How To Get Hulu Free Trial Again In 2022? Easiest Ways To Do It!


Day after day Hulu is growing and we are here to see it take over. From old classics to new-age dramas and tons of Hulu originals, the OTT streaming service has a lot to offer us! Since it’s so popular, today we will tell you how to get Hulu free trial again in 2022! So make sure you keep on reading till the very end!

Personally, we love watching shows like Wife Swap on Hulu. Besides that we also like to indulge in Hunting shows on Hulu as well as some Korean Dramas every now and then. No matter what you require, there is something for everyone! Thankfully unlike Netflix which has stopped offering free trials, Hulu is still offering its users a chance to experience the service.

So how to get Hulu free trial again in 2022? It’s very easy. Sign up on Hulu, choose any of the three-pack options that they provide, and then enter your payment details. That’s pretty much it. You can cancel your trial anytime before the trial period ends and can still enjoy watching Hulu till the actual date of expiry. 

Usually, a month is enough time to binge-watch any show of your choice or watch a couple of movies you have lined up. But in case you want more time and more free trials then you need to check out the below-mentioned methods.

How To Get Hulu Free Trial Again In 2022? All The Things You Need To Know!

Now how to get Hulu free trial again in 2022? First things first, if you’re subscribing to Hulu for the first time ever, the good thing is that you have the option to avail of a free subscription. Then the second situation is if you have made use of a free subscription already, but canceled your trial after it ended, and now want to get a free trial again.

Luckily, just like Amazon lets you get a free subscription to Amazon Prime if you haven’t used the service in a year, Hulu has something similar. If you haven’t used Hulu in a while, you can re-subscribe to the Hulu trial offer with the same email. You also don’t need to change your payment method to get yourself this offer. Do note that special packages from Hulu like Hulu Live TV, the Hulu Disney+ bundle, and the Hulu ESPN+ bundle are not going to be available for free trial subscriptions.

How To Sign Up To Hulu For A Free Trial In 2022 | A Step-By-Step Guide!

How To Get Hulu Free Trial Again In 2022? Easiest Ways To Do It!

Your Hulu journey starts with a Hulu free trial. And Hulu believes that one needs a trial of service before one can commit to it. So the trial period offered by Hulu is here to stay. Subscribing to the Hulu trial will let you enjoy all the features any paid subscriber would have. To sign up for the trial, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Open the Hulu website on your PC or your mobile.
  • Enter your credentials and log in if you’re an existing customer. If you’re using Hulu for the first time, then sign up for the service.
  • Enter your details, and proceed further.
  • On the next screen choose the plan that you want to use for your Hulu trial. Click next after doing so.
  • You will now need to give your payment information to Hulu to proceed further. Entering your payment details upfront ensures Hulu that if you choose to continue to use the services, there will be a seamless transition for payment.
  • Hulu accepts all major forms of payments, though there are no options for pre-paid cards that we know of.
  • After you’re done completing the payment methods just press done and you can start streaming Hulu on your mobile, PC, or your smart TV. 

That’s it, it’s that simple! Do remember to cancel your subscription before you’re charged at the end of your billing cycle. You can cancel your Hulu subscription from the Hulu accounts page. All you need to do is log in to your account, as usual, go to your account settings and cancel. Follow the instruction given on the screen and you will be done!

Get A Free Trial By Using Different IDs And Payment Methods

What do you do if you’ve already had a Hulu free trial before? If you like Hulu and want to get Hulu free trial again in 2022? Well in such a case, if you’re not willing to wait a long time, there is another way you can try. You can use new email IDs to sign up for Hulu free trials. This is an interesting little hack to watch all your favorite PG-13 movies on Hulu. 

One thing to know before you do it is that this is too much of a hassle and sometimes may not be worth the effort. All your watch history and your recommendation will be gone since you’re going to make a new account every time. But if you have a lot of shows and movies to watch, this is the best way to get a free account every month!

Try Using App Referrals Like Spotify Premium For Students

How To Get Hulu Free Trial Again In 2022? Easiest Ways To Do It!

App referrals are a great way to get free trials. Currently Spotify Premium for Students is offering a discounted rate for a subscription along with a free Hulu account. Although the account will be accompanied by ads, if you’re a student this is a great offer to get. This offer can be used for a few years, which is more than enough for you to enjoy all the great shows on Hulu!

Check For Network Offers 

Just like app referrals another great way to get free access to Hulu trial offers is through network-based offers. As of writing this article, Sprint is offering a selection of plans free to its customers. This offer is only valid for customers in the US so if you live somewhere else you might want to check with your local network providers. 

Share Your Account With Other People To Get Hulu For A Discounted Rate

How To Get Hulu Free Trial Again In 2022? Easiest Ways To Do It!

Lastly, the best way that has none of the hassle and no issues is to share an account. While you may want to know how to get Hulu free trial again in 2022 we suggest not abusing the free trial provided by Hulu. So if you don’t want to pay the whole price of a Hulu subscription at $15, then you can choose a bigger package and share it with a few friends or family. You can do the same thing for the Youtube TV free trial as well.

Final Words

We hope now you know how to get Hulu free trial again in 2022. If you liked these options, we suggest checking out how to get the free trials to HBO and other OTT platforms as well!

Is Hulu giving a 1-year free trial?

No, Hulu is not giving a 1-year free trial. Though if you subscribe to the annual pack, you will get one month’s trial free with it.

How long is Hulu’s free trial in 2022?

Even in 2022, Hulu offers a 30-day trial. Which is at par with OTT streaming services like Amazon and less than services like FuboTV.

Why am I not eligible for Hulu free trial?

If you are currently under any Hulu promotional offers and discounts then you cannot combine the offer with your free trial. This makes you not eligible for a Hulu free trial!

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