How To Get On Instagram Explore Page In 2022? 5 Amazing Tips To Try! 


So, you’re a social media influencer. You discovered that creating content for Instagram is your passion. You’re looking for ways to boost engagement and increase your followers. Well, I can suggest a few. You can create engaging reels on trendy songs and make yourself show up on the explore page. But, wait. Do you know how to get on Instagram explore page? If not, then you REALLY need to read this article!

So, understanding how to get on Instagram explore page in 2022 is fairly easy. Implementing these tips may not be as easy though. You need to understand your audience, experiment more with the different kinds of post formats, find out the right time to post, share engaging content, etc. You can also try out the paid ad feature provided by Instagram. 

Quite simple, if you ask me. Do you feel the same way? If not, then don’t you want a detailed answer to how to get on Instagram explore page 2022? I know you do. So, keep scrolling! Also, as a content creator, you need to know some other essential skills as well. That’s why, make sure to check our other Instagram-related articles like how to find an Instagram account by picture, delete comments, un update Instagram, dox an Instagram account, etc. 

Here’s How To Get On Instagram Explore Page | Try Out These Tips To Reach More People! 

When you first started creating content on Instagram, there’s a high chance that you had faced some kind of opposition from the people you know. People do not think of content creation as a “real” job and look down upon social media influencers. But, it’s payback time. It’s time to increase your reach, earn money on the gram, and pop on all of their explore pages. 

It’s time to take your content creation to the next level–the highest you’ve known insofar– and become the best influencer out there. But, for all this to happen, you really need to know how to get on Instagram explore page. 

Get To Know Your Audience

How To Get On Instagram Explore Page In 2022? 5 Amazing Tips To Try! 

If you want to know how to get on Instagram explore page then the first thing you need to do is to understand your audience better. What I mean by this is that, get to know your audience’s demographics and interests. Find out what kind of posts your audience likes to see and what kind of posts they are more likely to engage with. 

You can find out this information by going to your Audience Insights. This section on Instagram will show you what region of the world your audience belongs to, what age group they fall in, their gender, what time are they most active, etc. 

Choose The Right Timing To Post

How To Get On Instagram Explore Page In 2022? 5 Amazing Tips To Try! 

Your audience is more active at certain times, you need to find out what that hour of the day is and post around then. According to Instagram’s algorithm, recent posts have a greater chance of popping up on the explore page. And, if you post your content at the right time, it will contribute in boosting your engagement. 

To choose the right time to post, you need to visit the audience insights. The most active times of your audience will be present there. If there’s high engagement on your post right after it’s been published on the gram will act as a cue to Instagram that you produce quality content. 

Share Engaging Content

How To Get On Instagram Explore Page In 2022? 5 Amazing Tips To Try! 

Make sure that the content that you’re sharing is engaging and interesting. It should be something that will provide some kind of value to your audience. The content that you produce should be better suited to your target audience. To understand what type of content your audience is more likely to engage with, you can take an Instagram audit.

Yes, you can create content that entertains your audience, but make sure that it is in alignment with your brand personality or who you are as a person.

Try New Post Formats

How To Get On Instagram Explore Page In 2022? 5 Amazing Tips To Try! 

Instagram is an ever-evolving social media platform that likes to keep its users hooked by bringing new stuff on daily basis. So, there are a variety of post formats that users like to engage with. These days reels are all the hype. Creating quality reels can significantly improve your engagement and chances of getting discovered on the explore page. 

So, if you’re wondering how to get on Instagram explore page– experiment a little more with the different kinds of post formats out there and more specifically– make more reels. If you feel more comfortable with Instagram carousels, 

Try Paid Ads Feature On Instagram

How To Get On Instagram Explore Page In 2022? 5 Amazing Tips To Try! 

Sometimes solely relying on organic posts to fetch you more followers, reach, and engagement can be a bad decision. Thankfully, Instagram has a paid ad feature that you can make use of. You can pay for the feature and it will show you in explore page of users. 

Although this feature isn’t going to show you on the main profile page, it will still improve your chances of getting more visibility. It is also going to connect you with more relevant users. 

Final Words

So, this was how to get on Instagram explore page! In this article, I’ve walked you through five distinct ways using which you can become more visible on this social media platform and grow your career as a digital influencer! So, make sure to use these tips!

Also, there are several benefits of showing up on the explore page like increased engagement, an extremely targeted audience who have a genuine and keen interest in your brand, increased brand awareness, increased followers, and more sales! So, make sure to share this article with other content creators who too want to know how to get on Instagram explore page! Let’s support each other!

How Do I Reset My Instagram Algorithm?

To reset your Instagram algorithm, open the Instagram app and tap on your profile at the bottom right. Then, tap on the three-line icon at the upper right and select Your Activity. From there Select Recent searches and tap Clear all. Select Clear all in the prompt to confirm.

Does Everyone Get On The Explore Page?

Every user sees a different kind of explore page. What someone sees depends on their interest. 

Why Does Someone Appear On My Explore Page?

Someone might appear on your explore page if their content is something that you’re more likely to engage with or have engaged with in the past. 

Why Is Instagram Explore Not Working?

If your Instagram explore is not working, make sure that you’re using the latest version of Instagram. You can also try logging into your account from a different device and then check if it’s working for you. 

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