How To Get Instagram On A School Chromebook In 3 Trusted Ways?


It can become really difficult to get through some lectures at school. It becomes increasingly hard to stay awake. But, taking one quick look at Instagram can keep the boredom at bay. A wonderful reel made on some trendy pop song can jostle you awake. You can try this hack sometime, I swear it works. But, if your school has blocked social media platforms on Chromebooks, then you first need to know how to get Instagram on a school Chromebook .

Here’s How To Get Instagram On A School Chromebook | Get Instagram For School Chromebook Here!

There’s no denying that once you understand how to get Instagram on a school Chromebook, your life is going to become 10x easier. So, to do that, you can get yourself a third-party app like InstaViewer or InstaMirror. These apps allow you to access Instagram from Chromebook. Or, you can install web extensions like “Web For Instagram”, “App For Instagram”, etc. You can also consider using a VPN service

You can either choose the third-party app option or the web extension one. But, if you still want to know how to get Instagram on school Chromebook in a little more depth, then keep reading.

How To Get Instagram On A School Chromebook Using Third-Party Apps?

So, if you’re trying to figure out how to download Instagram on school Chromebook, you can make use of third-party apps like InstaViewer or Instamirror. These apps are quite likely to allow users to use Instagram despite the restrictions.

However, plenty of these third-party apps have some kind of security issue associated with them. Several users have even gone as far as to say that installing these apps on their devices caused them to slow down and have glitches! So, before you install anything, make sure to go through user reviews and weigh the pros and cons.

Lastly, there’s no guarantee that these apps will work for everyone. You can still install them from the Chrome Web Store and try them out for yourself. If these apps work, well and good. If they don’t, proceed to the next section of this article. 

How To Get Instagram On A School Chromebook Using Chrome Extension? 

How To Get Instagram On A School Chromebook? 3 Trusted Ways! 

Another way that you can try while figuring out how to get on Instagram on school Chromebook is to use Chrome Extensions. There are plenty of extensions available that might do the job. But, here’s the catch– not all extensions work for everyone. Finding out what will work for you and what not, will take a lot of hit and trial. So, it’s important to be patient. 

But, if you ask me for suggestions, then I think you should try out “Web For Instagram” and “App For Instagram”. Out of all the extensions out there, these extensions have some amount of credibility. Plus, they have received positive user reviews as well. And if you’re looking for some assurance, you can check out the user reviews for yourself!

So, you can go to the Chrome Web Store and look for these extensions. When you locate the one that you want, click on “Add To Chrome”. Now, you can try surfing on Instagram on your school Chromebook. 

But, in case this hack doesn’t work either, then you should really consider using a VPN to access Instagram. The next section is about that.

How To Download Instagram On A School Chromebook Using VPN? 

How To Get Instagram On A School Chromebook? 3 Trusted Ways! 

Yet another way to get Instagram on a school Chromebook is to use a VPN. Doing so will help you bypass the geographical restrictions that your school may have put to prevent students from using Instagram. So, as soon as you change your location to somewhere far away from school, you may be able to use Instagram again.

For this purpose, you need to lay your hands on a reliable VPN service. There are many VPN service providers out there, some free, some paid. You can pick any one that you trust or that fits your budget the best. By using a VPN, you can change your location and try accessing Instagram on your school Chromebook again. 

VPN is going to provide you with protection from the penetrating gaze of your school’s IT department as well. And, that’s an added advantage, isn’t it?  

Final Words 

Alright, people! This was how to get Instagram on a school Chromebook! I hope you all use these tips as and when required and save yourself from hours of unproductive boredom! However, please know that your school may still find out that you’ve been using Instagram on the school Chromebook. So, use social media on a school device at your own risk. But, what’s life without a little risk? On that note, remember to share this article on how to get Instagram on a school Chromebook with your peers who might be in the same situation!

How do I download Instagram on my Chromebook?

To download Instagram, launch Play Store from the Launcher. Search for Instagram in the search bar. After you’ve found it, click on Install. 

How do you go Incognito on a school Chromebook?

To go Incognito on a school Chromebook, press Ctrl+ Shift +n. However, know that your school will still be able to see your browsing history.

How do you call someone on Instagram on a Chromebook?

To call someone on Instagram on a Chromebook, first, download Instagram from Google Play or App Store. Then, log into your account and go to the DM icon. Click on the conversation of the person you want to call. When the chat opens, locate a phone icon next to the username of the person. Click on it to call them. 

How do you bypass school restrictions?

You can bypass school restrictions by hiding your IP address by either using a VPN, a proxy, or TOR.   

Can my school see what I search for?

Yes, your school administrators can see both deleted and un-deleted history of your school Chromebook. So, it’s important that you keep your browsing history clear and do not store any sensitive information on it. 


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