How To Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements? The Ultimate Guide!


The Internet is buzzing with the latest news and query on how to get all Discord Party Mode Achievements! Well, if you are also seeking the same answer, you are on the right page. Here I am going to talk about all the combinations of keywords as well as how can you unlock them with the help of easy hacks!

So, get ready to feel the thrill and get the scattered knowledge in one place! However, before that, let’s take a quick glimpse at the basics of Discord and understand all this trendy fiasco! Are you ready for the fun?

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How To Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements? It’s Party Time!

How To Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements?

Fans across the globe, especially from the US, the UK, and Canada are having a blast and enjoying the Discord Party Mode. This is one of the most celebrated online fests which allows gamers to come on a single platform for a limited time and compete with each other. 

In return, they get lucrative combos, custom Confetti, screen shakes, and lots of surprising gifts. How about getting exciting prizes by unlocking these achievements as soon as possible? So, let’s look at them more closely.

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What Is Discord And Its Party Mode?

How To Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements?

Discord is a chatting app that gamers use in the background while playing a game on a PC.

Gamers can make customized servers for their own use in it. Moreover, it has forum-like categories including texts, voice, and group calls and messages. Discord is a well-known app among the gaming community and boasts of lucrative features and events.

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How Can You Unlock Discord Party Mode Achievements?

How To Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements?

Recently, the app has announced to celebrate its seventh anniversary and brought awesome modes and events for the users to celebrate it in a unique way. Thus, the Discord app has released a Discord Party Mode event for a limited duration. 

Apart from the amazing boosters and gifts as a prize, the event also has stunning visuals. Even playing the game and unlocking the achievements is quite easy. All you need is to have the knowledge on how to get all Discord Party Mode Achievements! 

In this case, you need to learn and know some important keywords that are usually used in the Discord app. Then, you need to type them as fast as you can to achieve different levels. Here is a list of such achievements and the hacks on how to get all Discord Party Mode Achievements that you can use now.

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Is this thing on?Enable Party Mode
Is it me you’re looking for @ mention someone
80’s popCombo score of 99
Animation fan Combo score of 113
Gonna be the very bestCombo score of 898 
Prepare for troubleGet a 2x combo multiplier
Discord notification soundGet @ mentioned 
Be elite Comboscore of 1337 
Click for your free prize!Visit the Party Mode settings tab 100 times 
Travel through time Combo score of 88
Klondike’s cellCombo score of 555 
And make it doubleGet a 4x combo multiplier
More!!Increase shake in party mode
Will you still need me? Combo score of 64
Two birds, one stone Combo score of 430
A Puebla partyGet a 5x combo multiplier 
Stuck in character creationCustomize Confetti
The IT solutionDisable party mode 
Happy Birthday!!Get a 7x combo multiplier
A slide pizzleCombo score of 2048  

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Final Words 

I hope that you have a satisfactory answer to the question- How to get all Discord Party Mode Achievements? Now you can use this information and unlock all the achievements with ease. If you have any other queries related to gaming or social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or others, do mention them in the comment section. I would love to help you out and answer your queries! You can also visit our official website to read more informative articles as well!

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