How To Do Puppy Eyeliner? Puppy Dog Eyeliner For Your Beautiful Eyes!


Cat eyeliner swoops up and out at the eyes, but puppy eyeliner is cool in itself. However, it’s usual but has the potential to make any guy fall in love with the beauty of your eyes. So, would you like to learn how to do puppy eyeliner? Wait, being a trendy girl; you should also know how to use eyeshadow as eyeliner.  

For puppy eyeliner, you need to start applying the liner from the center of your eyelid and take it downwards to create a sharp-looking point. Next, move to the inner corner of your eye and apply a stroke from the corner to the middle. Lastly, fill all the gaps and lines and apply mascara on your lashes to better sculpt the look of your eyes. 

Applying puppy eyeliner is not so tough. But you should know how to remove waterproof eyeliner in case you are using a waterproof eyeliner. Note down the steps for how to do puppy eyeliner without going to a salon!

How To Do Puppy Eyeliner? Learn Puppy Liner For A Jaw-Dropping Look!

It’s always interesting to try out different styles of eyeliners to add versatility to one’s personality. That’s why I am here to share how to do puppy eyeliner. Learn all about it and give it a try on your eyes!

STEP 1: Prep With Primer | How To Do Puppy Eyeliner?

Before starting eye makeup or applying eyeliner, it is necessary to prepare your eyes for it. And the products that are required to prepare eyes are concealer and primer. You need to apply a small quantity of primer to your eyelids and try to let the skin absorb the product by dabbing it with the help of a beauty blender. 

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After finishing applying primer, apply concealer under your eyes and on your eyelids to make a smooth surface and hide uneven skin tone. Also, doing so will help you make your eyeshadow stay in place for a long time. 

STEP 2: Define Eyelids | How To Do Puppy Eyeliner?

Before applying eyeliner, make sure you apply eyeshadow to define your eyelids. The color can be light or dark, depending on your outfit. For a formal occasion, it’s better to go with light nude colors. Bright colors are good for day and night events. 

STEP 3: Start At Your Upper Lash Line | How To Do Puppy Eyeliner?

How To Do Puppy Eyeliner? Puppy Dog Eyeliner For Your Beautiful Eyes!

Place the position of your eyeliner at the center of the outer corner of your lash line. Now, take that line from the center of your eyes to the down, at the corner. Mark the line carefully so that the stroke follows the natural shape of your eyes. 

Also, you can extend the eyeliner to more than the corner to try out a different look. By extending the line more, you will add more sharpness to your eyes. Fill the leftover spaces simultaneously to complete the look from the corner of your eyes. 

STEP 4: Outline Your Outer Lash Line | How To Do Puppy Eyeliner?

Now, it’s time to start with the lower lash line and inner corner of your eyes. For this, trace the line at the center of your eyelid and extend it to the inner corner of your eyes. After taking it to the end of your inner corner, fill all the leftover gaps to ensure the line looks even. 

Now, you can use an eyeliner pencil to fill the inner lower lash. Also, connect it to the outer line of the above lash and fill the gaps if there are any. Consider filing the waterline as well. 

STEP 5: Fill In The Gap And Apply Mascara | How To Do Puppy Eyeliner?

This is the stage where you need to perform the final analysis of whether there are any gaps left or not. Make sure that the upper and lower lines are properly filled. Also, you can use an angled brush or eyeliner brush to fill all the gaps. You can simply dip the brush in the liquid eyeliner and dab it in the spaces on the eyelids and lower lash. And those using an eyeliner pencil can simply color the gaps with it. Don’t worry. It’s easy to fill the gaps!

STEP 6: Finish With Mascara And Setting Spray | How To Do Puppy Eyeliner?

We all know that eye makeup is not assumed to be complete without mascara. Therefore, you also need to apply mascara to your eyelashes. As a result, your eyes are going to look bigger than before. Before wrapping up all the products, apply setting spray on your eyes so your eyeliner doesn’t smudge. 

Make sure you don’t miss any steps; otherwise, you may impact your final look with puppy eyeliner. So, try out these steps and add more to your personality. 

What Is Puppy Eyeliner? Learn About It In Detail!

How To Do Puppy Eyeliner? Puppy Dog Eyeliner For Your Beautiful Eyes!

After learning the steps to do puppy liner, I would like to share a bit about what it is. Well, puppy eyeliner is another technique within puppy eyeliner. In other words, you can say it to be an inverted cat look because it creates a downward curve at the outer corner of the eye. 

Besides this, puppy liner is effective in complimenting the eyes irrespective of the shape. Also, there are different variations, such as droopy puppy and baby puppy eyes. Within a droopy puppy, the downward stroke is extended more than the edge of the eye. And the baby puppy is known for creating short and decent winged eyeliner. 

Now, it’s you who need to choose between the two and check which one suits you the best. In my opinion, you should try both styles on different outfits. 

Final Words 

This was all that I had to share with you about how to do puppy eyeliner. Now, you just need to follow the mentioned steps and follow them one after the other. Also, this technique can be applied with both pencil and liquid eyeliners. So, you can use any of them. Besides this, learning how to do inner corner eyeliner will also help you a lot in getting the desired look for your eyes. 

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