How To End A Snapchat Streak? 2 Working Methods For You!


Do you know why people are not missing out on using Snapchat at least once a day? The main reason is to maintain a Snapchat streak. Among the unique features of Snapchat, Snap streak is the most popular one. If you have started a streak on this social media application, but feel it is addictive or you don’t continue a streak with a particular person, then you have the option to end the streak. Read here to find the different ways how to end a Snapchat streak.

Snapchat streaks represent a few things like how much you’re active on the application and it is also a way to prove the friendship by maintaining streaks. Another benefit is that Snapchat streaks help one to increase the snap score. But some people are getting obsessed with these numbers and it sometimes causes disputes between friends. This is why many choose to end a streak.

If you also fall in the same category, then follow this article to learn how to end a Snapchat streak. This article guides you through all the right methods.

How To End A Snapchat Streak? Check Out The Methods Here!

How To End A Snapchat Streak? 2 Working Methods For You!

Before you want to end a streak, it is essential to understand how a Snapchat streak works. Streaks are first generated when you and your friend consecutively exchange snaps for three days. By doing so, a fire emoji will be shown next to your friend’s username meaning that both are in streaks. The emojis will keep changing based on how many days and how many snaps you’ve exchanged.

But do you know what? snap streak usually ends on its own. Yes, you have heard it right. If you or your friends don’t share a snap within 24 hours, then it would end a snap streak. Snapchat gives the indication by placing hourglass emoji next to the username. Even if you don’t share any snaps after the indication, then you will lose your Snapchat streak and have to restart it from zero again.

However, it takes 24 hours to stop a streak. If you want to end a streak immediately, then you have to try other methods since there is no direct option to disable to snap streak function. So, below are a few methods on how to end a Snapchat streak that you can try.

# 1 Method – Remove and Add The Person Again | How To End A Snapchat Streak?

How To End A Snapchat Streak? 2 Working Methods For You!

The first method is to remove the person from your friend list and add them again on Snapchat. Because when you remove the person, obviously, it deletes the snap streaks. So, if you want to start the streak again, then you need to only start it from the beginning by exchanging snaps for three days continuously.

It is easy to remove a person from Snapchat. For that, you need to visit your friend’s profile and then click three dots. Now, you can choose the Remove friend option. Wait for a few minutes and re-add them again.

No notification will be sent when you remove a person, but still, if a person finds that you have removed them, then you can say it was a mistake. This could be the best method if you want to end a streak without being rude.

# 2 Method – Block And Unblock The Person | How To End A Snapchat Streak?

How To End A Snapchat Streak? 2 Working Methods For You!

Another easiest option that you can consider is to block the person. This can be more effective than simply removing the person if you want to end a streak. Because it surely ends the streak between you and your friend.

To block a person, you have to long press and hold your friend’s Snapchat username. A new menu will appear with a few options and you can choose the block option. But before you block a person, it is good to note down their username or take a screenshot of the snapcode. This could be easy if you want to unblock the person.

Once you block and unblock the person, you could notice that your streaks are gone. This process is very much simple and you can complete under 2 minutes. Also, this is the best solution if you want to get rid of a Snapchat streak immediately.

So, the above are the two best methods that you can try if you want to end a streak without having to wait to end it naturally.

Final Words

Well, Snapchatters! I hope you get the answer to your query related to how to end a Snapchat streak. Undoubtedly, Snapchat streaks are fun, but maintaining them with the right person is essential. Or if you find it too hard to maintain the streaks and are not interested in exchanging snaps with a particular person, then it is good to end a streak. For more interesting articles related to Snapchat, keep visiting Viebly.

Does reinstalling reset the streaks on Snapchat?

Many people choose to reinstall Snapchat to reset the streaks. But this method does not work because the streaks are within the account and so reinstalling on your device will not impact anything on streaks. This is why you need to try any of the above methods to end streaks.

Can you get a lost streak back on Snapchat?

If you lost a streak with someone on Snapchat, then the only you have is to contact the support team. Because the Snapchat team will give you a warning with an hourglass, but if you failed to notice and lost the streak, then only the Snapchat team can help you.

Why do 100 emoji appear next to your friend’s name?

If you find hundred emoji next to your friend’s name, then it means that you and your friends have successfully exchanged snaps for hundred plus days. 

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