How To Find Someone’s Tiktok Through Instagram? 3 Smart Ways! 


Did you come across someone’s amazing reels on Instagram? If yes, then it’s obvious that they have a TikTok account too! Isn’t that just perfect?! Because this means they have a lot more amazing content to offer to you! But, to enjoy their content, you will first have to find their TikTok account. So, do you know how to find someone’s TikTok through Instagram? In fact, can you find TikTok from Instagram? Well yes, it is! So, keep reading this article to know how to find TikTok from Instagram!  

Here’s How To Find Someone’s Tiktok Through Instagram | 3 Ways You Should Definitely Try! 

Now, you may be wondering if you’ll find a workable solution to how to find someone’s Tiktok from Instagram or not. Because these two are very different social media platforms and not everybody is necessarily present on both. Plus, in some countries, TikTok is not even available.

And well, while it’s true that the platforms are different, users are still the same! Plus, posting the content of one another isn’t uncommon. This means you’re going to find various answers to how to find someone’s TikTok with their Instagram! For example, you can use their Instagram username, sync your contacts, and even use reverse image search if need be! Easy, right? But, if you want to know how to find someone’s Tiktok through Instagram in detail, read this article till the end!

How To Find Someone’s Tiktok With Their Instagram Username?

How To Find Someone's Tiktok Through Instagram? 3 Smart Ways! 

 Plenty of times, people tend to have the same usernames for all their social media accounts. It helps in making them more accessible and getting easily recognized. Plus, they too are mindful of the fact that their fans may want to search for and follow them on different platforms. So, they try not to have different usernames. 

That’s why, chances are, the creator in question has the same username for both their Instagram account and TikTok. You can verify the same by going to their Instagram profile, noting their username, then going to TikTok and searching for them.

How To Find Someone’s Tiktok Through Instagram By Syncing Contacts?

How To Find Someone's Tiktok Through Instagram? 3 Smart Ways! 

To know how to find someone’s Tiktok from their Instagram, you also have the option of syncing contacts and Facebook friends in TikTok’s explore section. This way, you’ll be able to find out the TikTok account of all those people whose contact number is saved in your phone or who are friends with you on Facebook. 

So, if there’s a way you can obtain the phone number of that Instagram user, then please do. Save it to your phone, and then use it to find their TikTok account. 

How To Find Someone’s Tiktok Through Instagram Using Reverse Image Search?

How To Find Someone's Tiktok Through Instagram? 3 Smart Ways! 

Given that Instagram is a photo-sharing app. Everyone likes posting pictures on the gram. That’s why you’ll find a lot of pictures of the Instagram user in question. So, you can take a screenshot of the pictures of the creator in question and use the reverse image search method. There are plenty of platforms and websites that offer this service. 

One such site is  Social Catfish. So, if you want to know how to find someone on Tiktok with Instagram using Social Catfish, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Reverse Image Search page. 
  • Upload the pictures of the creator. 
  • Tap the green search button. 
  • Now, Social Catfish will search for the person on all social media platforms. 
  • In a while, it will present that user’s TikTok account as well. 

And, done! Once you’ve got their Instagram username in hand, you will be able to follow them on TikTok as well!

How To Find Someone’s TikTok Through Instagram Feed?

Since cross-posting is very common on social media platforms, it is likely that the user in question might have posted their TikTok video as an Instagram reel. This means they might have posted a video on TikTok, downloaded it from there, and then posted the same thing on Instagram as well. This might sound weird to you, but it’s extremely common.

So, take out some time to scroll through someone’s entire Instagram reel feed. You might find a TikTok video or two. It’s common knowledge that all downloaded TikTok videos have the platform’s logo and user’s username. You can note down their TikTok username from the reel. And then, you can go to TikTok and search for them there!

Final Words

 Alright, people! This was how to find someone’s Tiktok through Instagram! In this article, I walked you through three different ways of finding a TikTok user just by using their Instagram handle! I hope you found these tips practical and helpful. In case you did, try using them, and let us know how it went in the comments! Also, if you’ve got a friend who’s been searching for the Tiktok account of some Instagram user, please share this article with them! Knowing how to find someone’s Tiktok through Instagram will definitely help them in their mission!  

Does Instagram hide TikTok?

Users posting the videos on Reels with the TikTok watermark may not be shown. Instagram won’t be banning or hiding such videos but they won’t be getting a push to appear on the Reels feed either. Your followers will still see the video, but it most likely won’t reach a larger audience.

Do Instagram and TikTok work together?

By connecting Instagram to TikTok, you can run the app and share your video directly to your Insta account without having to save and upload the material separately. This means that you’ll be able to create unique videos in minutes and share them directly to your Instagram account with just a hit of the button

How does TikTok link to Instagram?

Open the TikTok app and click the “Profile” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. Underneath your TikTok bio section, there should be a section that says “Instagram.” Tap the section that says, “Add Instagram to Your Profile.”

How do I find a TikTok without a username?

You can try searching for someone on TikTok without their username using Facebook. This means, you can sync your TikTok and Facebook contacts, or search for the person in question using their contact details on Facebook.

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