How To Get The Impostor Every Time In Among Us? 100% Best Hacks To Try!


Are you tired of being the Crewmate in Among Us every single time who does not know when he’ll be killed? Do you want to know how to get the Impostor every time you are playing the game so you can enjoy the game a little because being an Impostor is way more fun than the Crewmate?

After its release in July 2018, the online multiplayer game Among Us became a sensation amongst teenagers and adults alike. The inspiration for Among Us is taken from another party game Mafia and the horror movie, The Thing. At the time of its release, Among Us only featured one map known as The Skeld, but since then, three new maps MIRA HQ, The Airship, and Polus, have been added to its gameplay.  

Among Us takes the players through a space-themed adventure where the gamers play the role of a Crewmate and an Impostor. Crewmates have to keep themselves safe during a game session, identify the Impostor, eliminate them and complete the tasks on the map. In comparison, the Impostor gets to sabotage the players into thinking that one of them is the Impostor and kill them. All this needs to be done before the tasks given in the map are completed. The Impostor in Among Us is just like Katherine Peirce, who always tries to get someone killed. Ironic! 

If you also want to manipulate crewmates into killing each other and want to know how to get the Impostor every time, keep scrolling below. 

Among Us Network | Teamwork Or Betrayal What’s Your Pick?  

Among Us Network | Teamwork Or Betrayal What’s Your Pick?  : How To Get The Impostor Every Time In Among Us? SUS Alert!!!!

The job of Impostor sounds pure fun to me, and trust me. I’d kill to get the role every time while playing the online game. All you have to do is turn on your manipulative mode and turn the players against one another. Wouldn’t you like to be the Impostor? After all, the game is all about schemes and deception, and I am sure you would like to be a part of it! 

Each game in Among Us consists of up to 10 players, amongst which three are assigned the role of Impostor while others are the Crewmates. The Crewmates and Impostors are selected randomly, which means that each player has a 50-50 chance of getting one of the two assigned jobs. However, most of the players have complained that 80% of the time, they are assigned to be the dull Crewmate. So, does it mean that we need to be lucky enough to be an Impostor? If so, I’ll never be an Impostor because I am always running low on luck. 

How To Get The Impostor Every Time In Among Us? Turn Your Obsession Into Reality!

How To Get The Impostor Every Time In Among Us? Turn Your Obsession Into Reality!

Being an Impostor is part of the fun and the most considerable charm in Among Us, but what if you are never assigned as one? While being a Crewmate is not so bad and a relatively safe option but being a hunter is more fun, right? So, how do you increase your chances of being the Impostor in every game? Before proceeding, please note that there is no proven way or cheat code to help you become the Impostor. Below you will find only a few hacks shared by some users that have helped them increase their game luck. 

  • The most effective method shared by one of our fellow players suggests that you should join a game with fewer players in the lobby and approximately three impostors. Small matches with more Impostors are the key factors that will help you get assigned as the Impostor more frequently. 
  • Many gamers on Reddit and Quora believe that they are always the Impostor when they host a match where the players don’t enter using a room code. Again, this is not a proven method, but you can keep the game room open for random players to join and see if the hack is a fact or a cap. 
How To Get The Impostor Every Time In Among Us? Turn Your Obsession Into Reality!
  • Many gaming YouTubers suggest that the players can trick the game into selecting them as the Impostor. Every time a player enters a public game using a laptop, they can customize their character in the lobby. Once the timer hits the 5-sec countdown, pick your pace and click through different pets and hats to manipulate the game interface. Though the method sounds like a SUS to us, it is always possible to work for you. 
  • Another YouTuber’s trick is to move in a specific pattern around the crates in the lobby to be the Impostor. Enter the game and move in circles around a crate(containing the laptop) six to seven times. Once you complete the round, take your position behind the rightmost box until the match starts. 

Before you begin with these hacks, let me make it clear to you once again that these aren’t the proven methods. At the moment, no such Impostor glitch has been discovered that will help you reach closer to your wish. 

Final Words

Being a Crewmate may not be the most exciting part about Among Us for you but keep playing until you get your favorite character. If the above-discussed hacks work for you, don’t forget to share the good news in the comments section below, but if they fail, don’t take it out on yourself. Give the game another chance, and I am sure you will soon get to play the role of Impostor. 

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