How To Find People Near You On Snapchat? 2 Fun Ways To Find Friends!


Snapchat is all about friends, isn’t it? If it wasn’t it wouldn’t be called social media! You can use Snapchat to stay in touch with your old and current friends or look to make new friends online. If you are more inclined to the latter then you should know how to find people near you on Snapchat! So make sure you read on till the very end!

The location feature on Snapchat is quite awesome. If you have a Snapchat+ account you can even follow the location of your friends and see where they’ve been in the last 24 hours. But it only works with people who have chosen to share their current location with you. What if you wanted to see who else is near you and see what they’re up to? Is that possible?

Yes, it is kind of possible and that is what we will tell you about how to find people near you on Snapchat. You can find people near you with the help of the Snap Map feature. When you open the app and access the map, you will be able to see blue, yellow, and red hotspots on the map. Tapping on those hotspots will show you the people near you on Snapchat. You can choose to follow them, or just check out the stories that they have posted publicly.

How To Find People Near You On Snapchat? Ways That Work Even in 2022!

This is a great feature to have if you’re in a busy and touristy spot. Snap Map helps you connect with people in your region and if you’re in a new place and looking to find someone to chill with this can be a nice option. 

Use The Snap Map | How To Find People Near You On Snapchat

How To Find People Near You On Snapchat? 2 Fun Ways To Find Friends!

The best way to find other people near you, or see who else has posted snaps in your area is Snap Map. This feature of Snapchat is extremely popular and lets you explore areas around you. Snap map does not only tell your current location but also the location of your friends. Snap Map also tells you how many people are active around you and what are they doing.

To find people near you on Snapchat and then follow them, you will need to add them to your friend list. You can do this by individually going on their profile, check their bio, and following the creator. To know the exact steps, let’s see what you have to do.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your iPhone or your Android phone. Snap Map works the same way across all operating systems so your phone does not matter. You can also use Snap Map on your PC.
  • Swipe to the right a couple of times to access the Snap Map on your phone. 
  • The home screen of the map will display your current location and your friends around you. Note that your friend’s location depends on the fact if they choose to share it with you. Their location can be seen through the movement of their Bitmoji on the map.
  • Besides your friends, you will also be able to see the Snap Map with blue, yellow, and red regions. These are the hotspot regions where other people on Snap are active. These people post public stories which make them visible to everyone.
  • You can click anywhere on the blue hotspot (the most common kind) and then see stories of people.

This is how you can find people near you. But all this is futile if you don’t get to follow them, add them, or see them in your stories besides on the map. In such a case you will have to follow them. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Once you tap on the blue hotspot and check out the story of people around you, Snapchat will show you the option to “View Creator” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on it and you will be taken to the profile of the person.
  • In the top left corner, you will be able to see the location and other time details related to the snap.
  • You will also be able to see the type of filter they used and an option to subscribe to their public profile. 

There you can either choose to subscribe or tap on the profile and send them an Add request. If the Snapchat creator is relatively famous, then your chances of getting the request accepted are quite slim.

Use The Quick Add Feature | How To Find People Near You On Snapchat

How To Find People Near You On Snapchat? 2 Fun Ways To Find Friends!

After Snap Map, there is another feature baked into Snapchat that helps you ad friends quickly. It is literally named Quick Add. While Snap Map helps you find the people in your immediate vicinity, there are chances there will not be people on there that you know.

If you are not looking to add new people but want to add people around you whom you know, then Quick Add is the feature for you! It helps you and suggests a list of Snapchat users that you share mutual friends with. Just like Snapchat uses your contacts list to suggest you people in your contact list who are on Snapchat, Quick Add makes use of your mutuals. 

Just like Snap has its limitations, Quick Add also has its limitations in the recommendations it gives. It is also possible that you have no interest in adding a friend of a friend. So unless you’re looking to grow your Snapchat following and want to make new friends, this isn’t really for you.

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! We hope now you know how to find people near you on Snapchat. If you’re into trying unorthodox methods then you can also try printing out your Snapcode and handing it out to people on the street. It’s a nice way to meet new people so hey it’s a win-win!

Does Snapchat suggest friends based on location?

Though Snapchat uses the location feature to give you friend suggestions, that is not the only parameter it considers for it.

How do you find strangers on Snapchat?

You can find random people and strangers on Snapchat through the Snap Map or the Quick Add feature!

Why do I keep getting Snapchat friend suggestions?

Snapchat wants you to use the app as much as possible. So in order for you to use it you need friends. That is why to increase your usage, Snapchat keeps on giving you friend suggestions.

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