How To Find Snapchat Friends On Instagram? 4 Sneaky Ways You Need To Know!


Instagram and Snapchat are hands down the behemoths of photo sharing social media world. If you are using one, you have to be using the other too! When you are looking to find new friends on Snapchat, it is obvious that you would want to use the powers on Instagram too. That is why today we will tell you all about how to find Snapchat friends on Instagram. So make sure you take pointers!

Your friends help you keep snap streaks, they are the ones who will help you increase your snap score. Generally speaking, friends are the ones that make everything worth it. Oh and people who become Snapchat creators and big-time influencers? It’s their friends who support them and rally behind them when they are starting!

So how to find Snapchat friends on Instagram? Unfortunately, there is no direct way or an option that lets you exchange your lists over from the two apps. Unlike the quick add feature lets you add mutual friends on Snapchat, there is no interplatform portability. You can also post your snapcode on Instagram to add friends that use both apps. 

Power users of both photo-sharing apps would want such a feature of interconnectivity. So far there is no such feature in Snapchat+, the premium version of Snapchat and neither is it on Instagram. So for now if you want to know how to find Snapchat users from Instagram there are some alternate methods that you need to give a shot.

How To Find Snapchat Friends On Instagram? All The Ways You Need To Know About!

If you want to know how to find someone from Snapchat on Instagram then you will have to resort to some alternate ways. First is simply asking your friend whom you are chatting with on Snapchat what their Instagram is. Alternatively, if you want to add your Instagram friend to your Snapchat, the best bet is to ask them for their snap or exchange snapcode.

Method 1 – Ask Your Friends Directly | How To Find Snapchat Friends On Instagram 101!

There is no better approach than the direct approach. If you want to know how to find Snapchat friends on Instagram or vice versa, you can begin by asking. First, ask your friends on Snapchat what their Instagram account is so you can add them. And how to do that? Well, you can simply ask them individually by sending them a message. While we have abbreviations like GMS and SMO on Snapchat, there are no abbreviations that let you ask for Insta ids!

Alternatively, you can post a status on your Snapchat asking everyone who follows you to add you on Instagram. You can either ask them for their ids or make things simple, just post a story with your Instagram username and ask your friends to add you.

Method 2 – Social Engineer Your Way Into Finding The Info 

How To Find Snapchat Friends On Instagram? 4 Sneaky Ways You Need To Know!

Social engineering is no new branch of engineering (although it could be). It’s just a term used to describe that helps you come to deductions using social clues. If you want to find Snapchat friends on Instagram but don’t want to ask them, then try searching for them on Instagram with their snap id. Most people will use common types of usernames across all platforms. So it’s entirely possible that you get the right hit.

Similarly, it’s a good chance that you can find the person you are chatting with online on Snapchat on Instagram by just their name. All you need in this situation is their name. Look it up on Instagram and it’s possible you will strike the one that you’re looking for! If you want the Snapchat id of your Instagram id, it is highly probable that they have it added to their Instagram bio too. So before you ask, it’s a good idea to check their bio too!

Method 3 – Use Social Database Websites

How To Find Snapchat Friends On Instagram? 4 Sneaky Ways You Need To Know!

If the hit-and-trial and guesswork don’t work then there is an alternate way too. There are free and paid tools online that let you search for usernames across social media platforms. There are dedicated social media database websites that hold information like that. Some of the ones that are commonly used are Spokeo and SocialCatfish.

Both websites offer a huge collection of online profiles that are linked from one platform to the other. You can easily track anyone’s online profile through these two websites. Although there are some privacy concerns, if you are really desperate to find Snapchat friends on Instagram and vice versa, then give this a shot!

Method 4 – Check For Your Friend’s Snapcodes

How To Find Snapchat Friends On Instagram? 4 Sneaky Ways You Need To Know!

Another way in your quest to find Snapchat friends on Instagram is to check for their snapcodes. Snapcodes are a great way to directly add people to Snapchat. All you need to do is scan it and the person will automatically be added to your friend list. You don’t need to scan their code all the time for this to work. If you can find the snapcode of your friends on their Instagram then you can add them to your Snapchat.

All you need to is to search for the code. Some people chose to post it on their Insta stories, or some just post it directly to their feed. This is a nice and easy way to add new people to Snapchat. 

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! An all-comprehensive guide on how to find Snapchat friends on Instagram and vice-versa. The two social media apps rule our daily lives right now. If you’re not doom-scrolling on Insta, you’re clicking selfies on Snapchat with the doggy filter on. Mixing friends on both platforms is a double-edged sword. It has its benefits, but it can severely backfire too. So be careful when you pick your poison!

Can you connect Snapchat to Instagram?

No there is no direct way to connect Snapchat to Instagram. You can post your snapcode to Instagram though, which will take your Instagram friends directly to your Snapchat profile!

How do you find out who someone is by their Snapchat name?

If the person is using their real name as their profile name, you can check it from their profile page on Snapchat.

Is Snapchat better than Instagram?

Both apps have their own qualities and there is no clear winner or loser between Snapchat and Instagram.

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