How To Get Back A Lost Snapchat Streak? Easiest And The Only Way Out!


Admit it; Snapchat is only fun because of your friends using it. If you didn’t have friends to snap with, would you even have the app on your phone? That’s probably true for most fun things in life, I suppose. Streaks are what makes Snapchat so addicting. But what happens when you lose them? Today we will figure out how to get back a lost Snapchat streak in ideal scenarios.

Snapchat has capitalized on the friendship factor. It has also gamified the experience of using something and enjoying it with your friends. The best example is Snapchat streaks. For those who don’t know what a Snapchat streak is, it is a score you get when you exchange snaps with someone. When you and another person snap at least once in 24 hours, you get a fire emoji with a number in front of it. The longer you can maintain a streak, the bigger the number.

If you lose a Snapchat streak, Snapchat will give you a fair warning in advance. You will be able to get a lost Snapchat streak hours before it is about to end. This usually happens with the help of an hourglass icon. If you lose a Snapchat streak after that, you will have to connect directly with Snapchat support. 

So it depends on the time when you lost a Snapchat streak and whether you will be able to get it back or not. If it has been a while since you have used Snapchat, then you can kiss your Snapchat streak goodbye. 

How To Get Back A Lost Snapchat Streak? Can You Get Your Streak Back?

How To Get Back A Lost Snapchat Streak? Easiest And The Only Way Out!

To maintain streaks on Snapchat is no small feat. You need to be dedicated enough to use Snapchat every day. You cannot get a streak by sending chats or pictures from your gallery. This means you need to take fresh new snaps every day. Some users have found loopholes for that too. They will send an ‘S’ indicating that they only send a blank snap to maintain their streak.

Someone who doesn’t use Snapchat must be wondering, does maintaining a streak even do anything? Well, to answer your question simply, no, it doesn’t do anything. Maintaining your streak with more and more people only increases your snap score. And in the end, neither of them does anything. Your profile does not get preference over any other. Having a higher snap score only gives bragging rights. If you think that is enough for all the effort, you can go all out and have at it!

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Reasons Why Your Snap Streak Might Have Been Lost | How To Get Back A Lost Snapchat Streak

How To Get Back A Lost Snapchat Streak? Easiest And The Only Way Out!

Before getting back your snap streak, you should know how and why your snap streak might be lost. As discussed, the basic reason for losing a snap streak is if you haven’t used Snapchat for a while. Since you wouldn’t have sent snaps, there will be no Snapchat streak. But things are a bit serious if you know you have been using Snapchat and still have lost your Snapchat streak. 

You can also lose a Snapchat streak if you send snaps in groups. You need not only be worried about sending snaps to the same person but also receiving snaps from the same person. Group snaps, in either case, will not count towards your Snapchat streak. Another reason for snaps not counting towards your streaks can be glitches. Glitches occur randomly in apps and are most common during app updates. If you have recently updated Snapchat and noticed your snap score isn’t moving, then immediately collect screenshots as proof to use for the next step.

The Only Way To Get Your Snap Streak Back | How To Get Back A Lost Snapchat Streak

How To Get Back A Lost Snapchat Streak? Easiest And The Only Way Out!

Since the algorithm of Snapchat is automatic, there isn’t one specific person to whom you can talk. If you lose your streak and want to know how to get back a lost Snapchat streak, then you need to follow a couple of steps in the right order. Once your streak is gone, it’s gone, but you will now have to raise a dispute to get the attention of a real human. So if you are sure there is some error due to losing your streak, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • The first step is to open your Snapchat app on your iPhone or Android
  • Then go to the Settings option in the profile menu. A new window will open.
  • Scroll down to the tab that says Support and tap on the I Need Help option. Another window will appear.
  • In the new window, tap on the option which says Snapstreaks
  • Another window with answers to the most common problems will open. See if you are satisfied with those answers. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, tap on the option that says Let Us Know.
  • A Contact Us page will appear. From the options presented, select My Snapstreaks Disappeared
  • After selecting the option, you will be given a form to fill out. Fill it with all the required details. Give as much relevant information as possible. The details asked will be regarding your account and your friend with whom you have lost your Snapstreak. 
  • After filling in all the details, tap on the Send button. 
  • You will be prompted to fill out a CAPTCHA and after successfully doing that, hit Send again.

Now all you can do is hope that Snapchat reviews your application and profile. If you have screenshots, you should add them to the option that says What Information Should We Know. This will help strengthen your case if the problem has been caused after an update in the app. 

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Final Words

We hope now you know how to get back a lost Snapchat streak. If things go right, your streak should be restored, if not, then again, it’s not the end of the world. You can always start again. What other Snapchat-related issues are facing? Let us know in the comment section below, and we will try our best to help you!

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