How To Get Football Lens On Snapchat | ESPN Launches AR Lens!


Social media applications provide many new features to their users so they can continue using the application. Snapchat is currently introducing a lot of new features to keep its users hooked on the application. The application has also been collaborating with multiple brands so that they can promote their content. Do you know that ESPN has recently come up with a new college Football Lens on Snapchat?

Snapchat has a lot of interesting features to keep users interested in the application. However, the application’s most interesting feature has to be its AR lenses which are perfect for creating amazing images. Snapchat has also started introducing its users to shoppable filters like buying Halloween costumes after trying them out on Snapchat.

There are a lot of lenses on Snapchat that are quite popular among users due to their impeccable AR features. So if you are a football fan, you will definitely love the new college Football lens on Snapchat launched by ESPN.

Football Lens On Snapchat | ESPN Launches New Filter On Snapchat!

If you are wondering how to use interesting AR lenses on Snapchat, you can find as many of these Lenses as you want in the Explore section of Snapchat. There are multiple new AR lenses and stickers like Halloween bitmojis to keep you interested.

But if you are a Football fan, here’s the latest football lens on Snapchat by ESPN, which you must check out for sure.

What Are Snapchat Lenses? | Football Lens On Snapchat By ESPN!

How To Get Football Lens On Snapchat | ESPN Launches AR Lens!How To Get Football Lens On Snapchat | ESPN Launches AR Lens!

Snapchat has a lot of filters and lenses, and users keep on raving about the new filters and lenses on the application. However, do you know what Snapchat lenses are and how are they different from Snapchat filters?

Snapchat filters are aesthetic overlays that are available to users so that they can alter the overall look of their images. Filters allow users to minimally edit their images by changing the warmth, contrast, or saturation of their images.

Snapchat lenses are augmented reality filters that alter the atmosphere or face of a user. These filters can also add other things in the background, animated beings, as well as other dynamic things to the image. The try-out filters on Snapchat are also a part of these lenses.

Some of the best lenses so far on Snapchat are the AR lenses that allow users to add unrealistic and otherworldly elements to their images. These filters allow users to try on clothes virtually or add ornaments or jewelry to their images among other things.

Football Lens On Snapchat | ESPN Launches A New Snapchat Filter!

How To Get Football Lens On Snapchat | ESPN Launches AR Lens!

If you are a Snapchat user who is also a football fan, you will be glad to know that ESPN has recently launched a  new college football lens on Snapchat.

The lens is one of the latest AR lenses on Snapchat and allows users to click images by putting on the mascot headgear for their favorite football teams. However, the lens is not only limited to embedding mascot gear on users’ faces.

The lens is one of the first AR lenses on Snapchat which is not completely static, and users can also add a guest of their choice to the football challenge as well. The lens also provides users with the option to compete with a friend of their choice, as it will keep the score of who’s winning the match.

ESPN has created multiple lenses on Snapchat prior to this one as well. But the latest football lens on Snapchat is reportedly one of the most customizable AR lenses by Snapchat recently. If you want to use the lens for yourself, you can look for ESPN on the filter explore page of Snapchat. 

The filter is not only a way to click images, you can pick your favorite teams and play games against your friends as well. The lens will then keep track of users as they will compete against each other in a month-long game for their favorite teams.

Football Lens On Snapchat And Other Snapchat Lenses!

How To Get Football Lens On Snapchat | ESPN Launches AR Lens!

Other than the Football lens on Snapchat, there are multiple other AR lenses that you can check out if you enjoy using the fun lenses. Snapchat offers a wide range of Snapchat stickers, bitmojis, filters, and lenses to its users so that they can experiment with their pictures as much as they want.

So here is a list of some exceptional AR lenses, that you might love to check out:

  • Fashion ML by Gijs Wahl
  • AlphaxSamsung by Samsung
  • Mermaid by Sasha Soul Art
  • Love Me by Peachyblust
  • Kitty by Maxim Kuzlin
  • Bored Kitties by Persics Picardo
  • Fur Slides by BLRAJ
  • Heart Bloom by Denis Rossiev
  • Grafitti Wall AR by Wasim Ghole
  • Into The Matrix by Will
  • 8-bit by Renemily
  • Tie Dye Dreamer by BLRAJ
  • Memory Hugs by Sudi
  • Mordor Wraith by Moah Huelsman
  • Send Chinatown Love by Snapchat

Final Words

We hope you will have fun with the Football lens on Snapchat launched by ESPN. This was all that you needed to know about the Football lens on Snapchat, and some other amazing Snapchat filters that you would love to explore.

You can also find answers to queries like adding bitmojis to Google Slides or using the ultra wide camera on Snapchat. So stay tuned with us and find the answers to all your social media problems here. 

Are Snapchat lenses free?

Yes, Snapchat lenses are free to download. Creators can also create and make new filters from the Snapchat Lens Studio for free as well. This allows more creative and unique filters on Snapchat since everyone can create a Snapchat lens to share with other Snapchat users.

How long does it take for Snapchat to review a Lens?

Snapchat has three types of filter review features, and thus it might take some time depending on the type of filter you have. Usually, the automatic review takes less than 24 hours while the manual review for the filters takes 2-3 days. Similarly, advertisement-based filters are reviewed in under 2 days.

How do you save Snapchat lenses forever?

To save a Snapchat lens you will have to save it. To do so, tap on the left corner of the Lens icon, and then favorite it by tapping the heart or star icon that appears beside its name.

Can others see your lenses on Snapchat?

All the Snapchat lenses that are live will be available as public lenses. So if you have created a lens it will be available for all Snapchat users. People can also find their favorite Snapchat filters by searching for a specific filter in the explore section.

How long does a Snapchat Lens last?

Snapchat lenses or filters can be active from a couple of hours to up to 30 days. However, people can also create lenses that last longer than this time. If you want to create a long-lasting app, you must make an annual lens.


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