How To Follow Someone On Instagram Without Them Knowing | 2 Easy Ways!


Okay, I know that the whole point of following people on social media is to be able to stay connected with them. But, what if, when you start following someone on Instagram, you don’t want them to find out about the development? Maybe you just want to be able to keep track of whatever they are doing in private and not raise too much attention. But, can you follow someone on Instagram without them knowing? Well, it turns out, you can! So, if you want to know how to follow someone on Instagram without them knowing, make sure to read this article till the end!

Here’s How To Follow Someone On Instagram Without Them Knowing | 2 Smart Workarounds To Know & Try!

Now, when I said above that you can learn how to follow someone without them knowing, I did not mean that Instagram gives you some kind of privacy features that make this possible. Because whenever you start following someone, Instagram notifies them of the same immediately. And well, there’s no way you can change this. But hey, there are always workarounds for things that cannot be done in straightforward ways. So, on Instagram follow someone without them knowing with the help of these workarounds.

But, to know how to follow someone on Instagram without them knowing with the help of those workarounds, you will have to read this article till the end!

How To Follow Someone On Instagram Without Them Knowing Using An Alt Account!

How To Follow Someone On Instagram Without Them Knowing | 2 Easy Ways!

These days, more and more people are choosing to stay anonymous on Instagram by creating a second account. There are more benefits to this than one can count. People can browse Instagram or simply exist on social media without risking their privacy or having anyone known approach them.

Now, creating an anonymous or alternate account on Instagram is not a big deal. The steps for doing this are the same as the ones you will follow to create a new account. The only thing is, use an email ID that you’ve never used before. It shouldn’t be something that can be used to trace you.

Apart from that, there are a few things that you need to take care of at all costs. For example, when you pick a username, you need to make sure that it’s not made up of your real name. But, at the same time, it shouldn’t be something unique or too eye-catching; that can look suspicious. And, understandable so. Consider a situation where you block someone on Instagram and the very next day “User2346” starts following you. So, when you pick a username, make sure that you still sound like a normal human being.

It goes without saying but when you choose a profile picture, make sure that you don’t end up using your pictures. Also, don’t use pictures of models either. Because hey, that’s equally suspicious. Use something that is ‘normal’ for users to use.

When it comes to the bio, do not, for the love of God, write anything that will link you back to your original/ main account. You can insert a quote or something like that if you want. Because you don’t have to leave it empty either.

After you’re done setting up your account, you may want to start following the other person immediately. But, no. Give it some time. Post pictures of random things on your alternate account, and gain some followers. Basically, do things that you will expect your regular Instagram accounts to have.

When you’ve done all these things, then you can go ahead and follow the person you’re interested in.

How To Follow Someone On Instagram Without Them Knowing Using InstaSnoop!

How To Follow Someone On Instagram Without Them Knowing | 2 Easy Ways!

So, now you do know that you can follow someone on Instagram without them finding out by creating an alternate/ anonymous account. BUt hey, won’t you agree that the process is quite time-consuming because of the number of steps involved and the waiting period as well? First, you will need to create an account on Instagram, and then you wil spend some time managing it. So, I think it would be better if you learn how to follow someone on Instagram without them knowing with the help of InstaSnoop.

Simply download the InstaSnoop app on your device, and use it to view anyone’s account on Instagram. The app is a way to view the content of public and private creators without actually following them. If the account is not visible through InstaSnoop, you can also use other Instagram viewers that can help you do the same.

You should keep in mind that the creators will not get notified if you view their Instagram through an Instagram viewer but you will not be following them on Instagram, and their posts will not be visible on your feed. If you want to check the profile of a public creator you can do so without following them as well.

Final Words

Okay, then! This is how to follow someone on Instagram without them knowing! In this article, I walked you through two different ways you can use to follow someone in private! So, feel free to use whichever method suits you better! In case you know some other way of following someone on Instagram without anyone noticing, please mention it in the comments for everyone’s benefit!

What happens when you delete a follow request?

If you delete a follow request on Instagram the person who sent the follow request will not be notified about it. It is also notable that the person will not be able to send you a follow request for at least a year, so you do not have to worry about them sending you requests again and again. You can also block someone if you do not want to access your Instagram ever.

How do I know if someone rejected my follow request on Instagram?

If you requested to follow someone on Instagram, the follow button beside their username changes to a Requested button. However, if you see that the requested button has changed back to the follow button then that means they have rejected your request. But if the requested options are visible that means they have neither accepted nor rejected your follow request.

What happens if you follow too many accounts on Instagram?

You can not follow more than a certain amount of people on Instagram. This was done by Instagram to avoid spam account activities. Currently, Instagram has a limit of 7500 for each account. So no matter how many followers you have you will not be able to follow more than 7500 accounts. If you follow a lot of accounts on the same day your account can also get activity bans.

Does a follow request expire on Instagram?

No, follow requests do not expire on Instagram. You can delete follow requests from people if you want to, but they do not expire on their own.

Can someone follow you on Instagram without you accepting?

If you have a private account that no one can be added to your account without you accepting the request. If you have a public account on Instagram then all follow requests will be automatically accepted and people do not need to wait for your approval.

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