How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch? Find Out Here!


If scrolling and scrolling through TikTok on phones weren’t enough, Apple Watch users can now enjoy the dilly dally craze of TikTok on their watches. And I, a non-judgemental person, am going to show them how to get TikTok on Apple Watch. 

If you were thinking that you only use your smartphone all the time–you were wrong. Now, you can be glued to your smartwatch that is tethered to your phone as well. But anyway! I’m not here to pull your leg! You do you, boo!

I can very well understand how easy it is to open the app once and then be lost in it. I’ve been there and done that. All the trends made on crazy songs and relatable videos that make you shout, “that is sooo me!” keep you hooked. You end up losing yourself in the TikTok maze for hours before you finally find your way out. Here’s how to do just that but on a different device–Apple Watch. 

Here’s How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch! But…Does It Work?

If devoting (read: wasting) all your time watching TikTok on your phone, iPad, and computer isn’t enough, you can now watch TikTok on your Apple watch too. All you’ve to do is follow the steps I’ve given below, and viola! TikTok and you will be inseparable!

But..wait. I’ve some bad news for you. You can’t watch TikTok videos on your fancy wrist gadget. Going through other people’s profiles, liking, commenting, and receiving notifications may be all you can do. The developers haven’t created an option for viewing those short clips on the Apple Watch. 

Don’t be disheartened! I’ll be sharing the limited features you can access on your smartwatch and some workarounds to let you have your way!

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1# How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch? For Series 4 And Above!

How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch! Find Out Here!

This method may work on series 3 or even 2, but it will work on series 4 and above of the Apple Watch. Before trying out the below-mentioned steps, make sure that you’re connected to a strong network.

  • Hold and press the crown given on the side of your Apple Watch.
  • Do it until Siri activates.
  • Once that happens, say “Google search.” 
  • Once that’s done, say what you want to search for. 
  • Say “Tiktok”.
  • From the search results that appear, go to the one that says
  • Click on “Open Page”
  • It will take you to the TikTok website. 
  • Once there, use the side button to scroll down. 
  • You can log in if you want by using the above option. 
  • Click on “Watch Now” that appears there. 

Now be ready to be surprised–even though I had warned you before. The videos won’t work. BUT, you can always visit the user profiles, like, comment, share, follow, and get notifications. Sounds fun, right?

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2# How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch? A Workaround

How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch! Find Out Here!

This is a workaround for getting TikTok to work on your Apple Watch because there’s no original TikTok app for the watch. 

  • Text yourself a link to the TikTok website using your phone. 
  • Then open Apple Watch and go to the messaging app. 
  • Click on the TikTok link that you’ve shared with yourself.
  • It will open in the Apple Watch browser. 
  • Log in to your TikTok account. 

And it’s done. Do I need to tell you again that you won’t be able to play videos? Although, you can view posts, like, share, follow, etc., etc. I wonder what fun that would be. 

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3# How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch? Third-Party Apps To The Rescue!

How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch! Find Out Here!

Having TikTok open in front of you and still not being able to play the videos is pretty frustrating! The Apple people don’t understand this. But thankfully, we have some other tech-savvy companies who are a tad bit more sensitive to our TikTok needs. They have kindly created some third-party apps to make sure you never miss a video.  

These workarounds will work if you don’t mind bending or playing around with the rules a little bit. And I know everything is fair when it comes to TikTok. 

For example, one such app is DouWatch. But it isn’t free. Don’t expect free products and features when it comes to Apple. So, DouWatch costs $2.29. You pay the money, sign up for the app, and use its limited functionality. The app will allow you to “star” clips to watch on your phone later. Don’t complain! It is still something. 

Alternatively, you can use “Tik Watch,” that’s $1.20 more than DouWatch but gives you a function or two more. Also, TikWatch has better reviews. Whereas, DouWatch doesn’t do what it claims to. Which, in my opinion, is terrible–you don’t lie in matters containing TikTok.

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Final Words

Alright, guys! This is how to get TikTok on your Apple Watch for all your TikTok-ing needs. But honestly, will you be using TikTok on your smartwatch? But shall a day comes when you’re without your phone–by all means, use these hacks and third-party apps!

Until then, stay tuned with us for more such handy content! Also, just curious, which option out of the three given, will you be using? Let me know in the comments!

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