How To Go Live On Snapchat? Important Things To Know In 2023!


There is nothing better than being able to follow an event that is happening live. Since social media has penetrated all of our lives, there is no better option than using it for live telecasting anything! From Facebook and Instagram live to Twitter Spaces, we have seen a lot of ways to go live. So we wanted to know how to go live on Snapchat and if is it even possible!

Since Snapchat is preferred by so many people, it’s a great choice for live telecasts. Snapchat+ already is a paid subscription-based service that gives lots of options to users. We also have priority story-based replies and a neat subscribe button. But can we do more?

So, how to go live on Snapchat? Unfortunately, there is no way to go live on Snapchat as of now. Snapchat does not have such flexibility no matter the type of content creator you are on the platform. You can literally be the person with the highest snap score ever but still, have the same features as everyone else.

Only on one occasion has Snapchat made being live possible. During the 2018 winter Olympics held in South Korea, Snapchat allowed live broadcasts on its platform. NBC the American news conglomerate was able to stream live events from the Olympics and show it live. So it begs the question for a normal person if you have a public profile on Snapchat, can you also go live and find a place on the Discover tab of Snapchat?

How To Go Live On Snapchat? The Real Truth!

How To Go Live On Snapchat? Important Things To Know In 2022!

Well, the direct answer to that is no. You can’t go live and end up on the Discover Tab of Snapchat. That is because Snapchat does not have a function that lets you live stream. Snapchat is just meant for friends and family and to stay in contact with them. There are a lot of videos available to consume on Snapchat, but after the Olympics ended, there has been no feature ever since. 

So if you are looking to go live on Snapchat, there may be no option. The events of the Olympics do mean that future live streaming might be possible. Whether that is only going to be available for big media houses and publishing partners, remains to be seen. Only an official comment from Snapchat can give a solid answer to that. But that does not mean there is nothing that you can do on Snapchat. 

Doing a live video with your friend on Snapchat | How To Go Live On Snapchat?

How To Go Live On Snapchat? Important Things To Know In 2022!

You can easily do live videos through the call feature on Snapchat. The video call lets you do a live video with someone and show them what you’re doing in real-time. This is basically you broadcasting your life and what you’re doing. You can not only do a live video with your friend but with a whole bunch of friends in your private group. If someone is trying to be annoying, you can kick them out of the group too.

So, how do a live video on Snapchat with your friends? Read the instructions below!

  • Open the Snapchat app on your iPhone or your Android phone. The process is the same for both!
  • From the home screen of the app, you need to go to your chats. You can do that by tapping on the chat icon at the bottom of your screen. You can also do that by swiping left to right.
  • Scroll through your chat list to select a friend with whom you want to do a live video.
  • Tap on the contact name to open it.
  • On the top of the chat, you will find an option with a video and a call icon. Tap on the video icon.
  • Snapchat will ring the other person and you will have to wait for them to accept your call.
  • Once the other person accepts, you will be able to do a live video with them.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do a live video on Snapchat! You can use Snapchat lenses, filters, and effects on your video and see the other person do the same thing. You can also take screenshots during the live video. Do note that Snapchat will send the other persona a notification that you took a screenshot, so be mindful of that.

Since there is no time limit, you can do a live video for as much time as you want. You can then end the conversation by tapping on the end video button at the bottom of the screen. Group video or conference video calling will work the same way. All you need to do is instead of selecting one person, you will have to select the group in which you want to do a live video. 

Snapchat will then ring the people in the group and you will be able to speak to the ones that accept your request. You can mute yourself or other individuals if you’re the one who has initiated the video call.

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! This was all that you needed to know on how to go live on Snapchat. We can only hope there is a live video streaming function on Snapchat in the future. And the way things are going, it seems like it’s only a matter of time! If there is anything else Snapchat related that you want help with, then feel free to let us know! Drop a comment down below and we will try our best to answer you!

Can you go live on Snapchat like Instagram?

No, you cannot go live on Snapchat like other social media apps like Instagram and Facebook.

Can you post live videos on Snapchat?

Yes, technically, live videos in the form of video recordings can be shared on Snapchat stories with your friends or through private stories.

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