How To Fix Stretched Video On Instagram Story? 4 Easy And Quick Fixes! 


Instagram may be one of those social media platforms that really encourage users to post videos and photos on their stories, but then, the app itself distorts the quality of the video posted. Make it make sense, Instagram. I’m sure the app has some valid reasons to answer your ‘why is my Instagram story camera stretched’ question. But regardless of the reasons, it leaves you wondering how to fix stretched video on Instagram story. Because getting your video outstretched or distorted is a real bummer. Don’t worry though, this article will help you make things right. All you have to do is to read it till the end!

Here’s How To Fix Stretched Video On Instagram Story | 4 Ways You Should Try! 

Having your Instagram reel stretched ruins the entire fun of posting one. Instagram says high-quality posts and reels get more engagement. Yet, the app leaves you to wonder, why is my video stretched on Instagram? There are some reasons that explain this phenomenon. And after you’ve understood those reasons, you can proceed to understand how to fix stretched video on Instagram story. Sounds fair? If yes, keep scrolling!

Why Does Instagram Stretch My Video?

The main reason why Instagram reels stretching video is the most recent update. Although Instagram introduces updates and new features to give a better experience to its users, some of these updates can be quite damning. Some of them can cause serious errors and glitches. And it seems like, the iOS7 Instagram update is the reason behind the stretched-out video.

What happens is that because your video has to accommodate the new larger display, it gets stretched just to fit itself better.

Another reason is that Instagram doesn’t know how to support shaky or jittery videos. So, when your video comes out to be like that, the app stretches it just so that it fits properly.

How To Fix Stretched Video On Instagram Story?

Now that you know why Instagram stretches your video, I’m sure you will be looking for ways to solve the issue. Well, there are several ways you can have better quality videos on your Instagram stories. Some of these ways are mentioned below. So, make sure not to skip a single section!

Check Internet Connection

How To Fix Stretched Video On Instagram Story? 4 Easy And Quick Fixes! 

If you’re wondering how to fix stretched video on Instagram story, then you should start by looking at your internet connection. Do you have access to a stable internet connection? Does it fluctuate a lot? Is your internet too slow? These are some of the questions you need to ask and find the answers to. 

If you indeed have a low internet connection, then you need to change it for the better. So, if you’re using Wi-Fi, try switching to Mobile data and vice versa. This might help in resolving the issue. But, even if doing this doesn’t help, then you should look at the next solution. 

Adjust Your Camera Settings

How To Fix Stretched Video On Instagram Story? 4 Easy And Quick Fixes! 

If fixing issues with your internet connection didn’t work and you still don’t understand how to fix stretched video on Instagram story, then you can adjust the camera settings of your phone. If your phone’s camera itself isn’t capturing high-quality videos, Instagram can’t do much. 

So, here’s what you can do:

  • On your Android device, launch Camera. 
  • Tap on the gear-shaped icon that represents the Settings option. 
  • From there, change the picture and video size to the highest possible quality. 

But, if you use an iPhone, follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings app. 
  • Locate the Camera option. 
  • From there, set the Camera quality and turn on “Auto DHR”. 

Don’t Use Your Phone’s Camera To Record

How To Fix Stretched Video On Instagram Story? 4 Easy And Quick Fixes! 

If your phone’s camera is a bit too good then Instagram is going to compress the size of the video you upload on your story. And, in the process, the video quality is going to get distorted. You might be wondering why would Instagram do this. Well, Instagram will have to do this so that your story video can be uploaded faster. 

So, the only way out of this is to not use your phone’s camera for recording videos that are going to be uploaded on the story. Instead, you can take videos directly using Instagram’s camera. The plus side of this is that you will be able to add cool Instagram filters to your story directly. 

Check If You Have Any Pending Updates

How To Fix Stretched Video On Instagram Story? 4 Easy And Quick Fixes! 

One reason why you might have the need to figure out how to fix stretched video on Instagram story is that you might not be using the most recent version of Instagram. This means you might have pending Instagram updates. 

Using older versions of Instagram might only be making your Instagram video story appear worse. So, update your app to be able to fix the stretched video issue. 

Final Words

Okay, people! This is how to fix stretched video on Instagram story! There are a variety of reasons why your Instagram story might appear to be stretched, some of the most common causes were mentioned in this article And after those reasons, there were some solutions that you can try to help you fix those problems! So, try whichever method suits your needs the best and let me know how it goes in the comment section!

Why Are My Instagram Posts Distorted?

One reason why your Instagram posts are distorted is that your aspect ratio isn’t correct. And, that’s why Instagram crops and compresses it. This especially happens when your file size is over 1MB. 

Why Does Instagram Crop My Video When Posting Multiple?

Instagram will crop your video when you’re posting multiple to make all of them fit a square format. 

Why Are My Videos Zoomed In On Instagram?

One reason why your videos are zoomed in on Instagram is that they do not fit the post format. And so, Instagram downsizes them. 

What Aspect Ratio Is Instagram?

All Instagram images are cropped to fit a square grid in the feed. The ideal size for square posts on Instagram is 1080 px by 1080px at a 1:1 aspect ratio. 

Why is my Facebook story video stretched?

Your Facebook video is stretched because the app compresses all video uploads, even if they are in HD, just to give users a little more efficient playback.

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