How To Get Different Fonts On Instagram Story? 3 Amazing Hacks! 


Yes, Instagram stories are a cool and fun way of keeping your friends and family updated on the happenings of your daily life. But don’t you agree that, after a point, your stories can become a bit mundane? And this leads to plenty of your followers skipping them altogether? So, if you want to spice up your Instagram game & make your profile stand out, you need to learn how to get different fonts on your Instagram story. 

Now, you may be wondering what difference understanding how to get different fonts on Instagram story is going to make. Well, the answer to that is, using different kinds of fonts helps in catching attention. When used correctly, they can easily beautify a lengthy block of text and make it fun to read. It can help you differentiate between texts on the basis of how important they are and help the audience in deciding what they should pay more attention to. 

So, if you’re someone who likes to share their musings on social media platforms, then learning how to get different fonts on an Instagram story is your best bet. Changing fonts as and when necessary is highly likely to ensure that your followers read whatever you’ve written and also engage with it! 

Here’s How To Get Different Fonts On Instagram Story | 3 Amazing Ways You Should Try!

Above, we talked about Instagram creators and other regular users. But if you’re an Instagram business, it is even more necessary for you to have your own set of unique fonts! After all, that is what is going to help you bring your brand identity. Pick up an Instagram guide for businesses, and it will recommend you do the same. 

And so, if you’ve been using the same kind of font the entire time, it’s high time that you learn how to get different fonts on your Instagram story and build your brand personality. It will also help you in converting the kind of emotions that you want to convey. 

For example, you can’t use fancy cursive writing to convey a serious message because if you do, your audience is less likely to take you seriously. Similarly, if your brand is about something bold and loud, you need to choose fonts that convey boldness and loudness. And all of this will be possible only when you know how to get different fonts on Instagram stories. 

How To Get Different Fonts On Instagram Story Using The Official App

How To Get Different Fonts On Instagram Story? 3 Amazing Hacks!

So, you may already be aware that Instagram gives you around nine different kinds of fonts to choose from. Yes, Instagram introduced several new fonts in one of its many updates.  

Now we have a strong’s new double layered font, a modern’s new online variant, a comic sans-inspired font, a serif font that has got an editorial feel to it, a simple sans-serif option, and a classic serif font that works well with headlines that need to stand out. 

This is how to get different fonts on an Instagram story using the official app:

  • Open Instagram. 
  • Tap on the plus icon, choose Story from the drop-down menu, or swipe right from the main home feed to open the story section. 
  • Then, tap on the Aa option located on the left. You’ll now have a blank page that you can write on. You can customize the background the way you want. 
  • You can also upload a picture or video from your gallery and write on top of it using the same Aa option. 
  • You’ll have several round buttons above your keyboard. Scroll through them to change the font style. 
  • Once you’re okay with what you’ve written, tap on Next at the top right of the screen. 
  • Then, tap on Your Story to send your story to your followers. 

Changing fonts using the app itself is pretty convenient; it saves you time that would otherwise be spent copying and pasting text from other sources. However, there’s no denying that the number of options that you’ve available is pretty limited. So, if you want anything more, you can go for other sources. 

How To Get Different Fonts On Instagram Story Using Font Generator Websites?

How To Get Different Fonts On Instagram Story? 3 Amazing Hacks!

There are plenty of font generator websites on the internet, like Cool Fonts,, etc. Almost all of them are free and work similarly. So, you can choose any of these sites to get your work done. 

But, if you want to know how to get different fonts on an Instagram story using Cool Fonts, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open a web browser of your choice. 
  • Go to the official Cool Fonts website. 
  • Enter the text that you want to appear in a different font in the input bar. 
  • Cool Font will now show you the text you just entered in various fonts. 
  • You can scroll through the options and select the one that you fits your requirements. 
  • Once you’ve selected a font, tap the Copy button. 
  • Alternatively, you can copy the text manually by selecting it all and tapping on the copy option in the pop-up menu.
  • Now, you can go to Instagram and paste by tapping and holding the input bar. From the pop-up, choose ‘Paste.’ 

And that’s it, folks! The text you just copied in comments, posts, captions, bios, stories, or wherever you want. This method works best for people who use Instagram on PC and like to edit, schedule, and post pictures this way! 

How To Get Different Fonts On Instagram Story Using Third-Party Apps?

How To Get Different Fonts On Instagram Story? 3 Amazing Hacks!

If you don’t want to use font generator sites for reasons you don’t have to explain, you can always go for third-party apps. You’ve got plenty of options available here too! Almost all of these apps are safe to use and do the job well. 

So, if you want to know how to get different fonts on an Instagram story using the Animoto: social video editor, follow the process mentioned below:

  • Go to the App store and install Animoto: social video editor from there. 
  • Create a new story or make use of a pre-existing story template. 
  • Add text to your story. 
  • After that, tap on the “A” icon present on the left. This will present you with a list of 36 fonts. 
  • Once you’re happy with what you’ve done, save your story. 

And that’s it! Now, you can open Instagram and post your story for your followers to see!

Final Words

Alright, folks! This was how to get different fonts on Instagram story! In this article, I’ve shared three different ways you can level up your Instagram story game! So, you can use whichever method suits you the best and give your brand new identity! 

Also, if there’s someone who wants to understand how to get different fonts on Instagram story, please share this article with them! I’m sure they’re going to find it just as helpful as you did! 

What Is The Best Font App For Instagram?

There are plenty of font apps for Instagram like Fontify, Sprezz Keyboard, Cool Fonts, FontCap, Fontsy, etc. All these apps work in a similar way, so you can choose any one of them! 

Can You See How Many Times Someone Viewed Your Instagram Story?

You can’t see the number of times someone in particular viewed your Instgaram story. However, you can see who viewed your story. And, you also get to know the total number of people who viewed your story by tapping on the eye icon that appears at the bottom left of your stories. 

Can You See If Someone Screenshots Your Instagram?

Instagram will notify you when someone takes a screenshot of your disappearing photo or video that you sent them in a private DM thread. However, Instagram will not notify you when someone screenshots your story, reel, chats, or some post. 

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