How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban? 4 Easy Fixes You Can Try!


Have you ever read the terms and conditions of an app you signed up for? No? Neither have I. But it’s high time that we do. Several social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and others tend to hide lots of valuable information in the terms and conditions. Today, I’m here to tell you how to fix the Snapchat device ban. If you or someone you know has been affected by it, then keep on reading.

Though I personally have never had to deal with a Snapchat ban (touchwood), I do know a thing or two about fixing Snapchat errors or, in this case, how to fix a Snapchat device ban.

So, how to fix the Snapchat device ban, and how long does the Snapchat device ban last? The answer to that is many. Everything from restarting your device and reinstalling Snapchat to contacting customer support seems to work. It all depends on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re not sure how to fix the Snapchat device ban yourself, contacting customer support is undoubtedly the ideal option for you. They will also be able to give you clear and concise answers to your questions. But before we do something like that, please check out other methods as well.

How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban? Try These Methods To Get Your Account Back!

If your Snapchat account has been disabled and you want to know how to fix Snapchat device ban, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, you will have to find out why it happened. Snapchat is pretty lax in terms of disabling accounts as compared to other social media giants. And Snapchat also rarely deletes accounts permanently. Permanent deletion often occurs in situations that grievously violate terms and conditions.

Reasons Behind Getting A Snapchat Account Ban | Things You Might Not Have Known!

How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban? 4 Easy Fixes You Can Try!

As we said, before you figure out Snapchat device ban fix, you need to know the reason behind it. While violating the terms and conditions of the app is an obvious one, it’s also very vague. Check out the reasons below why your Snapchat account might have been banned.

Reported by several Snapchat users – If your Snapchat account is reported by multiple users at once, it can set off the flagging system of Snapchat, which may result in your account being blocked. Depending on the severity of the reports, your account may be restricted for a few hours to a few months. 

Spamming Users – While Snap Inc. wants you to use Snapchat as much as possible, it doesn’t want its users to send spam. If you’re sending malicious links or spam messages in your chats, then it will be automatically detected. This will result in an automatic ban as well.

Using Illegal Third-Party Apps – Inherently, Snapchat is all about privacy. That’s why it sends a notification to its users at times of replays and screenshots. There are third-party apps that let you save pictures and videos without notifying the user, which violates the terms and conditions. So if you’re guilty of using them, your account might be suspended for an unknown amount of time.

Sharing Images Of Public Nuisance – If you frequently share images explicit in nature, then you better believe Snapchat has restricted you for a good reason. This is a violation of their terms and service.

How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban Method 1 – Update Your Snapchat App

How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban? 4 Easy Fixes You Can Try!

Most problems with Snapchat can be caused due to glitches in the app. If you haven’t updated Snapchat in a long time, you may experience a glitch or a bug. The best way to make sure that isn’t the case for you, go to the AppStore of your device and update it. Open Snapchat after updating, and if the situation persists, then move on to the next method.

How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban Method 2 – Fix Your Device Date And Time

If you’ve been actually banned and you know it for sure, there is one secret little gimmick that sometimes works. Many users on forums have said that if their account has been banned for a month, they would simply change their time. They would skip ahead a month, and their account would be restored. Doesn’t hurt to try, right?

All you need to do is to go to your device settings. Also, just to be sure, make sure you uninstall Snapchat first. Then, go to the time and date settings and switch off the toggle, which sets your date and time automatically. Then move the date forward by a few weeks or months. See if that works for you, and let me know as well!

How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban Method 3 – Contact Customer Support

How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban? 4 Easy Fixes You Can Try!

If none of the methods seem to work for you, and you feel your account has been banned by mistake, then you can try one last method. It is simply contacting the customer support of Snapchat. There you can present your case if you feel it has been a mistake. You can also expect answers on the timeline to which you can expect your ban to stay.

How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban Method 4 – Wait Out The Ban

Lastly, if customer support tells you that they can’t help you restore your account, then there’s nothing you can do. If your account isn’t being permanently deleted, the best thing for you to do is to wait out the ban. Snapchat bans last as few as three hours up to six months. So if you’re willing to wait, then I suggest you do.

Final Words

I hope now you know how to fix Snapchat device ban. Unfortunately, there is no concrete way to fix this ban. We know some people are ready to give up a lot to maintain their snap streaks, but rules are rules, right? You can always make a new Snapchat account if you don’t want to wait for so long!

How Long Does Snapchat Ban Your Device?

Snapchat bans your device depending on a variety of violations. Bans can last a few hours and go up to a few months. Your account can also be banned permanently, hence it means it will be deleted from Snapchat.

Are Snapchat Bans Permanent?

Most bans are temporary on Snapchat. But if your account has been permanently banned, then you can try appealing for an unban with the customer care of Snapchat.

Does Snapchat Ban Your Apple ID?

No, your apple ID has nothing to do with your Snapchat as you use your email ID to signup. If both are the same, you will need a new ID to create a new Snapchat account.


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