in the zone then you will receive orders right away, but if you don’t then change locations to busier areas.

As full-service shoppers, you will see most orders near stores, busy shops, and other designated zones. Once you are in the right place, the Instacart shopper app interface will turn into a map and will display “looking for orders”.

2. Accepting your order – Orders will pop up on your screen and you can view items in the batch of orders. You will see a timer in front of the order and you can choose to accept the order or decline it. If the orders are scheduled orders then there may be one or more than one order in your batch. If the location is what you prefer then accept the order within the given time.

3. Navigating to the store to pick up your order – After you accept your Instacart order you will now be shown a direction to the store you need to go to. You may either have to accept an order and deliver it straight away or have to do the shopping and then deliver. It will depend entirely on the type of order it is. 

Follow the navigation shown by the app and reach the store quickly. Find a parking spot and if you have to do shopping as well then tap on “Slide to start shopping”. Go through the order details and if you have to follow any special requests. Get moving and collect all the items mentioned in the shopping list.

4. Collecting your items – Enter the store and start looking for the items. Start by shopping for general items and leave hot and cold items that need refrigeration for the last. The better you are able to manage your order of items, the faster you will be able to deliver. Fill your order and move to check out.

5. Checking out – After getting your order processed tap on Scan Order Receipt to acknowledge payment of items. This is also essential for record-keeping and proofs. Then tap on Tap to Start Delivery after you have left the grocery store and have loaded your items into your car. You will see a navigation screen showing you the way to the delivery. When you reach your final destination, tap on End Delivery, once completed. 

Final Words

We hope now you know how to deliver for Instacart efficiently and effectively. There are a few tips and tricks you can follow for the swift delivery of items that can help you accelerate your Instacart career. For anything else delivery related you can always ask customer care. If you need more clarity drop a comment below and we will try to get back to you with a solution. 

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