How To Give The Sand Dragon His Last Meal In Stardew Valley? Feed The Hungry Dragon!

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If you are in the entertaining game of Stardew Valley, the chances are that you will start the Mysterious Qi quest line that tasks players to bring random items to a random location and for no reason. One of the tedious quests of this particular questline is to give the sand dragon his last meal and if you are looking for an easy way out, then reading our article would be the right decision. 

Developed by Eric Concerned Ape, Stardew Valley is a role-playing game (RPG) that involves players building a farm, growing crops, petting, breeding animals, and making a living out of it (a farming kind of game). For developing and expanding the farms, the players have to complete different questline. The game is available on iOS, Android, PC, and various other gaming consoles.

Though several different quests are important to be crossed to complete the storyline and can’t be skipped, some quests only are for earning greater rewards that are not mandatory to be completed. One among such is to feed/give the sand dragon his last meal. For that, all you need to do is, give the solar essence to the giant skull/sand dragon (a large skeleton on the south side of the road), but then the question comes: what is solar essence, and how to get it?

Scroll down and read in detail on how to complete this quest and what are required things that the players will need to get their hands on various rewards, money, and unlocks.

How To Feed/Give The Sand Dragon His Last Meal? Follow The Steps To Feed!

Consisting of some of the very tedious quests, the Mysterious Qi questline involves farmers tasked with placing certain objects in places provided by some strange notes. On completion, it let the farmers access the casino in the desert. Here read in detail on how to complete this particular quest.

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#1 Required Things To Complete Sand Dragon Quest? 

After gaining access to the skull cavern/cave area, you will receive the quest from Mr.Qi that will help you to get to level 25+. Following his questline, the third mission you will be given is to feed/give the sand dragon his last meal, which will give you 10,000g. If it sounds like a good deal, then take this task into your hands; the things you will require to complete this mission are solar essence and access to the Calico desert.

What Is Solar Essence & How Can You Get It?

How To Give The Sand Dragon His Last Meal In Stardew Valley?

Solar essence is a loot item that you can get by killing monsters, iridium bats, haunted skulls, squid kids, mummies, magma spirits. You can also get solar essence from Korobus. (friendly monsters who live in swears) They sell these loots after every ten days for 80g. Sunfish ponds are also the unexpected source of solar essence only when the fish population reaches above 10.

How To Get Access To The Calico Desert?

How To Get Access To The Calico Desert?

Solar essence won’t be the only necessity to complete the sand dragon quest if, in the first place, you don’t even have access to the Calico desert. Located far away in the Northwest of Pelican Town, the Calico desert is on the exterior side of the map, where you will find the sand dragon. Now to get access to this place, you have to repair the bus at the bus stop. It can be done by completing the vault bundles in the community center or purchasing 40,000g from the Joja community development form.  

#2 How To Complete Feed The Sand Dragon Quest? 

The dragon is not dangerous and bad, so you don’t have to worry about your life when feeding the dragon. Once you have access to the Calico desert, you have to take the bus to the bus stop and carry the solar essence to the sand dragon. At around 10:10 AM, the bus line starts in Stardew Valley, from where the players have to buy the tickets for the Calico desert.

The tickets can only be bought when Pam (female villagers from Pelican town) gets to the bus. When the players reach the Calico desert, they have to head west on the road until they see a large animal skeleton on the south side of the road; that will be the place of the sand dragon. 

#2 How To Complete Feed The Sand Dragon Quest? 

Now from there, your main task starts, i.e., to feed/give the sand dragon his last meal. To accomplish the mission, you have to use the solar essence on the sand dragon mouth. This will complete your task and unlock the final quest from the mysterious Mr. Qi questline. The last request from him will be to check the Lumber pile next to the players’ farmhouse.

Doing this will give the players a Club card allowing them full access to the [email protected] inside the Calico desert. Club Card will let the players get into the secret back room of the [email protected] and play multiple [email protected] games. 

The Calico desert [email protected] is located in the Oasis store that’s south of the sand dragon skeleton.

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Final Words

So here I end this article by sharing all the necessary information on how to complete your sand dragon quest to help you pass the mission and get huge rewards. Share the article with your gaming partners and comment if you are finding any difficulty in the game. Till then, have a happy journey in the game.

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