How To Find Someone’s Snapchat From Instagram? 4 Seamless Methods!


It is hard to find a person without accounts on Instagram and Snapchat. Both are trending applications and so people prefer to use these social media accounts. If you’re following someone on Instagram, then you must be also interested to follow the same person on Snapchat. This helps to increase the followers on Snapchat as well as it helps to know about the person better. Do you want to know how to find someone’s Snapchat from Instagram? Then read on to find out the details.

Both Instagram and Snapchat keep their users engaged all the time with amazing features. So, it is hard for one to leave either of the social media platforms. Snapchat is the latest application that has started to trend only recently, so if you are new to Snapchat then it can be hard to increase your followers. This is why you need to use Instagram to find someone’s Snapchat.

So, how to find someone’s Snapchat from Instagram? One simple way that you may consider is to ask the person directly. But it does not work all the time. Because some don’t prefer to tell their Snapchat ID. Therefore, you need to try some alternative methods to get the Snapchat username. Continue reading to find all the methods and get connected with the person on Snapchat easily.

How To Find Someone’s Snapchat From Instagram?

If you have tried searching on some random username of a person on Snapchat and failed to find the person, then below are the steps you need to follow. These are the simple and quick ways how to find someone’s Snapchat from Instagram.

#1 Method – Using Social Media Tracking Tools

How To Find Someone's Snapchat From Instagram? 4 Seamless Methods!

If you are very much active on the internet, then you must have seen the Social Catfish website name at least once. Social Catfish was an online dating website before, but now it has turned to finding people’s social media profiles. Gradually, the website gained popularity among users. 

Because these days many people are searching for a social media account to find their old friends, and crush or simply want to find a new friend on other social media platforms. Follow the below steps on how to find someone’s Snapchat from Instagram.

  • Open the official Reverse Username Search website on your browser.
  • Now, log in to your Instagram account with your credentials.
  • Search for the friends’ usernames whom you want to find the Snapchat username.
  • Copy the username and paste it on the Reverse Username Search website.
  • It takes a few minutes to collect the details that are associated with a username.
  • If a person is on Snapchat, then you will get the link of the person. Now, you can use the link to give a request and follow them on Snapchat.

# 2 Method – Using Spokeo

How To Find Someone's Snapchat From Instagram? 4 Seamless Methods!

Spokeo is another search engine that helps you to find the username of social media platforms by searching over 100 platforms. If the above method does not give you the desired result, then you can try out this method to find the Snapchat username. Check out the below steps to use this platform and find the username.

  • On your device, open the Spokeo platform
  • Find the username on Instagram and copy it.
  • Now, paste the copied username on the search bar, and hit the search button.
  • Spokeo runs a few minutes to get the details from its record and provide you with the details of its Snapchat username.
  • With this Snapchat username, you can find the person on Snapchat and can give a request on it. If they add you back, then you can start sharing the snaps and start a streak.

# 3 Method – Using Their Instagram Account Bio

How To Find Someone's Snapchat From Instagram? 4 Seamless Methods!

Now, the simple trick that may help you to find the person’s Snapchat is by checking their Instagram bio. Most people will provide other social media account links or usernames on their bios. So, if you’re lucky, then you may get the Snapchat username on the bio. To try this method on how to find someone’s Snapchat from Instagram, follow the below steps.

  • Open the Instagram account on your device.
  • Click on your profile icon at the right bottom of the screen and choose followers to find your friend’s username. You can also access the profile on the chat screen by clicking on the profile icon.
  • Now, it will take you to their profile page and you will find their bio. You can check whether they have included the Snapchat link or not.

# 4 Method – Find Snapcode On Their Instagram Post

How To Find Someone's Snapchat From Instagram? 4 Seamless Methods!

If people are interested to gain followers on Snapchat, they may share their Snapcode on Instagram posts or stories. If they have not posted the Snapcode recently, then you can check out their old posts or feed to find the Snapcode.

This method is also worth-trying as you may find the Snapcode and you can connect with them on Snapchat easily.

Final Words

So, That’s all folks, The above are the different methods that you can try on how to find someone’s Snapchat from Instagram. Snapchat is fun only when you have so many friends to share snaps with. If you have many friends on Instagram, then the above methods may help you to get all their Snapchat usernames. Try the above tricks, and let us know which one works for you!

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Without Knowing Their Username, How Can You Find Someone On Snapchat?

If you already have a Snapchat friend’s phone number saved on your device and are unable to remember their username, you can search using that number.

Is There A Snapchat Secret Folder?

The “For My Eyes Only” folder is password-protected and is located deep inside the app. It is necessary to enable the folder in Snapchat’s settings.

How Can You Discover A Snapchat User’s Real Name?

On Snapchat, there is no single, foolproof way to discover someone’s real name. Some approaches include looking through the person’s Snapchat Story for hints, reviewing their profile details, or directly approaching them.

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