How To Do The Netflix Trend On TikTok! Don’t Miss The Latest Trend!!


Do you want to know how to do the Netflix trend on TikTok? I’m sure you want to. It’s all the hype these days on this social media platform! I know doing this particular trend sounds like an overwhelming amount of work. You’d rather keep scrolling instead of making your own TikTok. But trust me! It’s not as hard as it looks! 

TikTok is a platform that allows users to test their creativity and express themselves in different ways. New trends keep popping up on the app. The app is designed to keep the newest trends in crazy songs, duets, and relatable videos flowing. One such trend that has popped up is this Netflix trend on Tiktok. 

Do you want to know what exactly the trend is about? Or, how to do the Netflix trend? If not, then scroll to the bottom of the article to find out!

Here’s How To Do The Netflix Trend On TikTok | How To Make A Netflix Movie TikTok?

Enlisted below are the steps you will need to hop on the newest Netflix trend on TikTok! But wait…what is the trend about? Well, I’ve covered that too. So, keep reading!

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1# What’s This Latest Netflix Trend On TikTok?

1# What’s This Latest Netflix Trend On TikTok?

In this latest TikTok trend, TikTokers are creating their own Netflix movies. When the video starts playing, it looks like a Netflix original, but it is some homely, adorable video made by one person to express their love for the other.

Many couples have made their videos/Netflix movies so far. And it’s time that you do too! The below-mentioned steps will tell you how to do the Netflix trend on TikTok. It isn’t known who started this genius trend but you can definitely try it with the help of the steps mentioned below.

2# Step-By-Step Guide For The Netflix Trend On TikTok Using Canva

Here’s how to do the Netflix trend on TikTok. Mentioned below is a step-by-step guide for you to recreate the Netflix trend on TikTok in your own way. Let’s see what movie idea you will come up with to create.

Netflix Intro Video | The Netflix Trend On TikTok!

How To Do The Netflix Trend On TikTok! Don’t Miss The Latest Trend!!
  • Search for the Netflix intro on Youtube. You will find many. Select one of the sizes that you will need. Alternatively, you can cut the video to have the desired part. 
  • Copy the link to the video you selected. 
  • Search for “YouTube to MP4 Converter” on Google. It will help you download your video. 
  • Paste your copied link in the YouTube to MP4 Converter. 
  • Click on Convert. 
  • After the video is converted, you’ll be redirected to a page that allows you to download your video in different qualities.
  • Select the desired quality and size of the video and click on Download.

Step 1 On Canva | The Netflix Trend On TikTok!

How To Do The Netflix Trend On TikTok! Don’t Miss The Latest Trend!!

Now open Canva on your web browser and select the Video template from the vast array of available templates. 

  • A blank video template will appear. 
  • On the extreme left of your screen, you’ll have a lot of options like “Templates,” “Elements,” “Uploads,” etc., arranged in vertical order. Click on “Uploads”.
  • After that, click on “Upload media.” It will be a small purple rectangular box. 
  • When you click on upload media, a dialogue box will appear. 
  • From the box, choose the Netflix intro that you downloaded. 
  • Click on “Open”.
  • Drag the video to the bottom of the page once it shows in the media section. 
  • And, the first part of your video is done!

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Step 2 On Canva | The Netflix Movie TikTok Trend! 

How To Do The Netflix Trend On TikTok! Don’t Miss The Latest Trend!!
  • Now, go to google, and search “Black background.”
  • Select and save one of the black backgrounds that appear–make sure it’s landscape size. 
  • Now, again go to upload media and media and drag your black background to the bottom of the screen. 
  • In the “Elements” section, search for the Netflix icon. 
  • Select one of the icons that appear. 
  • Drag the icon on the black background. Reduce its size and position it in the top right corner. 
  • Now, it’s time to upload the pictures. 
  • Go to the “Upload Media” section and select the images you want to include. 
  • Drag and drop the images from the media section onto your black background. 
  • Crop the images so that they look square. Align them one next to the other. 
  • Click on the “Text” section in the same vertical column.
  • From there, click on “Add a heading.”
  • It will appear on your screen, you should change the text in the box where “Add a heading” is written. Erase it to write “Who’s Watching?”. Place the position of this text box above the images. 
  • Similarly, add the “Manage Profiles” text at the bottom of this page. 
  • Go to “Elements” and search for lines. 
  • Several kinds of lines will appear, select a simple one and use it to make a rectangular box around ‘Manage Profile’
  • From the “Text” section, select “Add a little body of text,” and add the names of all the people below the images you had previously put. 
  • Go to the “Elements” section again and look for a cursor. You’ll be presented with a wide variety of options. Choose an “Arrow Clicking” and place it next to “Who’s Watching?”

Step 3 On Canva | The Netflix Trend On TikTok!

How To Do The Netflix Trend On TikTok! Don’t Miss The Latest Trend!!
  • For the last part, select a video or a picture. Upload it on the next page that you’ve added to your Canva presentation. 
  • Go to the “Elements” section and search for the Netflix icon. 
  • Select the Netlfix icon that you used earlier. Resize it and place it in the top left corner of the page. 
  • The next step is to add text. Go to the “Text” section in the left vertical column. 
  • Choose “Add a subheading.” In it, put “Home TV Shows Movies,” etc., after giving space in between. Place it next to Netflix on the top of the screen. Make sure that the font color is white. 
  • Go to the “Element” section and look for “Search Icon.” Select one from the variety of icons that appear.
  • Change its color to white. Place the icon next to the text that you’ve just added on the top of your screen. 
  • Select “Add a little body of the text” and add the account name. Place it next to the search icon at the top of the screen. 
  • Next, go to “Upload media” and put the account picture next to the name. Reduce it to match the size of the name. 
  • In the “Element” section, search for a “bell button,” i.e., the notification icon. Select one, change its color to white, and put it between the name and profile picture. 
  • In the same section, search for a triangle. Select one, change its color to white, reduce its size to that of a drop-down arrow and place it next to the profile picture. 
  • Go back to the text section and select “Add a heading.”
  • Add a heading as the title of the movie. 
  • Adjust the line spacing. 
  • Place the name of the movie on the left side of the page. 
  • Look for a red box in the “Elements” section. 
  • Place the date you want to display in the red box. 
  • Now, select “Add a little body of the text” and add a little description of the movie you’ve just made. 
  • Head over to the element section and add a small rectangle and a triangle one more time. 
  • The rectangle should be gray and the triangle black. Place the triangle inside the rectangle and add “Play.” 
  • Make a similar gray box with reduced transparency and add “More info” inside it. 
  • Now, using the same procedure as above, copy the clip and search for “Arrow Clicking.”
  • Place the arrow on “Play.” 

Also, it’s up to you if you want to add more videos or photos to your project. In case you feel like doing so, follow the same steps as above. You can add transitions like “Fade” from the “Page Animations” option to make your video transition smoothly.

And Phewww! That’s done! It was long and might have sounded a little complicated, but the result is going to be worth it!  

Other Hot Trends On TikTok That You Can Try!

How To Do The Netflix Trend On TikTok! Don’t Miss The Latest Trend!!

It is a given that new TikTok trends emerge on the platform every second day. the Netflix TikTok trend is one of many such hot trends that you will love to try. So here are five amazing TikTok trends you must try out if you are already over the Netflix movie TikTok trend.

#A Negroni

Audio – An interview clip of Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke.

The audio is used to showcase your favorite things that you are passionate about. It could be a color, a flower, or an aesthetic as well.

#I Don’t Need To BeReal

Audio – A wordplay trend, that uses the introductory video of the app BeReal, and presents a quirky twist to the statement.

Usually, the trend goes on with a text stating I Don’t Need To BeReal, and then you can continue it by stating I need to BeRich, or BeStudying, or BeTravelling, or anything that you wish to say.

#You Have Been A Great Help Today

Audio – Original sound by charityshopesue

If you see a friend of yours or someone you know doing the bare minimum and call them out by creating a video to this fun sound.

#Dumb Dumb

Audio – The lead track Dumb Dumb from the movie Do Revenge. The movie is heavily loved by netizens right now.

Showcase your sleek style or your extra look on this track. Brands are also using this audio to reveal a new product or showcase any new product drops.

#The Baddest Of Them All

Audio – A song by Ian Asher that just sounds quite seductive and makes you feel like a badass.

Flaunt your ramp walk in your red carpet looks to this amazing audio. Walk the streets in your baddie looks, and show everyone that you are the baddest of them all.

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Final Words

If you follow these steps on how to do the Netflix trend on TikTok, the result will blow you away. In fact, once your masterpiece is ready, Netflix would seriously consider hiring an artist like you! Don’t forget to share your experience with me in the comment section below! 

And stay tuned with us for more such instructive articles!

How do trends work on TikTok?

Trends are popular short videos on TikTok that usually have the same concept and similar sounds that are posted under the same hashtag. This allows the creators to create a community based on that specific trend and if viewers explore that trend then creators are able to generate more reviews on their account.

Does deleting TikTok videos affect views?

Yes, if you delete a TikTok video, and it was really popular then all the positive data and reach that you have gained because of the video will also be deleted. So if you delete a video, then any metrics related to that specific will be deleted and it might alter your content reach.

How long does a trend last on TikTok?

usually. trends last for about 90 days. According to experts, this 90-day cycle allows enough users to participate in the trend while not making them bored of the trend. By the time a trend starts to become irritating and too repetitive, creators move on to a new trend that maintains the viewer’s interest.

Why are trends important on TikTok?

Trends are the fastest way on TikTok to boost any account or user. This also allows multiple brands to increase their relevance among viewers. If a brand is trending on the platform, more and more get to know about the brand, and works as an amazing marketing strategy.

How do you get a lot of views on TikTok?

If you wish to increase your TikTok views, you must create your content and optimize it accordingly. Use trending voices, and trending hashtags to increase your content reach. Also creating shorter videos help, as the viewers are more likely to watch it till the end.

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