How To Flirt On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Ways To Win A Date! 


Did you just discover someone super cute on the explore page? Aww! I’m sure you may have even stalked their entire profile! They make trendy reels on viral songs and they are ultra-famous.’ve got an anonymous account. Ahh, well. Yes, they may seem a bit out-of-league, but hey, that in no way means you guys are incompatible!  I’d say learn how to flirt on Instagram and give it a shot!

Ahh, I see what the problem is. You don’t know how to flirt on Instagram or any other social media platform for that matter. Don’t you worry! I’ll teach you how to shoot your shot. Below in the article, I’ll be listing several methods and their steps that you can try to win a date with them! Don’t you dare question the credibility of these methods; they are tried and tested. Yes, you’re learning from the best. 

Here’s How To Flirt On Instagram | 9 Ways To Shoot Your Shot! 

I understand that you may be a little nervous (read: nervous wreck) approaching someone as cool as them. Plus, if you’re an old-school hopeless romantic, you may not even want to flirt over Instagram! I know, in your opinion sending heartfelt love letters is a way better option. But trust me, the only way you can get them is by learning how to flirt on Instagram. 

No, you don’t necessarily need to have a profile as cool as theirs. You don’t need to have tons of followers or regularly post pictures with crazy filters on. You’re good the way you are. Just learn how to flirt on Instagram, and you’ll be even better. So, keep reading! 

Upload Some Pictures Of Yourself

How To Flirt On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Ways To Win A Date! 

Umm, I know I said that your anonymous account won’t be that big of a problem. But let’s think again. Suppose the roles are reversed. Will you be comfortable with an Instagram account with no profile picture, no followers, and absolutely no posts? Won’t messages coming from an account like that creep you out?

I know they would. So, if you want to reduce your chances of coming off as a creep, it’s important that you post a few high-quality pictures of yourself. You should also add a profile picture and work on your account a bit. Like, maybe add a quirky bio and maybe even add your location?

Follow Them 

How To Flirt On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Ways To Win A Date! 

After you’ve worked on your Instagram profile a bit, it’s time to follow your crush on Instagram. If they’ve got a private account, you’ll need to send a follow request that they can either accept or reject. You’ll only be able to see their posts once they’ve accepted your follow request. 

When you look at their posts and check if they are single or not. Better to stay away if they are already seeing someone. 

But if they have a public profile or business account, you won’t have to wait for them to respond to your request. You can tap on the blue follow button and immediately become one of their many followers. 

Plus, following them on Instagram is going to have an added advantage. If they follow you right back, you can judge that they are interested in you too. And, trust me, this will make your work way easier. 

Like And Comment On Their Posts

How To Flirt On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Ways To Win A Date! 

When I say like and comment on their posts, I do NOT mean that you’ve to go all out and double-tap on each and every post they’ve ever uploaded. There’s a very thin line between appearing genuinely interested and genuinely desperate. Our aim is to convince the other person that we are sincerely interested in what they post. 

And to do so, liking a few posts here and there will be enough. Oh, and remember not to accidentally like a post from years ago. Or else it will be painfully obvious that you were stalking them. Plus, when your name pops up in their notifications, they, too, might get curious and decide to visit your profile. And that’s why it’s important to make your profile presentable; it will make them stay. 

Comment on a few of their posts. Period. And when I ask you to comment, I do NOT mean that you only have to leave a few emojis or write beautiful/ handsome with heart eyes. No, that doesn’t work. Plus, if they think your comment is inappropriate, they might even delete it. Plus, you need to stand out and apart with your comments. 

So, ask them a question. It will show them that you’re curious to know more. And they might even respond to your comment! 

Respond To Their Stories

How To Flirt On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Ways To Win A Date! 

Again, do not reply to each and every story they post. For god’s sake, don’t let them know that all you ever do is stalk their profile and obsessively consume anything they post. While they can see who views & shares their story, they can’t see how many times a single person views it. So, you’re safe. 

But, honestly. Respond to a few stories they post every now and then. It’s a foolproof way to get into their DMs. Again, if you want a reply, try asking a genuine question. If you’re looking for ideas, I happen to have many:

  • If they post a picture of their meal, ask them, “I was at this very restaurant last evening, but I didn’t try this! How did you like it?” Now, it won’t matter if you weren’t actually there. 
  • If they post a funny picture or story video, then ask them to tell you the story behind it. 
  • Or, if they are posting vacation photos and a location sticker isn’t present, ask them what place they are visiting. 

Message Them

How To Flirt On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Ways To Win A Date! 

Enough of lurking around. It’s time to reveal yourself to them. No, I do not mean that you’ve to introduce yourself formally–complete with your full name, where you stay, what you study, etc. etc. All of this would already be mentioned in your bio. And I also do not mean that you need to mention why you’re messaging them explicitly. No, not yet. 

Understanding how to flirt on Instagram doesn’t have to be a very big deal. If the two of you’ve got common ground, then use it as an excuse to start a conversation. Remember to keep the tone of the conversation casual and low-pressure. Try not to betray any signs of interest or desperation. 

  • If the two of you’ve been to the same restaurant, you can say something like, “OMG, the smokehouse!! I was there too!! It’s an incredible place; what did you eat?”
  • I noticed that you go to a potter class, and I do too! However, I’ve not been able to make a single bowl! How do you do it?”

Striking up conversations that are based on common grounds or shared interests will help them relate to you and build a sense of familiarity. With that, they will start to feel safe around you and may start to open up more than they do at that time. So, that’s how to flirt on Instagram.

Make Them Laugh

How To Flirt On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Ways To Win A Date! 

As I’ve already said, learning how to flirt on Instagram isn’t rocket science. You can choose to start conversations using funny or cute ice-breakers. It can be anything silly or engaging. Tease them over something. Make fun of yourself, but do not use self-deprecating humor; that looks anything but cute. Making them laugh is a superb way to make them interested in you. However, make sure to keep it appropriate. 

You can also send them some funny memes that they will find relatable. But to do this, you need to know at least a bit about them. That’s why it’s important to take out some time to do a social media investigation carefully (read: stalking) to find out more about someone and gauge their interest. 

Also, do NOT spam them with funny memes just to make them laugh! Do NOT tag them in all kinds of dog and cat reels if they say they’re an animal lover! It speaks of desperation and may make them block you as well!

Don’t Overshare Just Yet

How To Flirt On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Ways To Win A Date! 

I’ve always thought that people find it easier to talk about themselves over text than they do in person. If this is you, then please do not get too comfortable in sharing details of your personal life on DMs. Do not message inappropriate things or start talking about your bad childhood experiences to gain sympathy. No, sharing your deepest traumas right away will not help in emotional bonding. 

It will only make them come to the realization that you lack boundaries. And there’s nothing charming about not being able to uphold boundaries. So, before you send them something, ask yourself why you’re sending it, what’s the purpose, and what you wish to achieve with it. 

At the same time, even if the other person does show interest in you, do not share your bank details, address, etc., with them. They might be cute, but they can be creeps too. 

Send Pictures Casually

How To Flirt On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Ways To Win A Date! 

I know you’re trying to learn how to flirt on Instagram, but when I ask you to send casual pictures, I really don’t mean that you should send them something sex*ual– that too without their consent. No, it doesn’t make you look like a thirst trap; it makes you look like a huge red flag that their friends would want them to stay away from. 

Ask yourself, if someone was approaching you for the first time, would you have been okay with receiving a semi-nu*de or anything provocative? No, right? That’s why think clearly, before sending a picture to them, or anyone for that matter.

There’s no harm in sending snippets of your daily life after you’ve established rapport. Because when that happens, even something flirty would be appreciated (it totally depends upon the context, though).  

Suggest Meeting IRL 

How To Flirt On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Ways To Win A Date! 

You’ve gathered quite some amount of information on how to flirt on Instagram. So, after the two of you’ve been chatting for a while, and you’ve got a feeling that it’s going well. They seem to be interested in you as well. Then, you can suggest that the two of you meet in real life. Don’t force them to do so, though. 

You can casually ask them if they would like to go somewhere with you, maybe like to a place of shared interest. If you don’t have any ideas, this may help:

  • If the two of you are bibliophiles, ask them if they would like to come to a famous bookstore with you. 
  • If the two of you like coffee, ask them if they would like to visit some quaint, aesthetic cafe with you. 

Final Words

So, this was how to flirt on Instagram! I hope you found these tips useful and easy to follow! If you really did, be bold and make your move! You’d not want someone else getting their hands on this article and shooting their shot before you ever had a chance! 

If you’ve got a friend who doesn’t feel as comfortable approaching people they like, share this article with them and play cupid in their dating life! By understanding how to flirt on Instagram, they will be able to make a move as well! 

How To Slide Into A Girl’s DM On Instagram?

If you want to slide into a girl’s DM on Instagram, respond to their story, ask them a noninvasive question, establish mutual interest, hit her with a joke, compliment her, etc.

How Do You Flirt With A Guy On Instagram Story?

If you want to flirt with a guy on Instagram story, watch all of their stories, react to them, ask questions, flatter them with compliments, post interesting stories yourself, and tailor a story specifically targeted at them. 

How Can I Attract My Crush On Instagram?

If you want to attract your crush on Instagram, give them compliments and post cute pictures of yourself.


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