How To Get A Strong Wi-Fi Signal To Every Room In Your House


In today’s technology-driven world, the internet is one of the most critical aspects of our lives. Mobile devices have become one of the most used electronic devices in the world. Mobile devices that will automatically hook up to Wi-Fi signal that are open or that you have the password for. Consumers’ most common problem is the lack of a good wi-Fi signal. To get a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your house, you will need to use your deductive reasoning and maximize the technology you use.

Internet Signal

How To Get A Strong Wi-Fi Signal To Every Room In Your House

You first need to see if the problem lies with your internet service provider. The best way to do this is to go to Google and type in ‘free speed test.’ This will tell you how much speed you have and how much bandwidth you have. If you find that your internet provider is not delivering what you need, go online and visit an online platform that will do the work for you. 

  • Bandwidth is how much data you can upload and download.
  • Speed is how fast that data is downloaded or uploaded.

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Router Placement

How To Get A Strong Wi-Fi Signal To Every Room In Your House

Most of the time, people place their router in one of two places. The end of the room where the internet cable comes into the house, or by the big-screen television that needs to be wired directly into the router to maximize the signal. That may work in some cases, but you want to follow a few rules for the most part.

  • Place the router in a central location of the house.
  • Place the router next to an outside wall, never by an inside one.
  • Keep the router away from the kitchen or any other place that gives off strong signals, like the microwave.
  • Never put it by an inside wall that could block the signal from the house’s other rooms.

Router Age

How To Get A Strong Wi-Fi Signal To Every Room In Your House

The innovative technology that springs onto the market every day seems to become outdated within a year of purchasing them. A router has a life span of 3 to 5 years and will need to be replaced after that. If you are unsure how old your unit is, see how long ago it had an update. If the software is too old to update, replace it with a new version.

Router Extender

How To Get A Strong Wi-Fi Signal To Every Room In Your House

If you have followed the suggestions so far and are still having issues with a good internet signal in every area of the house, you will have a few options left. The first is to get an extender for your router, or one that can hook into your primary one to make a series of routers. Either way, it will boost your signal, and you will not have to invest much money. Remember, though, that this is the old-school way of doing it. It may not be as effective as the following option.

Mesh System

How To Get A Strong Wi-Fi Signal To Every Room In Your House

This is the best way to get Wi-Fi signals to every part of your home, no matter how big. This puts an invisible web over your house, allowing fantastic internet speed and bandwidth from anywhere within the home. It can even be brought out to the back porch or patio so you can enjoy the sunset while looking at Facebook videos. This will take a good service provider to offer a fast, reliable service. If your current one is not fitting the bill, check out some of the iSelect NBN plans and switch to the one that matches your needs better.

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New Technology

How To Get A Strong Wi-Fi Signal To Every Room In Your House

The world is in the midst of a technological era. As such, you can expect to see better ways to improve your signal coming out onto the market. You should keep up with all the new and exciting items that come out every year, and if one seems to strike you as being great, give it a try.

That is all that there is to it. Of course, you could go really old-school and run wires throughout your house into every room so you can hook up devices all around. This is a feasible option if you are remodeling or building. However, it is still not even close to the best way to improve your internet signal in every room of your house. No matter how you decide to go, with all the technology available today, you should never have to settle for a Wi-Fi signal that does not cover every square inch of your home.

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