How To Hack Someone’s Snapchat Account? Read Easy Methods Here! 


Do you ever have crazy notorious ideas? Like the ones that consist of hacking into someone’s Snapchat account? One is allowed to be curious and to know about certain things. So, I’ll tell you how to hack someone’s Snapchat Account. But—it is only to satiate your curiosity. 

Or maybe you’re a parent concerned about their child’s safety on this popular photo-sharing app. You might want to look into your kid’s accounts or monitor their activity. You might want to know with whom they are sharing private stories, photos, videos, or the ever so popular Snapstreaks.  

But if you’re someone looking to hack into someone’s Snapchat out of curiosity, revenge, boredom, blackmail, etc.–you’re looking for trouble! I warn you not to do it–it’s illegal. 

Here’s How To Hack Into Someone’s Snapchat! Six Easy Ways!

Before we start, I want to make it clear that Snapchat is a highly encrypted and secure platform. It’s not an easy job hacking into someone’s account. Snapchat is quite proud of its tight security arrangements. Still, there are several ways you can hack into someone’s Snapchat account. Make sure to read this article till the end to find out different ways. 

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1# Hack Into Someone’s Snapchat Using mSpy

How To Hack Someone's Snapchat Account? Read Easy Methods Here! 

mSpy has to be one of the most easy-to-use phone spy apps that help in sneaking into someone’s Snapchat account. The app works on Android or iOS devices. The only prerequisite for using the app is physical access to the device that has the account you wish to hack. 

All you have to do is install the mSpy app on the target device. I think this is the trickiest part. 

But after you install the app on the focusing device, you are going to have all the information about the smartphone’s activity. You’ll be able to see the photos and videos shared–even after they have vanished. You will also have the chat history. 

Oh, and all this spying comes with a price. You have to pay $48.99 for a month-long subscription, $27.99 for three months, and $11.66 for twelve months. 

2# How To Hack Into Someone’s Snapchat Using uMobix

How To Hack Someone's Snapchat Account? Read Easy Methods Here! 

uMobix has to be the greatest app that provides parental controls. It comes with a variety of features that enable 24/7 spying. Using this app, all incoming and outgoing calls, read and received messages, geolocation in real-time, etc., can be accessed. 

The app will present to you the entire chat history of someone. Parents can use this app to find out the messages their children shared and timestamped images. All of it will be neatly arranged in a dashboard. 

What makes uMobix unique is its feature that enables users to view already erased messages. The pricing of uMobix is similar to mSpy. You have to pay $48.99 for a month. $27.99 for three months and $11.66 for twelve months. 

3# How To Hack Into Someone’s Snapchat Using mobile

How To Hack Someone's Snapchat Account? Read Easy Methods Here! 

Now, mobile is pretty unique. This spying app can grant you live access to the camera and microphone of the account’s device that you wish to hack. In installing and running, it is similar to uMobix and uSpy. 

You have to install the mobile the application on both the devices–the one that has the Snapchat account you wish to hack and your own. Then you can go back to your mobile account and track the Snapchat activity of the account you wish to spy on. 

This app allows access to all the messages that were shared on the other person’s Snapchat account–even the ones that have been deleted. You can get notified every time the other person is online on Snapchat. What’s more? With mobile you get a list of contact of all the people our target person was in contact with. 

Mobile is quite cheaper as compared to other apps. Its single-month plan costs around $19. The three-month one costs $16. And the year-long one costs $13

4# How To Hack Into Someone’s Snapchat Using Cocospy 

How To Hack Someone's Snapchat Account? Read Easy Methods Here! 

Cocospy has a user-friendly interface. When it comes to spying on Snapchat, it’s proven to be a pretty convenient tool for parental control and remote management. As with the other apps, you’ll have to install Cocospy on both the target device and your device. 

After that is done, you’re required to log into your account from a separate device. Under the social apps section, there’ll be an option to monitor Snapchat. That is the one you need to select. 

By doing so, you’ll have a detailed account of someone’s Snapchat account. You’ll have the most recent messages with a time stamp on them. 

When it comes to pricing, Cocospy is pretty cheaper than the others. On an Android, Its basic plan starts from 39.99$ per month. The premium plan costs about $9.99, and the family one costs $69.99 per month. The iOS premium plan costs about 10.83$ per month. The family plan costs up to $99.99 a month. 

5# How To Hack Into Someone’s Snapchat Using Hoverwatch

How To Hack Someone's Snapchat Account? Read Easy Methods Here! 

If you ever want to track someone in real-time, Hoverwatch will be the right app for you. It is loaded with features and easy to use. The app will provide you detailed accounts of the chats, photos, and contact history of the target account very neatly. 

The personal plan for Hoverwatch starts at $24.95 a month, the professional plan costs $9.99 per month, and the business plan will cost you about $6.00 a month. 

6# How To Hack Into Someone’s Snapchat Using eyeZy

How To Hack Someone's Snapchat Account? Read Easy Methods Here! 

EyeZy offers effortless Snapchat monitoring and some cutting-edge spying features. And not only Snapchat, but eyeZy can also spy on any other apps installed on the target device. 

Using EyeZy features like a keylogger, screen recording, etc., a user can remotely keep an eye on the activity of the target device. All the chats and pictures shared from the account will appear on your eyeZy dashboard. 

You can buy an eyeZy subscription for $9.99 for 12 months, $27.99 for three months, and $47.99 for a year.  

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Final Words

So, this was how to hack someone’s Snapchat. Given Snapchat’s tough security, it’s not easy, but it’s not very hard either. The apps mentioned above will be of great help. All of these apps can help you in monitoring or spying on someone’s Snapchat activity–but uMobix and mSpy are the easiest to use and most convenient ones. 

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