How To Find Instagram Password On iPhone In 2023? Easy & Quick Way Here! 


I don’t think our memories are designed to store passwords, of all things. After all, most of us end up forgetting our passwords as soon as we set them, regardless of how hard we try to remember them. And this often leads us to situations like resetting passwords or torturing that one last brain cell to remember what it was. However, this can be avoided if you know how to find Instagram password on iPhone. So, in case this sounds like a plan to you, make sure to read this article till the end.

Here’s How To Find Instagram Password On iPhone | Easiest Way To Reconcile With Your Forgotten Password!

Viewing your Instagram account’s password on your iPhone (in case you had saved it) is the simplest thing to do. So, if you ever forget your password, you won’t have to go through the whole process of setting a new password and then, well… eventually forgetting it, too. However, the fact that your iPhone stores the passwords to all accounts and apps, if allowed by the user makes it easy to find them later on.

So, if you want to know how to find Instagram password on iPhone in a few simple steps, make sure to read this article till the end. 

How To Find Instagram Password On iPhone

How To Find Instagram Password On iPhone In 2023? Easy & Quick Way Here! 

As mentioned above, finding your Instagram password on iPhone is a pretty simple thing to do and required one to follow just a few simple steps. These steps are mentioned below (some steps may differ from device to device):

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone. 
  • Scroll down to ‘Passwords’ and tap on it. 
  • Then, locate “” in this list and tap on it. 
  • To see your password, you will need to use your phone’s password/ Face ID/ Touch ID. 
  • Once you enter any of these things, you will be able to access both your Instagram username and password. You can copy the password from there and then use it to log in to Instagram. 

And that’s it! You now have access to your Instagram password! 

Now, here’s the catch. Although this method is very easy to follow, it will only work if you’ve allowed iCloud to save your passwords. Because your passwords are never saved to your device by default, as it counts as a breach of user privacy. So, always make sure to tap on ‘Save Password’ when asked! You never know when you end up needing it!

Final Words

Okay, everyone! This was how to find Instagram password on iPhone! In this article, I walked you through a few simple steps that you can follow to see your password in case you forget it. So, no more worrying about remembering passwords! iPhone’s features have got your back! In case you found this article helpful, please share it with people who have a hard time with passwords as well. 

Can we set password for Instagram on iPhone?

If you want to set a password for Instagram on your iPhone, go to the profile page of your account. Then, tap on the three-line icon located at the top right. From there, choose ‘Settings’. In the Settings section of your account, you will find the “Accounts Center.” Tap on it. Then, go to Password and Security. Here, you will have the change password option, tap on it. Select the account you’d like to change the password to. Then, enter your current password, and finally, enter the new one. 

Can I know my Instagram password?

If you forget your Instagram password, you do have a way to see your forgotten password. To do this, tap on “Forgotten password” located below your password field. You will be required to enter your registered email or mobile number. A link to access your Instagram account and reset the password will be sent on the same. 

Can you see your Instagram password on the app?

You can see your Instagram password on your Android phone settings. To do this, go to your Google account settings present in the Settings app of your phone. Then, tap on “Manage your Google Account”. From here, tap on “Password Manager”. This section will have your Instagram password. 

How do I find stored passwords on Safari iPhone?

If you want to find stored passwords in Safari on your iPhone, then go to the Settings app of your phone and tap on “Passwords & Accounts”. From here, select “Websites & App Passwords”. You will be asked for your password authentication now. To do this, you can use your Touch ID, Face ID, or your phone’s password. 

How do I find my URL for Instagram?

To see your Instagram profile’s URL, you can log in to Instagram using a web browser and go to your profile page. There, you can copy your profile’s URL from the address bar at the top of the screen. Alternatively, your Instagram profile’s URL is:

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