How To Get Disney Plus Free Trial Again In 2022? Use These Cool Hacks!


Disney Plus is indeed today’s one of the most popular and worth-watching streaming platforms. You can find almost all the MCU movies and the latest MCU web series, Walt Disney movies, Star Wars series, animated movies, and whatnot! So, if you don’t have the Disney Plus app, you are missing out watching on a lot of things. So, how to get Disney Plus free trial again in 2022? Let’s find out.

Disney Plus is a popular streaming platform like Paramount, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. The app streams exclusive Disney movies, Disney shows, Pixar films, HBO Max content, and National Geography documentaries. In short, it is a wholesome app for entertainment Disney Plus subscription will cost you $7.99 per month. So, how to get Disney Plus free trial again in 2022?

How To Get Disney Plus Free Trial? 

How To Get Disney Plus Free Trial Again In 2022? Use These Cool Hacks!

Earlier, Disney was giving free trial offers for 7 days. However, now the app has stopped it. Now, Disney+ does not have a free trial period. Instead, it has brought multiple subscription plans that you can choose from.

You can bundle the Disney Plus app with other popular apps like Hulu to get a cheaper subscription plan. So, here are the quick steps to get a Disney Plus account.

  1. Open your mobile device or tablet.
  2. Now, connect the device to the internet. Open the App Store.
  3. Download the latest version of the Disney+ app. If you already have a Disney Plus app on your device, make sure it is an updated version. You can also update it from the App Store.
  4. Open the app. Enter your email address and credentials to log in to the account.
  5. Go to the Home Page. Tap on My Profile.
  6. Choose the basic plan and tap on the enter button.
  7. Now, choose the mode of payment. Fill in the payment details.
  8. Enter the OK button. Now, you are all set to access the premium Disney content.

How To Get Disney Plus Free Trial Again In 2022?

How To Get Disney Plus Free Trial Again In 2022? Use These Cool Hacks!

As you all know now that Disney Plus does not have a free trial offer. So, no matter what you do, you cannot access the app for free. However, there are certain ways to cut the subscription cost.

So, technically you will pay less and access the app for a longer period of time. Read the following pro hacks that you can use as well to cut the cost.

Compare Subscription Prices In Other Countries And Use VPNs To Access It

One of the easiest ways to pay less for the app on normal days is to use VPN settings. You can search for the Disney Plus app’s subscription plans in different countries or regions.

Then, you can fix your account’s location by tweaking VPN settings. Then, pay for the subscription amount of that particular region. You can also do a few similar tweaks to activate your free trial again for Peacock TV and others like Tubi TV and Sling TV as well.

Use Disney Plus Shared Accounts 

Another effective hack is to share Disney Plus accounts with your friends or family members. You can buy a premium account and split its password as well as the bill. So, you won’t have to pay the entire money but you can access the entire app. Sounds good?

Use Of Referral Offers

Disney Plus app also offers lucrative offers through referral codes and pop-ups. For instance, if you can get your friends or known people to buy a Disney Plus account through your referral, you will get additional benefits like free subscription plans for up to 3 months.

Grab Festive Offer Opportunities

How To Get Disney Plus Free Trial Again In 2022? Use These Cool Hacks!

You can use the following coupons or vouchers to get heavy discounts as well as free trial days of the Disney Pluss app.

  1. You can use Clubcard vouchers offered by Tesco shops. You can use it to get points enough to pay you three months of a Disney+ subscription. So, keep shopping from Tesco and use their vouchers to pay for a Disney Plus account.
  2. If you have bought recently Samsung phones or tablets, here is some good news. You get a one-year free subscription to a Disney Plus account.
  3. If you are using O2, you get coupons that will give you free subscriptions to the Disney Plus app for up to 6 months.
  4. Disney+ keeps offering huge discount offers during Christmas and New Year. So, you can find a great deal. You can use this opportunity to buy the cheapest subscription plans and save money.
  5. Get ready to grab the opportunity on Black Friday Disney Plus deals. You will get heavy discounts.

Final Words

The article on how to get Disney Plus free trial again in 2022 covers all the possible hacks and measures that you can follow to use the Disney+ app for longer times for free. If you want to know more about other popular streaming apps, you can find their free streaming hacks on our official website. So, don’t forget to visit the site to get all the available information and have a blast of entertainment. If you want to know more about other popular streaming apps, comment in the comments below. We will cover them as well.

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