How To Do A Boomerang On Snapchat? Bounce Or Boomerang, Whatever You Like To Call!!


Hey, don’t you think that every entertaining social media app copies one-another feature? Take the example of Reels that later was added to Snapchat with the name spotlight. Next to reels, a similar feature that Snapchat copied is the Boomerang of Instagram. Now here I will tell you how to do a Boomerang on Snapchat so as to make your videos more engaging that in return increase your popularity.

Well, the story of copying one another started when Instagram and Facebook copied Snapchat’s story feature. To take payback, Snapchat took the boomerang features of Instagram. On Snapchat, they named this feature as Bounce with some slight variations. Bounce enables users to select a small portion of a video that plays on repeat.

Combined with the loop option, what you see is that the video plays again and again. Now how to do a Boomerang on Snapchat is quite easy; just press and hold the capture button on Snapchat and then apply the loop option. Well, that’s all. The loop video will be created to share with your friends.

Scroll down to read every step associated with making Boomerang (Bounce) video on Snapchat.

How To Do A Boomerang On Snapchat? Create Some Fun Loopy Videos!!

Snapchat released its Boomerang (Bounce) feature back in August 2018, but it came very recently in the updated Snapchat apps. In Bounce, people can apply single to endless loops to their video. There is no defined duration on the length of the video to apply this feature. Also, the video can be trimmed to the desired length before sharing. Apart from that, you can customize your Boomerang (Bonce) video on Snapchat, and here is share with you how to do that.

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What Is Boomerang/ Bounce On Snapchat? Make Your Video Bounce!!

Boomerang, better to be called Bounce for Snapchat, is a feature that lets user creates an endless to one-time loop video. The video on which you apply this feature runs in replay as the number of times you select the loop option. 

There are mainly two options for looping the video: if you tap once on the loop option, the video will be played in an infinite loop. If you tap a second time on the same option, the video will be applied with a single loop and played only once in repeat.

To use the Boomerang feature of Snapchat, follow these directions: 

#1 Update The Snapchat Application first!!

Firstly, to apply the Bounce option, check if your Snapchat is updated to its latest version or not. Mostly the older version of Snapchat either doesn’t have this feature or has bugs.

To update your Snapchat go to the app store or play store and search for Snapchat. If you have installed the app previously, the result will show an update option. Click on the option to start the update.

#2 Press And Hold The Capture Button

How To Do A Boomerang On Snapchat? Bounce Or Boomerang, Whatever You Like To Call!!

To apply the Bounce option, you have to capture a video first, and it should be through the Snapchat application camera. 

To make a video open the Snapchat camera and press and hold the capture button on the screen. This will start the video recording, and once you release the button, the video will be recorded.

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#3 Use The Loop Option

#3 Use The Loop Option

After the video is captured, you will see your recorded video, with Snapchat customization options on the right side of the screen. 

Now there is an option to loop the video at the very end of the right side of the screen. That option is called the infinity loop option; tap on that option to apply a loop to that video.

As discussed previously, you can either create a video with an infinity loop or a single loop by tapping on the loop option once or twice.

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How To Customize Your Boomerang/ Bounce Video On Snapchat? 

How To Customize Your Boomerang/ Bounce Video On Snapchat? 

Snapchat features a lot of customization options for the Boomerang video. You can add stickers, text, draw, outline a special part of the video by the scissor option, add music, … and the list goes on. 

These options are all available on the left-right side of the screen, and you can apply them before sending your video. Apart from that, you can add different filters to the Boomerang video by swiping left or right on the screen.

Also, there are two separate special filters that can change the speed of the video. One makes the video slow down, and the other fasten up its pace. You can find those filters by swiping left or right on the screen.

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Final Words

Now for sharing this valuable information on making a boomerang video on Snapchat, a small favor is a must. Girls!! Do add me on your Snapchat and share your first Boomerang video with me. For boys!! Spam somewhere else because I am busy.

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