How To Do The Edit Trend On TikTok? Get Some Quick Helpful Tips!


Hello TikTok lovers! Do you know how to do the edit trend on TikTok? Don’t tell me you don’t know! It’s very common nowadays! Let’s just help you out and share the steps to do so!

The truth cannot be denied that TikTok has gained a firm position in spreading viral content on the internet for the past few years. As a result, many users keep an eye on the latest trends. Therefore, it’s time to discuss how to do the edit trend on TikTok!

How to Save TikTok Drafts to Your P...
How to Save TikTok Drafts to Your Phone

How To Do The Edit Trend On TikTok? Check Out Some Interesting Hacks!

You’ll be glad to know that some interesting tips and tricks can help you follow the latest trend. Also, these hacks are highly popular, and every next person is trying them. Are you also excited? Here are the tips for doing the edit trend on TikTok!

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How To Do The Editing Trend On TikTok? 

How To Do The Edit Trend On TikTok? Get Some Quick Tips!

The process to do this is extremely simple, and the steps are based on the operating system that most of us use. Many people who have iPhones also use this hack. So, if you also have the same, you need not look for some other hacks. 

But the results of this hack completely depend on the quality of your device. These are the steps to keep abreast of editing trends on TikTok:

  1. Start by opening your camera roll and the option through which you can edit your photo. 
  2. Now, you need to turn on the exposure and brilliance to 100 (this step is not mandatory and is meant only for the reveal effect). 
  3. Then, you need to set the highlights to -35 and shadow to -28. 
  4. You need to adjust the contrast to -30 and brightness to -15. 
  5. Next, you need to select the black point at 10. 
  6. It’s time to adjust the saturation to 10 and vibrancy to 8. 
  7. The warmth should not be more than 10. 
  8. 39 is the most appropriate number for tint. 
  9. Make sure you turn on the sharpness to 14. 
  10. And the vignette must be at 23.
  11. If you have decided to add the reveal effect, make sure you turn exposure and brilliance to zero. 

It must be noted that the exact number varies from device to device and aims to modify the video. Therefore, you have the liberty to change the number of the features as per your choice. 

Tips On How To Do The Edit Trend On TikTok 

How To Do The Edit Trend On TikTok? Get Some Quick Tips!

While performing editing trends on TikTok, you must follow these specific tips. 

In the first place, you must check that your photo is being taken in good light. This is so because editing your picture that is taken in good light makes it easy to perform the changes. And if you have good light in the picture, you can get started with the standard level of changes.  

To attain the above, natural light must fall on your face. And by natural light, I mean sunlight (for this, even a shady spot also works). After clicking a nice picture, you can get started with editing it. Lastly, you need to follow all the steps carefully. 

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The Importance Of Taking A Good Picture | Make Editing Easy On TikTok!

How To Do The Edit Trend On TikTok? Get Some Quick Tips!

You must be wondering why you must take a good picture when editing is obvious. But the fact is that a good photo offers enough space to perform editing. For this, you need to find the right light, try out different angles, and take inspiration from images by others. As a result, you can recreate that image and use it after editing it on TikTok. 

Also, it is better to spend some time searching for how a good image looks. Moreover, clicking a good picture is a prerequisite to follow this trend. So, before trying hands on this trend, make sure you are equipped with the skills to click a good picture. 

How To Add And Edit Captions? Get More Creative!

How To Do The Edit Trend On TikTok? Get Some Quick Tips!

Captions are another important thing that is required to do editing on TikTok. For that, I am going to share a few tips:

  1. You can add text manually to your pictures for more emphasis. 
  2. The addition of text to speech feature is an interesting thing that you can add to your video to make it more interesting. 
  3. You can also use automatic captions to save time. 

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Can You Edit A TikTok Once It’s Posted?

How To Do The Edit Trend On TikTok? Get Some Quick Tips!

If you have posted your picture on TikTok, you cannot edit the picture or its caption. But here is a way through which you can make a few changes. 

  1. You can copy the hashtags and save them in your notebook app. 
  2. Next, you need to revisit your profile and find the video of your choice. 
  3. Download it and save it. 
  4. Now, use the plus sign to add a new video.
  5. Add the new caption or hashtag and post the video. 

3 TikTok Editing Tools For Editing Your TikTok Video

How To Do The Edit Trend On TikTok? Get Some Quick Tips!

If you are not updated with the best editing tools, you can consider the following.


This is an amazing tool, and a one-stop platform for all the powerful editing features. With this tool, you can clip, adjust speed, extract audio and perform many other things on your post. 


This is another option through which you can edit your post. Apart from its key features, it offers tutorials for its users to make them learn all about it. 


Yes, you guessed it right! This is TikTok’s app that is available for editing your post. Also, this app is free and can be used on both iOS and Android. 

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Final Words 

I hope by now you are loaded with all the relevant details and know how to do the edit trend on TikTok. You just need to apply all that you have learned to your account. So, keep these tips in front of you and start editing your TikTok posts!

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