Wardrobe Essentials If You Love To Dress Like A French Girl!


Famous for their classic sensibilities, French girls signify an effortlessly relaxed, carefree, and casually elegant style. Their overall style strikes the ideal balance between looking well-dressed without being overdressed or over the top.

Whether the style signifies the Parisian chic or the French countryside, you need to follow a few basic style rules. Pick minimalist basics, quality pieces, classic cuts, neutral tones, and the best quality you can afford.

Thus, if you are creating a timeless wardrobe with French styling as your major inspiration, below is our list of essentials you will need.

What Do You Need To Dress Like A French Girl?

1# Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

We could give many reasons why we think every girl must at least own one leather jacket. They are versatile, can be dressed up and down, simple to clean, warm without being bulky, and more.

If you do not take our word for it, you will take the French’s word. Remember that black leather jackets are a staple on many French bloggers, particularly in the cooler months. Invest in one, and you will not regret it.

2# Get Creative With Your Accessories

Get Creative With Your Accessories

A French girl’s closet may be composed of more simple basics, but the creativity lies in how they accessorize their outfits. Accessories are often cheaper than purchasing a new outfit, making it handy for a college student.

Adding some oodles of fashion, a silk scarf is an embodiment of elegance in French culture. It offers a vintage look that does not fade among modern styles, and bright colored patterns are highly recommended.

As a major ingredient in French girl style, sunglasses like the PR 18WV Irregular Frames by Prada can take tedious clothing from blah to fashion-forward. Further, hats are common on French bloggers these days. Certainly, the classic beret is a thing, but you can experiment with various styles to know what you like best.

3# Dark Colors Are Always Chic

Dark Colors Are Always Chic

Others may think that dark colors are plain and boring, but we respectfully disagree. There is a reason black is in style. It looks amazing on everybody, matches anything, and is stylish. Other neutrals such as navy blue, gray, brown, and camel are also good and match one another, contrary to popular belief.

Keep in mind that a wardrobe made from those colors makes it simple to make outfits because everything matches already.

4# Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

Closet space is more limited and costly in France. That’s why French girls invest in fewer pieces of quality clothing, which will last for a lot longer than most cheap pieces of clothing.

5# Concentrate On The Basics


The French do not ignore trends, but they are more likely to purchase timeless quality pieces. Normally, that indicates they’re basic, like white button-downs, skinny jeans, classic beige trench coats, and solid-colored t-shirts.

Final Words

Do you envy French women as much as we do? What will you take away from this post? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


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