How To Get A Good Theme On Instagram To Make Your IG Aesthetic!


Are you wondering how to get a good theme on Instagram so that you can make your Instagram feed more aesthetically pleasing? The social media app allows users to experiment with their posts so that they can create a better-looking profile for their viewers. This feature also allows brands to create a cohesive and connected look for their Instagram.

If you do not know how to get a good theme on Instagram and how to make your profile more interesting on the app Instagram you have come to the right place. Creators need to make their profile good-0ooking and unique to capture the attention of new visitors as well as to maintain the interest of their current followers. One of the best ways to do that is by creating a visually appealing Instagram feed for your account.

We will be discussing how to get a good theme on Instagram so that you can amp up your Instagram feed. You might also want to know how to save hashtags on Instagram for future use and how to share responses on your Instagram story from question stickers.

How To Get A Good Theme On Instagram!

If you do not know how to get a good theme on Instagram then you can follow the steps mentioned below. You can also check out how to change the order of Instagram posts on your IG and how to turn on high-quality uploads for your Instagram posts.

So without any further delay, let’s take a look at some ways you can learn how to get a good theme on Instagram and amp up your IG feed.

How To Get A Good Theme On Instagram Feed?

How To Get A Good Theme On Instagram To Make Your IG Aesthetic!

If you do not know how to get a good theme on Instagram, you can follow the steps mentioned below on how to get a good theme on Instagram. You must keep in mind that there is no specific feature on Instagram that allows users to set their whole feed in a specific manner.

One of the best ways to maintain a visually aesthetic palette for your feed is by using the same filter overlay for all your posts, this will make your feed look very cohesive. You can also try to post pictures with a similar color palette and not use other colors on your feed. A restricted color palette also allows your feed to look more thought-out and well-planned.

There are multiple editing software that can allow you to create a grid of your photos by cropping them, and you can use these pictures to create an interesting grid on your Instagram feed. However, the best way to create a grid is by adding elements to your pictures that are continued in the next posts, but each post should still make sense.

You can also take the help of various Feed planner websites and applications to edit all your pictures similarly so that your feed looks visually pleasing. These feed planners also have pre-defined themes that you can make use of.

How To Get A Good Theme On Instagram | Best Aesthetic Themes!

How To Get A Good Theme On Instagram To Make Your IG Aesthetic!

Now that you know how to get a good theme on Instagram and how to create an amazing theme. You might also be wondering where to look for inspiration while creating your theme for your Instagram feed. So mentioned below are some of the best themes on Instagram so that you can make use of the steps on how to get a good theme on Instagram.

Some of the best tools that you can use to edit your Instagram amazingly are VSCO, FaceTune, Canva, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. When it comes to themes on Instagram, the most popular themes that creators tend to use are Black and White, Monochrome, and Vintage filters.

Another interesting way to spice up your feed is to select two-three bright colors and only add them to your Instagram feed. You can refer to the Instagram Feeds of lisedesmet, aww.sam, emwng, dreaming_outloud, and creativekipi. There are multiple other interesting Instagram feeds that you can explore online to find what theme suits your kind of content the best.

You can also add pastels to your feed, or add one filter throughout. The most popular and trending theme these days for IG Feeds are the Puzzle feeds, which have parts of posts seeping into other posts making it all look like one single collage. You can check the feed of juniperoats for getting an idea about the puzzle theme.

Final Words

These were all the steps on how to get a good theme on Instagram to spice up your Instagram feed. We have also covered how to recover deleted reel drafts on Instagram and how to rearrange highlights on Instagram.

Besides that, you can also find out how to get reshare sticker on your IG story and how to fix stretched video on your Instagram story to make it look visually pleasing. You can stay tuned with us for more content related to your Instagram queries so that you can ace your social media game.

What is a good theme for Instagram?

Any theme is good if it is well-maintained and planned properly. The theme that you choose should be relevant to your brand identity and should be able to represent what you create. If your theme clashes with the image of your brand or your Instagram account then it will not make a huge impact on your followers.

How do I choose my Instagram aesthetic?

If you are confused about what to add or remove from your Instagram aesthetic you should create a detailed plan about what you want to add to your brand identity, and what doe snot sit well with it. Additionally, you should try to choose a color palette that is relevant to your Instagram feed. After selecting your color palette, create a style guide for your account so that you do not have to mix-match your posts every time you upload. It is best to create a design template.

Are Instagram themes important?

Instagram themes are not primarily mandatory for you to maintain. However, with so many new content creators and brands using the platform, it is quite important to create a unique identity for yourself. So if you want to gain the attention of new users, you should create an interesting and unique theme for your Feed.

What are 3 very common themes on Instagram?

The most commonly used themes on Instagram are the Black and White, Brown Filter, and the Monochromatic look. These three themes are quite classy to look at and are heavily used by beauty influencers and brands. The monochromatic look is also seen heavily on the accounts of people who are into modeling and want to use their Instagram as a modeling portfolio. However, there are multiple other themes that you can explore before deciding what is best for your Feed.

How do I choose an Instagram palette?

If you have a brand identity, then it is best to use colors on your Instagram feed that are either same as your Brand identity, or a complete contrast of those. It depends on your personal preference on what you find more interesting and on brand. However, choosing the perfect color palette is a must for your Instagram especially if it is a business account. So it is advised to not rush into the decision and think through it before creating a style guide or a template.

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