How To Get Away With The Murder Season 7 Release Date? You’ll Be Emotional!


Whooping a rating of 8.1/ 10 on IMDb and 88% likability on Rotten Tomatoes, the series How To Get Away With The Murder gained a lot of popularity among its viewers for being suspenseful and mysterious American legal and criminal thriller television series. The show first premiered in September 2014 on ABC and concluded its run in May 2020 with its season 6. Now, fans are confused, would there be How to get away with the Murder season 7?

Each season contains 15 episodes with a run time of 43 minutes. With millions of people connected to the show, the series created by Peter Nowalk gained a lot of popularity and praise for its acting performance and even received a GLADD Media Award for outstanding drama series and a huge financial success.

The series successfully ended with the sixth season and delivered some six amazing mysteries, so would there be How to get away with the Murder season 7 ? Well, there is no official confirmation on when the show will air out and it’s very likely that there will be no season 7.

Here are some details on the release date confirmation, fans rumors, and everything you need to know if season 7 will be renewed. 

Know The Release Date Of How To Get Away With The Murder Season 7

How To Get Away With The Murder Season 7 Release Date?

It was first verified that season 6 would be the last season of the show. Still, then Netflix decided to make the 7th season of How To Get Away With The Murder that was supposed to be out on April 2, 2020, but then wasn’t premiered, and one reason could be the pandemic that delayed the shooting.

Though Netflix didn’t reveal the next release date, fans are excited. To answer, it’s doubtful if the show will be renewed for its season 7 or not because according to some reports, the show has already ended, and conformation by Peter Norwalk, the show’s creator, that season 6 is the last.

How To Get Away With The Murder Season 7’s Cast 

Season 7 Cast 

If there by any chance How To Get Away With The Murder Season 7 is renewed, then the cast of the show would probably be Viola Davis, a star from Suicide Squad will play the role of Annalize, Michaela as Aja Naomi King, Connor as Jack Falahee, Conrad Ricamora (Oliver) and Karla Souza (Laurel), who will play the same role as of before. There might be some new faces as well if we hope for the latest season.

Plot Overview Of How To Get Away With The Murder Sesaon 7

Season 6 got a lot of success with making a million viewers of the show. The series has an extremely engaging storyline with frequent twists and turns that left the viewers in shock, anticipating them for the new events.

Since there are few chances for season 7 to be renewed, fans have made some of their theories on How To Get Away With The Murder season 7. The show is known for using time jumps, and the new season could follow the same. It may jump a couple of years ahead, showing its characters with starting a new phase of life.

How To Get Away With The Murder Season 7 Expected Plot?

Well, season 6 did not offer closure to Sandrine’s character, so in the new season, there is a chance that it could reveal the identity of her killer. There is also a theory by fans that the season 7 plotline will focus on Annalise’s future. With how Annalise and Lauren made peace and follow the adventures as they raised Christopher.

There is a greater storyline with Connor’s character that could be portrayed in the new season 7, and there is a strong storyline potential in corners marriage with Oliver. The season could also focus on Michealela’s and his plans to succeed on his terms. There are chances that how to get away with the murder season 7 can focus on Conner and Michaela, the two-character who have improved their friendship over the course of time.

How To Get Away With The Murder Season 7 Trailer?

When Netflix didn’t release any episode after their confirmation that they will make season 7 of the show, now the chances are less than 5% that there will be a new season. There is no season 7 trailer of How To Get Away With The Murder.

Final Words

It’s safe to say that the crime drama would not return. That’s all on the fan’s Plot on the new season 7 and cast, if there will be any. Share the article if you find the article knowledgeable, and do comment what’s your theory on the How to Get Away with the Murder season 7. 

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