How To Grow Instagram Page Using 6 Amazing Ways?


Who doesn’t want name and fame on social media platforms? Who doesn’t want lakhs of people following them or engaging with their posts? I’m sure that everyone does. But hey, just wanting things isn’t going to help you get them. Do you want to know what will actually work? Learning how to grow Instagram page with some tried and tested strategies and techniques will. And if you want to know what those are, make sure to read this article till the end. 

Here’s How To Grow Instagram Page | 6 Foolproof Ways You Need To Try!

I’m sure you think that just posting consistently and at ideal times does the trick; it’s all an individual needs to grow their profile. And well, even though this is partially true, there’s still more to the picture. Plenty of things that you thought weren’t of much significance, like your bio, using hashtags, etc. actually contribute to your growth! 

So, if you want to get into the nitty-gritty details of how to grow Instagram oage using these elements, read this article till the end. 

How To Grow Instagram Page By Optimizing Account?

Before you even start worrying about gaining more followers on Instagram, you need to pause for a second and think if your profile is something that people will want to follow. Because contrary to what people think and believe, appearances matter. 

And that’s why, you need to pay closer attention to your Instagram bio, your profile picture, and even the bio link. 

Resist the urge to write (cringe) things like cake murder, landed on Earth, etc., and instead include your brand’s slogan, tagline, and a strong CTA. Also, please avoid using fancy fonts–they don’t look professional at all. 

Because these things define your brand on Instagram and therefore influence its discoverability. 

How To Grow Instagram Page By Keeping A Content Calendar?

How To Grow Instagram Page Using 6 Amazing Ways?

Posting only when motivation or mood strikes is hardly going to do you any good on Instagram. Yes, creating content of value is going to get you followers on Instagram. But, if you want to keep them on your page as well, then you will have to continue providing them that value. 

And for that, you need to post consistently. This is where having a content calendar comes into the picture. It will serve as a roadmap of when you have to post, what you have to post, etc. Planning out and making your content well in advance will help you ensure that you stay consistent at posting. 

How To Grow Instagram Page By Scheduling Posts?

Planning and making content on Instagram is all okay. But, we both know that uploading posts at the ideal times is whole another ballgame. You can’t just post whenever, you have to adhere to the best posting times according to your region, brand, niche, etc. 

If you want to make this aspect to become easier as well, then you should seriously consider scheduling your posts well in advance. There are plenty of tools and services, like Sprout Social, Later, Hootsuite, etc. that allow you to schedule your Instagram posts. 

Once your posts, complete with a caption, hashtags, etc., are scheduled for later, they will go up at the scheduled time automatically. You won’t even have to lift a finger! 

How To Grow Instagram Page By Engaging With Other Accounts?

How To Grow Instagram Page Using 6 Amazing Ways?

Your network determines your net worth. Period. You can’t expect to make it up to the top all on your own. You will have to connect with other people– your audience, creators from your niche, other influencers, brand advocates, etc. 

This means, if someone leaves a comment on your post– even if it is just a single emoji, you need to reply to it. If someone sends a query in the DMs, you have to respond to that ASAP. When someone from your niche (even if it is your competitor) posts something on their feed, it will do you good to like the post and leave a comment under it.

 Not only is this going to help you connect with brands and influences from your niche, but it will also increase your account discoverability. 

If you sell products or services on Instagram, you should try partnering with influencers and have them promote your products. You should also try tapping into the power of UGC campaigns, or User Generated Content. This basically means reposting things that your followers have posted about your products. 

And doing this will act as social proof to your audience that there are people who are thoroughly invested in your content. 

How To Grow Instagram Page By Showcasing Your IG Profile?

Do you have accounts on several different social media platforms? If yes, then it is in your greatest benefit to link them all to each other. This means you must link your Instagram page to your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

This way, people who are connected with you on LinkedIn will be able to see that you also have an Instagram page. They might click on the link and start following you on Instagram too. Plus, having an account on several different platforms basically adds to your credibility. 

Also, if you have an official website, you must make sure to include your social media icons on the site and all the emails you send as well. 

How To Grow Instagram Page Using Hashtags?

How To Grow Instagram Page Using 6 Amazing Ways?

Hashtags have to be the most obvious, important, and inseparable aspect of your growth strategy. Using the right hashtags increases your content discoverability like it’s nobody’s business. 

However, there’s a catch to this. Although using hashtags is still very important, they do not hold as much value as they used to. Earlier, all you had to do was dump as many hashtags as you can and leave them to make all the noise.

 But now things are different. ‘Hashtag dumping’ has become something users frown upon. So, it will be better if you only use about 6-7 hashtags and ensure that they are strictly related to your niche. It would be even better if you stick to using trending hashtags and avoid the ones that already have about a million posts featuring them. 

Final Words

Okay, everyone! This is how to grow Instagram page! In this article, I walked you through some useful ways you can use to have more followers and engagement on the gram! Yet, I haven’t told you about the most important tip of all– patience. Do not follow all of these methods for a day and expect your growth to skyrocket. Give it time. Keep working consistently. Results will follow. 

How can I get 1,000 followers on Instagram?

If you want to get 1,000 followers on Instagram then make your bio count, connect with your Instagram network, find your target audience and make content for them, use the ‘5 likes, comment & follow’ rule. Find your unique voice on the platform and post consistently. 

How fast can an Instagram page grow?

An average Instagram account can expect a growth of 1.69% per month. If you’re not seeing the results according to this, you need to reanalyze your content strategies. 

Do hashtags get followers?

Yes, hashtags do get followers! But, the key lies in using them correctly.

Which type of Instagram page grow fast?

Influencers and brand pages have the potential to grow the fastest on Instagram. 

Cherry Sharma
Cherry Sharma
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