How To Get Bitmoji Halloween Costumes? A Halloween Makeover For Your Bitmoji! 


So, Halloween is around the corner. At the time of writing, barely ten days to go. Preparations for the occasion are amped up. But, why should the actual/ real version of you have all the fun? The digital version of you i.e. your Bitmoji deserves Halloween costumes too. And, Snapchat, one of the most popular social media platforms has made it possible. But, the question is, how to get Bitmoji Halloween costumes?!

Keeping the festive vibes in mind, Snapchat has rolled out a few Halloween-themed features like Halloween costumes, lenses, spooky Snap Map, etc. Hell, the app even allows you to virtually try Halloween costumes! All these new features will make keeping track of your friends on trick-or-treating nights more fun! And, it also proves that not all Snapchat updates and the latest features are bothersome. Some of them can be quite cool! 

Anyways, you must be eager to know how to get Bitmoji Halloween costumes, and it’s understandable why. So, tap on the profile icon i.e. your Bitmoji. Then, tap on the background of your Bitmoji. From there, select the “Change Outfit” option. A collection of Halloween costumes will appear. Tap on the one you’d like to try. 

So, this was how to get Bitmoji Halloween costumes! But, I think you want a detailed explanation of your query. And, you happen to be at the right place. This article is going to be all about explaining Bitmoji Halloween costumes on Snapchat. So, keep scrolling!  

Here’s How To Get Bitmoji Halloween Costumes!

Also, Halloween-themed stuff isn’t the only cool thing or feature of Snapchat. There’s so much more that you need to know about! And, I understand that it can get tricky keeping a track of all Snapchat updates and features. So, when you’re done reading about how to get Bitmoji Halloween costumes, read other cool articles like how to get more Bitmoji hairstyles, the meaning of WYLL, how to get Bitmoji stickers with friends, etc.  

Steps To Get Bitmoji Halloween Costumes

How To Get Bitmoji Halloween Costumes | A Halloween Makeover For Your Bitmoji! 

If you want to give your digital avatar a Halloween-themed makeover, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Snapchat
  • Make sure that the app is updated to its latest version. 
  • Tap on your Bitmoji, i.e. your profile icon. It is located in the top left corner of your phone screen. 
  • Your profile page will open. 
  • Tap on your Bitmoji in the background.
  • Your Bitmoji will now look enlarged. 
  • Select the “Change Outfit” option. 
  • A collection of Halloween costumes will appear on your screen. 
  • Tap on the costume you would like to try. 

Alternatively, you can also tap on the hanger icon located right on the profile section. The rest of the options will be the same. And, a cool thing here is, your cheerful yellow background will also turn a spooky shade of black with candles floating in the background; Halloween aesthetics at its best! 

Final Words

Alright, Snapchatters! This was how to get Bitmoji Halloween costumes! So, go, and try out all the cool Halloween-themed Bitmojis on Snapchat, give your digital avatar a makeover, and let us know which outfit you liked the best in the comments! 

Where Are Costumes Bitmoji?

You can edit your Bitmoji’s outfits by navigating to the Avatar Designer. This option is present at the bottom.

Why Is My Snapmap Purple?

If your Snapmap is purple, then it’s a video. If it is red, then it’s a picture. And, if the Snapmap is blue, then it is a text. 

What Are The Pumpkins On Snapchat Map?

The pumpkins on the Snapchat map are a part of the app’s new Halloween feature. Users can add a pumpkin icon to their snaps. And whoever views the snap will see the location of the pumpkin in the map. 

What Does A Grey Circle Mean On Snapchat?

A grey pending icon appears when someone has not accepted your friend request on Snapchat. However, what you see also depends on your privacy settings. 

How Do You Play The Halloween Game On Snapchat?

To play the Halloween game, open Snapchat, go to the camera, and pinch to access your snap map. The map will turn black and orange– Halloween’s theme colors. When you zoom out, you’ll see that the map has turned flaming orange. 


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