How To Hem Curtains? Get Perfectly Aligned Hems Every Time!


The curtains you need for your house need not always be the curtains you end up buying. Speaking from personal experience there have been too many times where you ended up with much longer curtains than needed. In situations like these, you need to know how to hem curtains.

While it may not be possible to magically extend a curtain beyond its length, it is certainly possible to shorten it. The technical know-how of sewing comes in handy when you come across situations like these. Whether you have a sewing machine or not, hemming a curtain is more about knowing how to get your measurements right. 

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Knowing how to hem curtains comes in handy especially if you move houses often. The easiest way to hem curtains is by using sewing tools. There are also other options like iron-on hem tapes that can stick to the curtains when you fold them. But to be a bit more future proof sewing is the best option for anyone looking to hem curtains.

While the task may seem daunting, hemming the curtains isn’t much of a big deal. With the right steps and some patience, you can easily hem your curtains in no less than 20 minutes’ time! We have a step-by-step guide for you to follow so read on!

How To Hem Curtains The Right Way | Future Proof Your Curtains!

How To Hem Curtains | Get Perfectly Aligned Hems Every Time!

The reason for hemming arises due to the standardized sizes of curtains. While the manufacturers aim to have a form of consistency, the house and window makers follow no such rule. You’re not going to be hem a curtain just for the style quotient. Sometimes disproportionally long curtains can droop along the floor. The extra bit of curtain fabric on the floor can be a serious tripping hazard. 

If you have kids at home the danger is significantly higher. Droopy curtains also don’t look that good. You spend your hard-earned money on something and expect it to be aesthetically pleasing. When it’s the opposite of that, things can feel disappointing. So to save yourself some design despair, and a fall on the floor let’s check out the steps on how to hem curtains the easy way.

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Hem Curtains By Sewing | How To Hem Curtains

How To Hem Curtains | Get Perfectly Aligned Hems Every Time!q

The by far best and future-proof method to hem curtains is to sew them. You can either use a sewing machine, but if you’re experienced you can use your hands too. To do it effectively you’re going to need a couple of supplies. 

  • Straight Pins.
  • Sewing machine or needles
  • An iron.
  • An ironing board.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Scissors
  • Thread

What follows is a small procedure that should help you hem your curtains easily. Follow the steps given below.

Hang the curtains – First, hang your curtains to see exactly what you’re dealing with. 

Draw out the curtains to their full flow – Draw the curtains in their desired position. With your eyes, you should be able to see much your curtain is dropping down the floor. Make sure the curtain is fully drawn but don’t stretch the length of your curtains lengthwise. 

Pin your curtains according to how you want the curtains to look– Next put in the straight needles where you feel is the right length for the curtain. There are three ways that you can do it. One is just above the floor where the curtains look like they are floating. The second is to let the curtains touch the floor exactly. This method requires exact measurement so make sure you are able to be precise. The third option is to let the curtain flow out onto the floor. 

Deciding how long your hem should be – since you are hemming your curtains for them to look good you can’t just trim the bottom and let it fray out. Fold the hem down neatly so you get a clean look. Standard room curtains can have a 3 to 4-inch hem and look nice. While apron style curtains ideally need a 2-inch hem. Remember, the longer the curtain, the wider the hem. And shorter the curtain, the narrower the hem.

Fold the hems and iron – After getting the measurements straight it’s time to stitch up the hem. Get your ironing board out and your iron too. Unhook your curtain from the wall and lay the bottom on the board. Align your stitch needles with the help of the measurement tape. Then fold along the points where the needles are. Then iron the fold nice and crisp. Use the stitching needle to pin up the ironed edge so that it doesn’t get loosened up. Iron the fold firmly and makes sure it holds its shape while sewing. You can choose to keep the stitch pins till you’re finished sewing or you can take them off too.

Sew the hem of your curtains – If you have a sewing machine then align your curtain perfectly straight along the hem seams. Start sewing along the edges. There is no need to hurry and it’s wise to be patient. Alternatively, you can also sew by hand but that will honestly be a lot more time-consuming. Once you are done sewing your hems, you are done! Hang your curtains back up on the rods and draw them fully. Admire your craftsmanship in full glory if you have done it right. 

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Final Words

Knowing how to hem curtains with the sewing method is the superior method you need to know. While the stick-on hems seem like a good alternative and an easy way out, it’s really not. Once you iron them on, they are very difficult to get out later on. Thus you are effectively altering your curtains forever. Maybe you end up needing your curtains tomorrow when you change houses, or maybe you change the rooms of the curtains. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. What are your tried and tested ways of hemming your curtains? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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