How To Get Celebrities To Notice You On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Tips! 


So many of us started our journey on social media with anonymous accounts on Instagram. But then we discovered how fun it was to have a famous profile on social media and enjoy the support of millions of followers. Or how important it was for our brand image to have the right kind of contacts on Instagram. But, if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to get celebrities to notice on Instagram, this article is for you. 

Or maybe you’re just an innocent fan who wants nothing more than to have the attention of the person they like the most on the internet. I get that feeling totally. That’s why I’ve compiled some tips in this article that will definitely help you. So, make sure that you don’t skip a single section of this article! 

Here’s How To Get Celebrities To Notice You On Instagram | 9 Ways That Will Get You Up, Close & Personal With Them!

Oh, and before we get into how to get celebrities to notice on Instagram, I’d like to request you to follow these tips in the order they are written. You can’t just skip the first step and jump to the third one. That might seem tempting, given how hard the first one looks, but know that it won’t do you any good. 

With the disclaimer out of the way, let’s jump into how to get celebrities to notice you on Instagram! 

Work On Your Profile First 

How To Get Celebrities To Notice You On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Tips!

Before you even think about reading more about how to get celebrities to notice you on Instagram, take a moment and work on your profile first. Make it interesting and worth their while. In fact, try to make it as good as theirs! 

To do this, you can upload high-quality pictures, make out-of-the-box reels, have tons of followers, etc etc. In short, you need to make them believe that you’re a genuine person and not some random, inactive account on the gram

Oh, and the most important thing is that you switch to a public account, i.e. a professional account from your private one. Because if your profile is set to private, there’s no way that they will be able to see it. And no, they won’t send you a follow request from their end. 

Become A Loyal Follower And Also Follow Their Friends

After you’ve worked on your profile quite a bit, it’s time to start following the celebrity in question. And, by following I don’t mean that you have to hit the blue button on their profile and be done with it. Hell, no. You need to actively engage with the content that they put out as well. You need to support them. 

Also, if they have friends on Instagram, then you need to ensure that you’re following them as well. Because quite often you’ll find your favorite celebrity tagged in photos and stories of their friends. So, if you engage with these posts and stories as well, you’ll have a better chance of getting noticed. 

Use Relevant Hashtags

How To Get Celebrities To Notice You On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Tips!

I’m sure, this is not the kind of answer you’re expecting to your question how to get celebrities to notice you on Instagram. But trust me on this one, do not underestimate the power of using relevant hashtags! After all, they are an excellent way of connecting with people, and discovering new places, and things! 

So, if there are any popular hashtags that your celebrity follows, then save them and ensure to post pictures and videos on Instagram using the same hashtags. This will increase the likelihood of your posts popping up in their feed. And, if your posts are interesting, they will definitely engage with it! 

Be The First One To Engage Their Posts

How To Get Celebrities To Notice You On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Tips!

Now, if you’re the first one to comment on or like your favorite celebrity’s post, I’m sure that they will take notice. After all, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have or how many comments you get on a daily basis, we all like to see heart eyes or good comments under our profiles. How many are too many anyway?

Apart from liking and commenting, you should also share your favorite celebrity’s posts in your stories. Tag them if you want to. In both cases, they are going to notice that you shared their post. Plus, they might even reply to your story! How cool would that be?! 

Also, if you’re not an avid Instagram user (i.e. you don’t spend hours scrolling through the app), then it’s better that you turn on post notifications by going to their profile. This way, you’ll be notified every time they post something. 

Leave Meaningful, Interesting, Humorous Comments

How To Get Celebrities To Notice You On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Tips!

Ahh well, I know I just asked you to be the first one to like and comment on a celebrity’s post. But, it doesn’t end there. You need to do much more than that. Because even though heart eyes are allegedly an excellent way of commenting on someone’s posts, they are not enough. 

Because let’s say, the celebrity in question is Kylie Jenner. She has 200+ million followers on Instagram and gets about 10k+ comments on her posts, on an average. Do you really think that she or her manager has got the time to engage with all those comments? No, right?

So, you need to make sure that your comment is something that catches the other person’s attention. Make your comment interesting and humorous. At the same time, ensure that your words aren’t derogatory in any way. No, making fun of people in a mean way isn’t funny or cute, In fact, this might even lead them to block your account. 

Take Active Part In Areas Of Their Interest

So, this too is something you’d not have expected to be a part of how to get celebrities to notice you on Instagram. If there’s an organization or a cause that the celebrity you like believes in or supports, then you need to take part in it too. 

If it’s a charity, donate a bit. If it’s a small business on Instagram, buy from them. If it’s an organization or a cause, then post about them, use hashtags as and when needed, and maybe even tag them. This way, maybe they will take notice of you. 

Remix Their Reels

How To Get Celebrities To Notice You On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Tips!

Reels are all the hype on Instagram these days. And, I’m more than sure that the celebrity in question makes a lot of reels on their account. So, remix those reels, simple. Maybe even get a little creative and add your own twist to those reels. Tag them when you post. Use hashtags. 

When you tag them, they will notice you. They will even be happy to see how well people are engaging with their posts. 

Send Them Nice Gifts

This is especially for people with businesses and services on Instagram. If you own a small business and create some products, then consider sending them across to your celebrity. However, before you do this, check if the products that you’ve got to offer match the interest of the celebrity in question. 

You can also customize the product a bit and add a handwritten note, mentioning your Instagram user handle. This will let the celebrity know that you like them. 

DM Every Now And Then

How To Get Celebrities To Notice You On Instagram | 9 Foolproof Tips!

This has to be the most obvious tip on how to get celebrities to notice you on Instagram. And, it also has to be the slowest and most frustrating one of all. Because I’m more than sure that the inbox of your favorite celebrity is already flogged with message requests. And your message can very easily be lost in the same. 

Although, I’m not going to deny that it will be worth a try. So, text them a nice and polite message on how you like their work. Also, remember to not say anything offensive or derogatory in nature. Remember that on the other side of the screen there’s a human with real feelings, irrespective of how famous they are. 

Final Words

That’s it for today’s post! In this article, I walked you through some top ways how to get celebrities to notice you on Instagram! You can follow all of these ways to get your favorite celebrity’s attention. Also, there’s a fine line between being a crazy fan and a genuine follower, so be mindful of the differences and always remember to be nice and polite with how you approach them! 

 If you’ve got a friend who too is trying to catch the attention of their favorite celebrity, please share this article with them! Understanding how to get celebrities to notice you on Instagram will help them with their mission! 

Do Celebrities Reply On Instagram? 

Yes, sometimes celebrities do respond to their fans on social media platforms, email, or even traditional posts! So, you should definitely write to your favorite celebrity!

How Do You Get A Celebrity To Respond To You?

If you want a celebrity to notice you, try to send them a nice, creative, and engaging comment that mentions them. However, make sure not to use abusive language or spam comments. You can try praising them or complimenting them. 

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