How To Identify Plants You Don’t Know Yet?


Tips, Tricks, And Tools To Identify Plants 

The Green Universe is enormous and contains lots of amazing samples to explore. Many plant lovers decide to create their personal collections. But, in the case of plants, it is an easy thing to start but nearly impossible to stop. 

Have you faced a situation when you are looking at a plant you sincerely like but are wondering what plant this is? That is a common situation for many plant lovers. Luckily, it is not always necessary to refer to professional scientists and naturalists (however, this option is still a good idea).

It is easy thing to identify the type of plant that interests you while having a smartphone at hand only. And there are also many useful tips in this regard. Are you wondering how to figure out what plant I have? Any sample may easily cease to be a mysterious plant if you are equipped with useful tools and tips. Let’s find out more about things you can rely on in this aspect. 

The Right Tips, Tricks, And Tools To Identify Your Plant

How to identify my plant? Ceases to be a troublesome question if you draw attention to these options:

Pay Attention To The Tags

How To Identify Plants You Don't Know Yet?

If you have visited some decent flower shops, the problem of plant identification should not exist at all. There should be tags with the titles in English and/or in Latin. You need simply make relevant Google searches to see what kind of a plant you like now.

Draw Attention To Specific Features Of A Target Plant

How To Identify Plants You Don't Know Yet?

If you are elsewhere than a shop, you need to draw attention to specific aspects of a plant that interests you, like these ones:

  • stem structure and shape;
  • branching patterns;
  • flowers;
  • different features, like spikes and bumps;
  • presence of fruits, nuts, and seeds; 
  • smells and aroma;
  • landscape peculiarities. 

Use Plant Identification Apps

How To Identify Plants You Don't Know Yet?

If you have trouble while searching the title, info, and tips about care routines for a plant that interests you, it is a good idea to install a plant identification app. Having your iPhone and a plant identifier online may serve as an amazing combination. Why? You may easily take a photo and launch searches.

Lily App, for instance, will show you the title and description of a target plant as well as provide extra options to extend a plant collection. This tool is powered by lots of other features that can help to forget about an issue «how to identify my plant? Apart from searching options, it also provides access to the community of experts. Another good feature is an option to set reminders for care routines. 

Make Internet Searches, Including Websites For Plating

How To Identify Plants You Don't Know Yet?

If you have found a title or see distinct features of a plant that interests you, it is a good idea to make Internet searches and visit different plant websites. They can provide you the info not only about a plant but also about plant care for it.

Ask Professionals To Help You

How To Identify Plants You Don't Know Yet?

Identify my plant may be an easy issue if you have professional botanists and scientists. There are many communities with such professionals who are willing and ready to share valuable experiences at ease. They can identify the exact plant that interests you by looking at a photo only as well as provide tips for proper plant care. It is an easy thing to reach such communities having your iPhone at hand only. Often, having a communication app may be enough to help with that. 

Create Your Book Collection

How To Identify Plants You Don't Know Yet?

Apart from having an iPhone with a useful tool for plant identification, it is also a good idea to have a separate collection of books. An app always provides access to some modern techniques and approaches. But, having some old-fashioned tricks and tips tested through (but forgotten) may serve best. Also, some professional botanists and naturalists like to share their experiences in their books. If you are a plant lover, think seriously about starting to love books about plants as well.

Browse YouTube Channels

How To Identify Plants You Don't Know Yet?

If you know how a plant that interests you is called and want to find out more about the aspects of plant care, it is a good idea to look through YouTube videos. You may confirm that it is the exact plant you are looking for as well as find out more about care routines a plant needs. It is a simple approach you may realize online or by having an app. 

Final Words

Get stuck with an issue «how to identify my plant? That is not a complicated situation provided that you have an iPhone or another smartphone. It is an easy thing to install a plant recognition app or use Google searches. Draw attention to the specific aspects of a plant to identify what sample you see now and what are the peculiarities of this plant care routine.

Your smartphone may also provide you access to the communities of experts and different websites about plants. Draw your attention to YouTube channels and books also. Make all things easier by having a good plant identification app at hand. Form a great plant collection at ease!

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