How To Disable Snap Scrolling On Instagram? 3 Ideas For You!


Instagram is the top social media platform that gives fantastic features to its users. Instagram has a user-friendly interface until the snap scrolling feature was introduced. So, every application will roll out new features and updates in a few months once. Some of the features may be a blessing but some can be frustrating. Are you also frustrated with the Snap scrolling feature on Instagram and looking for how to disable snap scrolling on Instagram? Then this article will serve as your guide.

Instagram is one of the best influencing applications compared to other platforms. You could see a lot of promotions of brands and products on Instagram. It is because of the millions of active users on Instagram. So, to retain its large user base Instagram keeps updating its feature. You have the option to create stories and reels, and also there are so many privacy options on Instagram.

No matter how many features we have on the application, if the application is not user-friendly then many choose to uninstall it. If the app loads slowly, the camera not working or if they find any privacy issues then people would stop using the application immediately. Even if small errors on the platform, then the application could lose millions of users within a few seconds.

Sometimes to test new features social media platform release an update. But only a few works and many others get failed because people don’t like them. So, if you don’t prefer the snap scrolling feature on Instagram and want to get the old scrolling feature, then check out how to disable snap scrolling on Instagram.

How To Disable Snap Scrolling On Instagram? Everything You Need To Know!

How To Disable Snap Scrolling On Instagram? 3 Ideas For You!

Scrolling feeds is the favorite thing of many individuals on Instagram. People can even scroll the feed on Snapchat for several hours. Because the interesting content makes one keep scrolling down on Instagram. Recently, Instagram has changed its layout which was not preferred by many users.

So, what is snap scrolling? This is the feature that will automatically update the posts or stories in the position even if you don’t scroll it. But the negative aspect of this scrolling feature is that it does not allow you to have control over it. This is why many looking for ways how to disable snap scrolling on Instagram. Read the below steps to disable snap scrolling on Instagram.

# 1 Method – Force Close Instagram And Reopen The Application | How To Disable Snap Scrolling On Instagram?

How To Disable Snap Scrolling On Instagram? 3 Ideas For You!

If you found the snap scrolling layout on Instagram and it is frustrating for you to use, then you can try force closing the application. When you force-close your application, many issues get solved and it helps to get back your old scrolling feature on Instagram. So, force close and reopen to see whether the problem is fixed and you get your normal feedback on Instagram.

You can try this method both on iPhones and Android phones. It helps you to quickly fix unwanted bugs in the application. Also, it makes the application work smoothly.

# 2 Method – Uninstall And Reinstall The Application | How To Disable Snap Scrolling On Instagram?

How To Disable Snap Scrolling On Instagram? 3 Ideas For You!

Next, you can uninstall and reinstall the application to fix the problem. Uninstalling the application can help you to fix many issues. Because when you uninstall the application, it helps you to clear some cache. So, there are chances that the snap scrolling may disappear on your application.

You may know the methods to uninstall the application on your phone. Depending on the phone you use, you can head to the settings and find the application, choose to uninstall option. Some phone allows you to uninstall by simply long-pressing the application and you will find the uninstall option.

You can either reinstall immediately or you can wait for some time so that the snap scrolling feature may be deactivated on its own. To reinstall you have to go to the play store or App store to install Instagram again on your device. It is also good to turn off the auto-update feature so that your application will not get updated with these features. But you have to check the updates often so that you will not miss out on other interesting features.

# 3 Method – Install Older Version Of Instagram | How To Disable Snap Scrolling On Instagram?

How To Disable Snap Scrolling On Instagram? 3 Ideas For You!

If the above methods don’t work for you to fix the issues, then the best option is to install the older version of the application. Since it’s a new update, you can’t find the snap scrolling feature on the older version of the application. So, it is good to install the older version of Instagram and you can scroll it smoothly without any hassles.

This is also the best choice to disable snap scrolling on Instagram. To install an older version of Instagram, you have to visit a trustworthy website on your browser and search for the old version of Instagram. So, you have to choose the old version and choose download to install it on your device.

Final Words

That’s all, folks! The above are a few methods on how to disable snap scrolling on Instagram that you should know. You can try any one of these methods to turn off the snap scrolling on Instagram. By doing so, it is easy to scroll on Instagram without any hassles.

So, share this article with your friends who are looking to solve this problem. For more details related to Instagram and hacks to fix issues on the application, check out the other articles on our website.

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