How To Enjoy Netflix While Attending Online Classes? Be A Multi-Tasker!


Back-to-back online classes might be a bit straining for students. Now that we have the trend of online classes, students need to bear with it. However, there are some ways to break the monotonous timetable. For that, learn how to enjoy Netflix while attending online classes!

Although it’s not recommendable! However, for once, you can try watching some amazing shows on Netflix while attending online classes. For this, you have laptops like Mobile Pixels Duex Plus, which allow you to be a multi-tasker. Keep reading to know more!

Enjoying Netflix while attending online classes might sound impossible to many. But you can actually do it. Here’s everything you need to know about how to enjoy Netflix while attending online classes!

How To Enjoy Netflix While Attending Online Classes? Try It Today!

How To Enjoy Netflix While Attending Online Classes?

Taking a break from online classes without letting your teacher know about it is adventurous, don’t you think that!. Would you like to try it? If yes, mark these tips and learn how to enjoy Netflix while attending online classes!

#1 Use Your Lunch Breaks

Although lunch breaks last for 15-30 minutes, you can use them to stream any of your favorite shows or movies on Netflix. You can get the setup ready prior and press the play button the moment your break starts. This way your teacher won’t be able to know whether you are enjoying Netflix or studying. 

#2 Instead Of Noting Down Take A Screenshot

If your teacher is asking you to note down something, you can note it later and click a picture of it for the time being. So until other students get done with writing, you can continue watching any show on Netflix. Isn’t it a nice idea?

#3 Use The Last Few Minutes Of Your Class To Enjoy Netflix

Usually, teachers summarize lessons a few minutes before the class ends. This is the right time when you can choose not to listen to your teacher. So, you can skip it and resume watching any show or movie on Netflix on another screen. 

#4 Use Dual Screen Laptops 

The biggest advantage of Mobile Pixels Duex Plus laptops is that you get to work on two screens simultaneously. This means you can perform two tasks at the same time and the person on screen cannot detect it. Keep watching your favorite show and your teacher will think that you are listening to her carefully (it’s a very smart way). 

#5 Watch Any Related Documentary During Presentations

These days most teachers prefer teaching with the help of presentations. Thankfully, technology has evolved and allows us to record screens. So, you can record the presentation to watch it later and watch any documentary related to the presentation’s topic. If it’s history, there are multiple historic documentaries on Netflix. 

Shows To Enjoy On Netflix while Attending Online Classes | Use Your Time In The Best Way!

How To Enjoy Netflix While Attending Online Classes?

Netflix is an ideal platform to enjoy all kinds of content. Even if you are attending an online class, you can watch informative shows and movies on Netflix. 

#1 Kevin Hart’s Guide To Black History

If your teacher is discussing something related to Black history, you can prefer watching Kevin Hart’s Guide To Black History

The movie introduces fascinating contributions made by unsung heroes in Black history. Also, the plot sheds light on the first black woman who aspires to be an astronaut. You also get to know about the first black man who wished to reach the North Pole. 

The duration of this movie is just 1 hour and 3 minutes, so you won’t end up missing more than one online class. 

#2 Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates 

For those who are learning about famous personalities, Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates is a perfect watch!

This biographical documentary deals with Bill Gates’s journey from an ordinary man to the richest man in the world. Apart from this, the documentary talks about how he lives to think about life, his biggest fear, and what he is still pursuing. 

Watching this documentary takes less than an hour. So, enjoy it without any worries!

#3 The White Helmets

If you are up with the idea of watching something out of the league, The White Helmets has a lot to narrate to you!

The documentary talks about a group of kind-hearted people who are ready to risk their lives for others. Due to the war going on in Syria, these people are on a mission to rescue victims. This is an amazing documentary that will change your way of perceiving life. 

You won’t believe it, but the duration of the documentary is only 40 minutes. It means you can watch it easily in between your classes. 

#4 Our Planet 

Our Planet is a perfect documentary for those who like exploring the earth and the creatures living on it. 

The series is about the characteristics of wildlife animals like cheetahs, penguins, and sea animals. Here, you get to see the life of these animals and how they fight for their survival. 

There are 8 episodes of this series which lasts for 49-54 minutes. So, I guess it’s a nice documentary to watch on Netflix. 

#5 Dream Big: Engineering Our World 

For those who aspire to be an engineer someday, Dream Big: Engineering Our World has a lot to share. 

The documentary deals with the effort of modern-day engineers to change the world. Also, it focuses on how engineers are overcoming present-day challenges and looking at upcoming problems. Apart from this, you get to see the planning behind the creation of buildings like skyscrapers, dams, and air balloons. 

If you are bored with your lessons, consider watching this documentary which is just 42 minutes long. 

Final Words 

I know it feels great after coming across ways to enjoy Netflix while attending online classes. Now that you know about all the important tips use your time more efficiently. Enjoy these shows and share your reviews with us!

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Shraddha Singh
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